Social Contributions

We will work to solve social issues through our business activities,
We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

through our business activities
Working to solve social issues,
of a sustainable society
We will contribute to the realization.

Top commitment

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
Since its inception, Universe Club has upheld the corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of a rich communication society.As a mission of a dating club operator that is responsible for the important daily life, we strive to maintain strong and high-quality encounters, and uphold "honesty, transparency, and dedication" as our core values, and provide the best encounters that can be connected at any time. We aim to provide
The impact of the recent novel coronavirus infection has become too great for economic and social activities around the world.Based on the concept of "UNIVERSE Sustainable Action," UNIVERSE CLUB promotes DX for individual and corporate customers, such as telework, online dating, and online interviews, and contributes to the construction of a resilient social infrastructure that is resistant to environmental changes. Based on this policy, we have announced the "Universe Club's Basic Policy Regarding New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Response".
Going forward, as a company that provides a lifestyle that connects life, living, and encounters, we will continue to bring together the strengths of the Group to fulfill our social mission of continuing to support people's lives and encounters.

Satoshi Kida

Approach to CSR and Various Policies

The concept of CSR at Universe Club is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by practicing our corporate philosophy through sincere and fair business activities.

  1. In addition to fulfilling our economic and legal responsibilities, we recognize various global and regional environmental and social issues, and provide value through our business activities to solve them.
  2. We will constantly evaluate the impact of our business processes on the environment and society, promote continuous improvement, and spread a positive impact on society.
  3. Through communication with stakeholders, we will constantly review our activities to ensure that we are responding appropriately to the demands and expectations of society.
  4. We will actively disclose information and increase corporate transparency.

CSR activity report

Shapes that can support women and children

Although the employment rate of single mothers in Japan is about 8%, which is higher than in other countries, the low employment income is a problem due to the gender gap in employment and income. .
At Universe Club, we thought about what we could do to support single parents and children.

Marriage support to put a brake on the declining birthrate

In some cases, there is a chemical reaction between the two that leads to marriage.
If you report to the club at that time, we will give you a small thank you.At Universe Club, we not only create better encounters for our members, but also support their happy ending graduation.

I want to use information technology to protect the earth

What we can do to protect our beautiful earth and pass it on to the next generation.
We are working to prevent global warming by actively utilizing ICT, reducing paper resources, and promoting the efficient use of energy.