Universe Club Pledge

This is the content that you agreed to and pledged to join the Universe Club.


Membership Policy

Personal information of members obtained from Universe Club will not be disclosed to third parties.Do not divulge the secrets of members you have dated or are in a relationship with.

We will not engage in acts such as stealing money from male members or verbally abusing.

I would like to join of my own free will.
(When joining by referral, you will not be able to join if you have a financial relationship with the person you introduced.)

We will not engage in prostitution, any act that encourages prostitution, or any other act that violates laws and regulations.We have absolutely no relationship with anti-social forces.

We will reply to your offer as soon as possible, within half a day (12 hours) at the latest.In addition, we will not cancel after the date is decided.

Never be late for a date.We will never cancel on the day.
(Cancellation on the day at the setting will be forcibly withdrawn once and will be subject to claim for compensation)

We will not accept money from male members to introduce them to other women, or solicit them into other clubs or similar businesses (bars, matching services, etc.).

There is no coercion, management, instruction, or suggestion from the club side regarding the conditions of dating with male members.

Membership is for half a year.It will only be updated if both the club and the female member agree.

I understand that I am obligated to pay gift tax if the total annual allowance received from a male member is 110 yen or more, and I will declare it appropriately.

I agree that if I violate any of the above, I will be able to withdraw from membership at the discretion of the club.
In the unlikely event that the promise is broken, the club will respond to a claim for damages as a breach of contract.

About Risk Management

When using our club, we explain the risks that we would like you to manage yourself on the site.
This contentI have read carefully and understand the risks.

Use of personal data

I agree to use the personal data provided for our statistical information and promotions.

We will keep your registration information for a certain period of time even after you leave our club.The purpose of this is to prevent disadvantages for members from the viewpoint of member protection, and to conduct investigations when fraudulent acts are discovered.
About privacy policyClick here for the guidelines.

I hereby voluntarily sign the following as a pledge to abide by the above items.