Titles earned by the Universe Club

We are pleased to report that Universe Club has been ranked number one in terms of privacy protection, support, reliability, support, and satisfaction in the dating club/dating club industry.

Universe Club (located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, representative Satoshi Kida) is a dating club with 30 male members and 5 female members as of the end of May 2,334.

We are pleased to inform you that on June 30, 2018, we have achieved five crowns in the dating club and date club industry in the following items.
(Inspection contractor: General Research)


[Survey outline]
Company survey conducted on 20 men and women in their 50s to 113s nationwide
Survey method: Questionnaire on the web
Survey period: May 2018 survey

Achieved XNUMX crowns

Achieved XNUMX crowns

What is General Research?

General Research Co., Ltd. is a company that conducts research design, questionnaire screen creation, data cleaning, etc.
We conduct research in market research and use the results of that research in the overall marketing of Universe Club.
As you can see below, the content of the research is reliable because we have deployed the largest number of monitors in Japan.

1538 million total number of monitors, one of the largest in Japan

General Research is the only company that can conduct questionnaire surveys from 1538 million people in Japan.
The large number of survey subjects makes it possible to deliver reliable and objective data.

55 items 5000 types of attribute panel

Monitor information is organized with more than 5000 types of person data.
In order to realize fair research, we extract research target information without gaps from rich attribute panels.

Customize XNUMX survey formats

Survey format 8 types × 5 types of customization function.
A free survey tool designed by IT pushes the boundaries of traditional surveys.

Quoted from the official website of General Research