Let's think about the future of sex

Amid changes in the social structure, the wave of declining birthrate and aging population is progressing at a remarkable pace.
On the other hand, the situation regarding sexuality is diversifying, and there are problems that cannot be solved with the current values.

As the sociologist Shingo Sakazume writes in his book "The Sociology of Adultery", the more diligent a person is, the more likely they are to become infected with the flu called adultery, and they don't know how to deal with it. , it will destroy your home and your job.
It is written that dating clubs may be a "love vaccine" for such people.


Married people's love affairs, no matter what words you use, will leave a shadow of 'guilty' as much as you affirm, and it will never be a valid argument in today's world, and the world will not allow it.
Therefore, instead of affirming dating clubs, I wanted to think about the future of sexuality in the direction of sharing with users the frustration of not being able to affirm dating clubs.


Our goal is to become a brand that understands the feelings of our members the most.

Instead of forcibly affirming the dating club, rather than competing for rank in the dating club industry,

“Universe Club = A brand that understands the feelings of users”

I would like to win that position.


Why do you have to end your life without romance other than a family where trust has collapsed?

Why is there no option to resolve even though the sexual relationship is rejected by the wife?

Why did politicians in the old days have official mistresses but not now?

Even now, in other developed countries, mistress relationships are officially recognized, but are they treated like criminals in Japan?



As long as we live in Japan today, the “why” will never be resolved.

Understanding such "sorrow", but not just a sad story, why not think about the future of sex together with "Universe Club"?I would like to propose this hope to everyone.


Universe Club
Satoshi Kida
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