The Salon

to aim for the highest
The concept of THE SALON was born

to aim for the highest
the concept was born

Thanks to you, Universe Club has been patronized by many members since its opening in 2011.
In April 2019, we opened THESALON, the first store-type meeting lounge in Ginza where only high-level people can register.
We are discovering beautiful women selected from all over Japan every day with our unique network that fully utilizes our club's extensive experience and knowledge.
In addition, we have refined the form of meeting and services that men and women have cultivated so far to the ultimate, and output it in the highest quality form.

Even if there are beautiful women, the number of true good women is limited.
At THE SALON, we believe that a woman who radiates charm suitable for a first-class man is not only a woman who is beautiful, but also a woman who possesses beauty, intelligence, and dignity, all of which are of high standards.

During the interview, we carefully assess with a professional eye whether or not the woman is attractive enough to be introduced to a first-class man, including the beauty of behavior, sense, manners, and consideration.
Such a beautiful woman who has overcome the difficulty of 10% adoption rate has exceeded 300 people.Please try to taste the high level of women, selected according to the salon's own strict standards.

Our salon has a full-time concierge who has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and has honed his service and customer service skills to a higher level.We will take care of each and every one of our members.

*Male members can only join men over the age of 40 and those who meet strict income and asset criteria.
(Annual income of 4,000 million yen or more, or assets of 8,000 million yen or more)
In addition, only high-level male members who have passed the examination including personality and looks are enrolled.
Male members are limited to 50 people, and by conducting thorough interviews, we are able to achieve highly accurate matching.


“The Salon” is a complete membership salon that has “the strictest entrance examination in Japan for both men and women”.
At a secret social gathering place where only high-ranking men and women who have cleared strict standards are enrolled, we offer high-quality encounters that you can never taste anywhere else.
Limited to 50 members.For men with high status and reliability who have cleared certain income and asset standards.
We will match you with a completely custom-made high-quality encounter with the best woman who has been carefully selected.
We don't post addresses or maps, and we don't have a conspicuous sign.


For those who seek first-class, we will deliver the real first-class.

For those who seek the best,
We deliver real excellence.

A first-class hotel, a first-class meal, I think that a man who has been surrounded by everything is first-class will understand.
What you need to aim for first class is to have an insatiable spirit of inquiry.

For registered male members, there is only one request.
It is an encounter that does not waste time.

How many women are satisfied with the women recommended by the dating club staff?
We, THE SALON staff, introduce the best first-class women by attending the interviewed female members.

It also starts from there not to put the photo on the table of the site.
Because I can recommend it to male members with confidence.For that reason, we conduct a more selective examination than the universe club for female interviews.
The enrollment rate is very low, but even so, only the highest ranked women are selected.

If you don't have confidence in the selection of this woman, you can't run it.You can rest assured that you will feel the best when you leave it to us.