Since this is the last day of the Heisei era, I would like to introduce a blog that I personally found interesting!

Always I am indebted.

The last day of the Heisei era has finally arrived!

I would like to look back on the blog so far this time as it seems to be the last of the Heisei era!

If a blog is no longer displayed on the top page, it will be almost unreadable, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce it again.

When I counted the blogs so far, there were 2377 articles!

I can't introduce all of them, so I will introduce some of those blogs that I personally found particularly interesting!

*This is subjective.

*In no particular order.

personally very interestingIntroducing the blog that I thought

It's like a recent conflict, but please read

I often heard about Teratsuji in the west and Takita in the east when I joined the company.

A blog that shows how serious you are about your work.

Do you like vibration?

This is another world blog of Mamiya, Tokyo.There are many useful blogs, and when I joined the company, I was often told to follow Mr. Mamiya's.

It's a secret that after this blog, people in Osaka have an image of "people with vibes".

It was a bad date

Fukuoka Seki's real intention blog.that's right!I was very convinced.

■Young people think about the essence of dating clubs.

Fukuoka Hamada's blog.I was impressed with how deeply he thought about it even though he was a newcomer.

Satoshi Kida and Ai Takita's relationship for 2280 days

It is a blog that understands Tokyo Takita's love for the universe.

It makes me want to work harder every time I read it.

reflection of myself

A few months after joining the company, I came to Takita"I think of it as a blog rival"I was so happy to be praised that I was writing with all my heart every time.

Putting aside whether the content is good or bad, it was an era when this area was full of spirit.

(It's self-satisfaction that I just want you to read, but I'll paste it)

・What is the correct answer?I'm going to tell you the anguish of the staff!

・Are you taking the dating type scam lightly?

・Reason for cancellation

・ Whether or not relationship type A is necessary

But before I knew itArticles like thisI was starting to give you...

I want to tell you by writing a blog!It may be that the feeling that I have to write has taken precedence over the feeling.

With the start of Reiwa, I would like to read the blogs of my seniors and get my spirits up again!

Thank you for reading to the end.
Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.

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