Why don't you talk about your experiences and thoughts at Papa Katsu Summit?

your experience and thoughts
Why don't you talk at Papa Katsu Summit?

Universe Club is always looking for people who can speak at the "Papa Katsu Summit" held every month.By talking openly about your thoughts and experiences about dad activities and dating clubs, you can push the back of people who can't take a step towards dating clubs and dad activities now.

What is Papa Katsu Summit?

What is Papa Katsu Summit?

First, let's talk about the summit.

Summit is generally a common name for "developed country summit" (major country summit). (Omitted) Not only conferences between countries, but also events where representatives of companies and industries gather to exchange opinions are sometimes called 'summits'.
The “Papa Katsu Summit” is a place where people who stand at the top and front of the Papa Katsu industry gather and exchange opinions.
In the activities of the dating club, which is opaque, I think that it is more valuable to ``want to speak out and speak out'' than anything else.
It's almost a miracle that a company participates in the summit as a content transmission company, and I think it's wonderful that you participate even if you don't have to do anything risky even if you have money. increase.

About the presentation

About the presentation

◆ I will give a presentation online.

We will be streaming live, so please make an online presentation at your home or our head office.

◆ Presentation time is XNUMX hours

It is held after 18:90 on weekdays so that more people, regardless of whether they are members or not, can deepen their understanding of dad activities and dating clubs.It will be delivered for about XNUMX minutes including Q&A.

◆ YouTube video distribution

The distributed video will be uploaded on our UniverseGroup official YouTube channel at a later date (it will be used as material for other PR activities.)

◆ Real-time anonymous question box

Even during the broadcast, questions will fly to the speakers in real time.In response to frank opinions and questions, we will deliver honest and transparent stories to listeners. (If the content is excessive, we will edit it in the video.)

Dad activity summit delivered in the past

Dad activity summit delivered in the past

[Papa Katsu Summit Held-Flag Maker & Representative Kida On Stage-] All Night Universe!

"Flag Maker", who is also a column writer and an active member, and our representative Kida will hold an all-night universe!The lively dialogue between the two will answer each listener's concerns with a short name answer.

[Daddy activity summit held-Mr. Nanase Yui-sama on stage-] 7 ways to become a loved dad active girl

Yui Nanase, the only papa activity expert in Japan, talked about "7 ways to become a loved papa activity girl".There are plenty of advice for daddy girls who are worried about not getting an offer or not continuing even if they date.

[Anonymous question box round-table discussion streaming LIVE] Male and female members, representative Kida, and staff will appear!

A round-table discussion was held with Mr. Mac, who is familiar with the anonymous question box that is famous for being a hot topic in the dad activity and dating club industry, as well as active male and female members and Universe Club representative Kida.

The story of dad life learned from Mr. Shingo Sakazume

Mr. Shingo Sakazume, a sociological book on dad life, talked about the market price of dad life and points to be careful about in dad life from his own perspective.

Recruitment of speakers for Papa Katsu Summit

Recruitment of speakers for Papa Katsu Summit

Papa Katsu Summit Precautions

Papa Katsu Summit Precautions

Voice changer

Due to the live distribution, we basically refrain from using voice changers.Please let us know if you would like to use it.

About appearance

Appearances are most welcome.It is also possible to appear in disguise.It is your responsibility.

About presentation rewards

In the case of male members, points will be presented as a reward for speaking on stage.For female members and non-members, we will transfer the reward from our company.The amount will be negotiable.

About the delivery location

Basically, it is a premise to do it online at home.However, if the living environment is difficult, it is also possible to deliver at the branch office.

About plan contents

If you would like to speak, you can do so even after you have applied for the presentation.Of course, it is also possible to proceed with the project together with the person in charge of PR.

Go to YouTube after the live stream

As mentioned above, after the live distribution, we will summarize the contents of the broadcast on YouTube media.

About the contract

After signing a separate contract that includes the above content, you will be asked to speak at the Papa Katsu Summit.