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Miyagi Prefecture (Sendai, Sennan, Senboku, Minamisanriku), of course,
We also support activities in the entire Tohoku region, including Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, and Fukushima prefectures.
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Introducing new women

  • [Sendai] Former cheerleader ♪

    [Sendai] Former cheerleader ♪

  • [Sendai] Golf girls ♪

    [Sendai] Golf girls ♪

  • [Sendai] Asian beauty in her 20s♪

    [Sendai] Asian beauty in her 20s♪

  • [Sendai] Beautiful witch♪

    [Sendai] Beautiful witch♪

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  • Date Feedback from Male Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

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  • Date Feedback from Female Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyo

    It was the worst because I was tied down for such long hours with only minimal travel expenses.
    We also had to travel by subway in the heat, which meant having to walk for long periods of time and up many stairs in heels, which was awful.
    They walked quickly and selfishly, with no consideration for us who were wearing heels.
    What's more, he didn't even know where he was going, so he left it to me to give him directions, and since even I didn't know the area, we ended up getting lost in the heat, which was just awful.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    I was very happy to hear that I received an offer the first time on the day I joined.
    The conversation was enjoyable from start to finish, and the time flew by.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    He was a friendly and kind person who was considerate of our concerns!!

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Google Reviews

We would like to inform a wide range of affluent men that there is a wonderful system called "dating clubs".
Through reviews on Google, we have received feedback from female members who have been interviewed. We ask that you frankly share not only the good things but also any bad impressions.

We will create a relaxing and stimulating daily life in Sendai.

nice to meet you.My name is Shuichi Oihara from Universe Sendai, which supports papa activities throughout the Tohoku region.

Sendai Branch History 

In May 2014, Universe Club, which aims to expand Papa Katsu nationwide, opened “Universe Sendai” in Aoba Ward, Sendai City.

We have a Sendai office 10 minutes on foot from Sendai Station so that we can respond to the needs of customers in any region.The Sendai branch is not only in Sendai, but also in the whole Tohoku area.

The Sendai branch is not only in Sendai but also in the entire Tohoku area, and is in charge of intermediary for dad activities such as interviews and date settings.

We aim for the shortest and best encounter process for the local love of Sendai, who loves beef tongue, and the development of dad activities in Sendai.

The recognition of dad activities in Sendai and Tohoku has been recognized since the time it was just opened, but I think that recognition is still low.

What kind of place is Sendai?

Sendai City is located almost in the center of Miyagi Prefecture, and has been developing as the central city of the Tohoku region since the time of Date Masamune.

Sendai, the only ordinance-designated city in the Tohoku region, has a population of 108 and is easily accessible from the metropolitan area. It is the center of local commerce.

In addition, Sendai City and its surrounding areas are rich in higher education institutions such as universities, colleges of technology, and vocational schools, and are famous as a city where young and excellent students gather.

The percentage of young people, including students, is among the highest in Japan, making it a powerful and vibrant city.In front of the station, in the arcade, and in Kokubuncho, many young people are energetic.

Date spot

  • Sendai Uminomori Aquarium
  • Sendai City Yagiyama Zoological Park
  • Sendai Izumi Premium Outlet
  • Sendai Castle Ruins (Aoba Castle Ruins)
  • Sendai Kaleidoscope Museum

Recommended dinner date

  • Gyoza Bancho Flame House Jinsuke
  • Craftsman SENDAI
  • counter vegetable tempura mego
  • La fleur de serizier
  • Yuian

recommended lunch date

  • Louis de l'Etoile
  • Mia Angela Ichibancho
  • Sweet Spice Asano
  • Botanical Item and Cafe Cyan
  • Yonezawa Beef Yakiniku Baby Tiger

Sendai night view spot

  • SS30 (SSXNUMX)
    At the night view spot, you can enjoy dinner while watching the night view.
  • AER observation terrace
    About 3 minutes on foot from Sendai Station.Access is also good.
  • Aoba Castle Ruins
    "Aoba Castle Ruins" is indispensable for sightseeing in Sendai.Also known as Gojoro or Sendai Castle, it is one of Sendai's most popular night view spots.

Hotel in Sendai

First place.Hotel Metropolitan Sendai East
Second place.The Westin Sendai
3rd place.Almont Hotel Sendai
4th.Sendai Royal Park Hotel
5th place.Hotel Vista Sendai

Daddy life in Tohoku

Some people may think that I have a lot of dating experience in Tohoku, but I continue to provide about 50 to 80 new encounters per month.

There are men and women registered in all six Tohoku prefectures, so I think it's good to visit sightseeing spots.


What I often feel at date places

Aomori Prefecture (Aomori City, Hirosaki City, Hachinohe City, etc.)

Akita Prefecture (Akita City, etc.)

Iwate Prefecture (Morioka City, Mizusawa City, etc.)

Miyagi Prefecture (Sendai City, Matsushima City, Osaki City, etc.)

Yamagata Prefecture (Yamagata City, Tsuruoka City, Yonezawa City, etc.)

Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima City, Koriyama City, etc.)


We are dating all over Tohoku.


The above places are just one example, but we have a variety of plans for you to enjoy, such as a business trip or a sightseeing date with a woman from the neighboring prefecture in Sendai.

Of course, men and women who are active dads in Sendai who want to cherish their encounters in their hometown of Sendai are also very welcome.

Office Manager

Shuichi Oihara

Branch Staff

Universe Club staff are counselors.
In addition to coordinating a wide and deep range of encounters for you, we will also provide the best and most effective advice to help you find answers to your problems and hesitations that lie ahead.

Yu Shimomo

Maya Ishii

Senior Unit Manager

Managers are responsible for decision-making on business strategies in terms of organizational management. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by implementing measures for objectives and strategies.

Senior Manager
Yamato Aizawa

Unit Manager
Tomohisa Takahashi

Staff Blog

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