The Salon

Papa activity that can be done without showing any face has begun.

I can do it without showing my face
Dad life has started.

Thanks to you, Universe Club has been patronized by many members since its opening in 2011.
In April 2019, we opened THESALON, the first store-type meeting lounge in Ginza where only high-level people can register.

No photo required.There is no need to worry about your body or face being exposed or your photos being left on the internet.

In addition, male members can only join men who are over 40 years old and who meet strict income and asset criteria.
(Annual income of 4,000 million yen or more, or assets of 8,000 million yen or more)
In addition, only high-level male members who have passed the examination including personality and looks are enrolled.
Male members are limited to 36 people, and by conducting thorough interviews, we are able to achieve highly accurate matching.
There will surely be a higher-grade encounter that you seek.

The special feature of this salon is the detailed setting and advice provided by a dedicated concierge, which is unique to a luxury store.
We will conduct detailed interviews with both men and women and guide them to the best match.
I will be present at the first face-to-face meeting, and I will be able to support you firmly.
Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or advice on improving your attractiveness.


“The Salon” is a complete membership salon that has “the strictest entrance examination in Japan for both men and women”.
At a secret social gathering place where only high-ranking men and women who have cleared strict standards are enrolled, we offer high-quality encounters that you can never taste anywhere else.
Based on the concept of "collecting the most beautiful women in Japan", we are looking for women who are one rank higher.
Get the ideal encounter with the low-risk system unique to our salon.
We don't post addresses or maps, and we don't have a conspicuous sign.


If you really want a first-class encounter, you have to change.

If you're really looking for a first class date,
you have to change

Until now, dad activity has been to put a woman's face photo on the site and wait for an offer from a man.
The mainstream is that women always wait for men's actions.This is no different for matching apps.

We at THE SALON have greatly changed this shape.
In reality, it changed its status as a waiting position.Many male members look for women of their choice in dating clubs.
At THE SALON, when we interviewed the man, we found a woman who would be a good match.
Waiting is not only for women, but for men as well.

What is questioned there is the skill of the staff of THE SALON.
How successful is the matching between women who do not publish their photos on the site and men who are looking for them?That's all.

However, inevitably, the examination of women's interviews at THE SALON will be strictly conducted.
It's not easy to get an interview and start dad activities.

In addition to appearance, we may also ask you about your thoughts on dad activities, such as mental aspects and consideration for others.

It's not just us staff who have to respect the people they meet in the future, but also men.

We will conduct a strict screening in order to have the highest-class encounters that you cannot meet in normal dating clubs or apps.

If you are hired, it is no exaggeration to say that you are waiting for an encounter that is different from the past dad activities.