Data of Universe Club male members.

Due to the large scale of nationwide expansion and membership registration, Universe Club has raw big data that cannot be provided by apps or other dating clubs.By unraveling the database, you can read what kind of men are in the Universe Club.Please take a look at the approach from data that can only be done at Universe Club.

About data information

Data: January to September 2021
Measurement method: From our registration results and dating results
Criterion: The number of formal dating offers from men to women, not the number of successful dates


Age group of male members

Women are most concerned about the age of their partner.
There are times when you worry about whether you can get along because you are the same age as your father.There may not really be an age barrier between men and women.


Female class ranking offered by men


This class is set for women, but it also affects the setting fee for male members, so it is one of the decisions to make an offer.This woman's class judgment is determined by the dogmatic and prejudiced judgment of the Universe Club staff.I always set it so that the offer is not biased for women.


Ranking of relationship types offered by men


The dating type is a woman's "expression of intention to go out with a man".

Dating type A: [Dinner date]

Basically, I would like to have a tea or dinner date.I don't want a relationship that includes a physical relationship.

Relationship type B1: [Slowly]

If you go on multiple dates and get along with each other, you may develop into a relationship.

Relationship type B2: [From the second time]

First meal only. There is a possibility that it will develop into a relationship from the second time.

Relationship type C: [Depends on feeling]

If you feel comfortable with each other from the first day, there is a possibility that it will develop into a relationship.

Dating type D: [Active]

If you can invite smartly from the first day, there is a possibility that it will develop into a relationship.

"C" is probably the one that most reflects the desire of men to persuade.


Male Member Average Offer by Age

How many men do you offer?
How determined are men really to be on this date?Such data are analyzed.You can read that no matter how old you are, what you want does not change.

●Average offer for male members by age

Ranking of the average number of women receiving offers by age group


Occupations, occupations, and annual income of male members

For women, this is the part they expect because it is an offer from the wealthy class.The data also shows that men are registering people of the same type as themselves.
In the end, regardless of the field or industry, it turns out that "a man is a man."

●Occupation of men

● Men's occupations

●Annual income of men


Percentage of dates read from the calendar over the past 3 years

Calendars are the same all over the world, and are necessary for making plans even in Papa Katsu / Dating Clubs.
Whether you have family services on Saturdays and Sundays or finish work at 18:XNUMX, you can also refer to what kind of trends you have on dates.

● Average date ranking by day of the week

Months with many dates throughout the year

●In what month will the number of registrants increase?


Relationship between annual income and number of settings


Is annual income proportional to the number of dates?Even if you have a lot of income, you are given 1 hours a day equally.Here are the results of a survey on the relationship between annual income and number of dates.


Membership reason

What is the trigger for men?There is a story even before joining.There is a big difference between those who find a “dating club” on the internet and join and those who join through referrals.This is the data of many people who learned about Universe Club and joined.

Why are you exposing this data?
It is also our idea that for those who are going to join and try to walk a mistress life in a similar way, they will know the true contents of the dating club industry before joining.
Only Universe Club can show you the biggest big data.
The mistress life is now in front of you and you have a chance to start.A mistress life that starts because of you.We will do our best to support you.

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