The history of dating clubs and mistresses

Here we will introduce the history of papa activities and dating clubs.Going back is a culture that begins in the Edo period.This is a chronological table of how the Universe Club has been involved in the flow of the times.

14st century

Popularity of patrons

Patronus, the origin of the word patron, is popular.Before art was established as a profession, a talented but financially disadvantaged artist needed a powerful patron.

In modern times, the term is used to mean ``financial assistance without sexual intercourse''.

Edo Period

● Concubine agency "Kuchiiriya"

There is a company called 'Kuchiiriya,' which offers concubine placement and temporary staffing.

18st century

● “Public concubine” is popular in Europe

The concubine was paid by the state for his activities, although he called himself his mistress, and had an official position in diplomacy (=Royal Mistress).


●Wife and concubine

In the XNUMXth year of the Meiji era, his wife and concubine were defined as equal second-class relatives.This does not mean that wives and mistresses had equal rights, but the existence of 'mistresses' was officially recognized by the government.


Mistress Bank Yugure Zoku

``Mistress Bank Yugure-zoku'', a dating agency, appears in the world due to the rumor that it was founded by a beautiful female president who was 23 years old at the time.At its peak, about 5 men and women from all over the country became members, becoming a major social phenomenon.

January 1997

Enforcement of Date Club Ordinance

With the enforcement of the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Regulations on Date Club Business, the ambiguous parts will be legislated, and the date club itself will be legalized.

January 2008

● Dating site regulation law revision

Revised dating site regulation law is enforced.

January 2011

●Universe Club launched

Universe Club Nakameguro was established as the head office.

January 2012

Launched Universe Club Nagoya Branch

January 2013

Launch of Universe Club Fukuoka Branch

January 2013

Launched Universe Club Sapporo branch

January 2013

Launch of Universe Club Osaka branch


Trends among women in Minato Ward

"Minato-ku girls" gather night after night in the high-class entertainment district of Minato-ku, Tokyo, and go to high-end restaurants, famous clubs, and luxurious home parties with rich men, and post their scenes on Instagram and other SNS. The word is popular.

January 2014

Launch of Universe Club Sendai Branch

Launch of Universe Club Shinjuku branch

January 2015

Launch of Universe Club Yokohama Branch

Around March 2015

Universe Club promotes the word "papa-katsu".

January 2015

●Interview with Universe Club

TV Tokyo's "Barairo Dandy" featured Dad activities on Father's Day.At that time, the universe club was interviewed, and representative Satoshi Kida and staff appeared.

January 2016

Launch of Universe Club Kyoto Branch

January 2016

Launched Universe Club Omiya Branch

January 2016

Launch of Universe Club Chiba Branch

January 2017

Launch of Universe Club Kobe Branch

January 2017

Launch of Universe Club Hiroshima Branch

January 2017

●Universe Group launched

Universe Group, which brings together Universe Club and THE SALON, is launched. Based on the concept of "transmitting the diversity of love to the world", it operates as one of the diversity of matching.

●Drama “Papa-katsu” aired

Papa-katsu has become a social phenomenon, and Shinji Nojima's drama "Papa-katsu" has finally aired on dTV.Starring Atsuro Watabe and Marie Iitoyo.

January 2018

Launched Universe Club Niigata Branch

January 2019

●Overseas bases

The Singapore branch office was launched as UniverseGroup's first overseas base.

January 2020

Launch of Universe Club Shinsaibashi Branch and Umeda Branch