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Introducing new women

  • [Kyoto] A lively shop attendant

    [Kyoto] A lively shop attendant

  • [Kyoto] A cute and innocent junior college student

    [Kyoto] A cute and innocent junior college student

  • [Kyoto] An elegant hairdresser

    [Kyoto] An elegant hairdresser

  • [Kyoto] Announcer-type girl

    [Kyoto] Announcer-type girl

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  • Date Feedback from Male Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    The actual product was about two levels cuter than the photos and videos.
    Generally speaking, the Universe version is better in real life, but this one had the biggest gap ever.

    Her body was also very nice, she had a slender figure which I like. All the girls I've met recently have been really nice, but I feel like this girl is going to be my favorite.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    She deserved the B1 rating of ★★★★★. Her conversation skills were also excellent. She was a wonderful woman who made me want to spend time with her.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

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  • Date Feedback from Female Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    He was a good person.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    It was very fun

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    Very friendly, stylish and clean
    He was a nice gentleman.
    I was able to have a fun time on the date.
    On the way back, they sent me off in a luxury car. I hope to see you again. Thank you very much.

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Google Reviews

We would like to inform a wide range of affluent men that there is a wonderful system called "dating clubs".
Through reviews on Google, we have received feedback from female members who have been interviewed. We ask that you frankly share not only the good things but also any bad impressions.

A dating club where you can have a date in the historical city [Kyoto]

nice to meet you.Universe Club Hiroshima branch.

About Universe Club Kyoto Branch 

The Kyoto branch was established in 2016 (Heisei 28).

We have an office in a location with good access near Kyoto Station, so not only people who live in Kyoto but also people who live in Shiga Prefecture can visit us when they go out or travel. We welcome inquiries and dates.

One out of ten people (about 10 people) in the population of Kyoto city is a university student, and the ratio of students to the population is by far the highest in Japan.For that reason, women registered at the Kyoto branch are registered between the ages of 1 and 150,000, but about half of them areStudentMr. is.The number of students studying in Kyoto City is equivalent to about 1% of the population, and the power of students greatly contributes to the revitalization of the city.Among them, more than 7% of the students are from outside Kyoto Prefecture.

It is an environment where it is easy to register not only for women from Kyoto, but also for men who want to date women from various prefectures, and women who do not know anyone and can register without worrying about their identity. .

Even if you are a model or a woman who is engaged in entertainment activities, you are not dispatched from the store, and you will be on a date as a "single woman", so "free dating depending on feeling" Please enjoy it together.

image of Kyoto

When people hear the word “Kyoto”, the first words that come to mind are often “world heritage” and “history”.

Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, Kiyomizudera, Ryoanji, Moss Temple, Fushimi Inari Taisha. . .

There are many temples and shrines in Kyoto that boast top-class name recognition in Japan, and they are often used as sightseeing spots and date spots.

However, what is often used on dates in Papa Katsu is,パークハイアット Kyoto.

Most of them meet at hotel lobbies, hotel lounges, and shops.

また  Despite the corona disaster, there is a rush to open ultra-luxury hotels in Kyoto. Since the opening of "The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto" in 2014, "Suiran Luxury Collection Hotel Kyoto" (2015), "Four Seasons Hotel Residence Kyoto" (2016), "Park Hyatt Kyoto" (2019) , “Aman Kyoto” (2019), and increased in proportion to the increase in inbound.

Even with the corona crisis, this trend has not changed, and "FAUCHON HOTEL KYOTO" will open on March 2021, and "ROKU KYOTO LXR Hotels & Resort" will open on September 3.Future plans include Dusit Thani Kyoto (scheduled for 2021), Kyoto Higashiyama SIX SENSES (scheduled for 9), Kyoto Higashiyama Banyan Tree (scheduled for 2023), and Shangri-La Kyoto Nijo Castle (tentative name) (scheduled for 2024). planned), etc., the opening rush will continue.

Therefore, there are many places that are easy to use for dates, and it is an environment that makes it easy to meet.

Universe Club recommends avoiding crowded places and places where you walk a lot from the first date.It might be a good idea to visit temples and shrines together after consulting with them when you get along.

One of the charms of Kyoto is the "Kyoto language". In 2019 (the first year of Reiwa), Kyoto ranked second in the ranking of prefectures with cute dialects.

"Hannari" also has the meaning of "having calm gracefulness. Elegant and bright."

It is the universe club that you can have a nice date.

At Universe Club, we will support you so that you can have an ideal date.

Breakdown of male and female members

▼Breakdown of men currently registered at the Kyoto branch

Kyoto branch male members

Many men have registered for the platinum class or higher.The services that the concierge can provide differ depending on the class, so please see the details below.

Breakdown of women

Kyoto branch women by class

Females in the GOLD class have the most registrations.

As it is called a "student town", it is filled with unrefined women's registrations and shining gemstones.

Students are soft-headed, and the more you polish them, the more they will be absorbed.

Don't you think it's difficult to live as a dad in Shiga Prefecture? 

In Shiga Prefecture, there are about 40 registered women.One out of every five people registered at the Kyoto branch lives in Shiga Prefecture.And there is also an offer for women living in Shiga Prefecture.

If you are unable to attend an interview due to the location being too far away, please feel free to contact us.

A Final Word

In addition to the "complete membership system" and "detailed profile for members", the staff will support schedule adjustments up to the first date and other unclear points, and the greatest thing is that you can create opportunities to meet people regardless of age or occupation. It is the charm of


~For men~
Please feel free to ask the staff anything from men who are using it for the first time to requests for more wonderful encounters.
It makes me happy to hear that you experienced the excitement of a wonderful encounter and date, and that you were able to enjoy something new in your daily life.
Let us help you create wonderful memories.


~For women~
We also welcome requests such as "I'm worried because it's my first time... I just want to hear your story".
Please tell us what you are having trouble with and what kind of person you would like to meet.
At the club, you have the chance to meet people who support you.
Of course, women who want to meet people they don't usually meet and who want to go on a wonderful date are also welcome.


~To everyone~
For the irreplaceable meeting of male and female members, we will ask about the ideals and dreams you want to achieve, and we will do our best to support you by staying close to your feelings.
In Kyoto, there are many charming streets, tourist attractions, and wonderful restaurants, so there are many situations where the two of you will be excited and impressed with the city of Kyoto as a spice...!


There are many first-timers, so please feel free to contact us about anything.We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you.

Office Manager

Nana Yoshioka

Branch Staff

Universe Club staff are counselors.
In addition to coordinating a wide and deep range of encounters for you, we will also provide the best and most effective advice to help you find answers to your problems and hesitations that lie ahead.

Saya Okada


Yuzuru Tomioka

Senior Unit Manager

Managers are responsible for decision-making on business strategies in terms of organizational management. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by implementing measures for objectives and strategies.

Senior Manager
Yamato Aizawa

Unit Manager
Maya Ohkura

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