Introducing Our Female Members

  • [Shinjuku] Serious cram school teacher★

    [Shinjuku] Serious cram school teacher★

  • [Kyoto] Office lady with sexy body

    [Kyoto] Office lady with sexy body

  • [Nagoya] Impressive sharp eyes!

    [Nagoya] Impressive sharp eyes!

  • [Shibuya] A slender beauty♪

    [Shibuya] A slender beauty♪

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About Universe Club

About 800 female members and 100 male members join every month.
Universe Club, with 14 branches nationwide, will help you realize dates with attractive members all over Japan from Sapporo to Okinawa, no matter where you register.

You can start using the member's page within 1 day at the earliest after registration. On the member's page, you can check the profile photos of female members, as well as interview videos, selfies, and women's schedules with a simple calendar function.

Besides searching for your preferred women by region, taste, body type, etc., our coordinators will find and set dates for you with the women of your choice. Please enjoy adult love.

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Universe Club Coordinators

More than 7,000 female members are registered with us.
It is often thought that it is difficult to find a woman you like among them, but Universe Club's excellent coordinators can find women who meet the needs of male members.

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Monthly Membership

Are you unsure if Universe Club will be suitable for you? Only in Japan for a short period of time? Worry not - Universe Club International offers monthly memberships for you to try our service on a short-term basis, without needing to commit for a full year.
Gold and Black class monthly memberships are available. Please contact us directly for details.

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To gentlemen all over the country

For gentlemen seeking ultimate comfort

Whether you want to meet someone while on a business trip or want to meet the best match from among many women, we can fulfill your wishes. We will introduce in detail the dating process, how to join, Q&A, etc.

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For ladies who want to enjoy an adult date

For ladies who want to experience something extraordinary

There is a reason why we have the highest amount of members in Japan. Would you like to become a member of Universe Group? We will introduce in detail the dating process, how to join, Q&A, etc.

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Staff Blog

  • Junki Hiyama

    Are you going to the wedding?

    Hello.My name is Hiyama from Universe Club Fukuoka. It has already been three months since I was transferred from the Hiroshima branch to the Fukuoka branch in September (follow-up report). .branch...


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