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Are you really fit for dating clubs?

Are you really fit for dating clubs?

  • I'm interested in dating clubs, but I can't take the first step yet
  • Can I really enjoy playing in a dating club?

There are countless men who are reluctant to think like that.
However, "Universe Club", a place where you can't understand unless you take a step forward, will solve this problem with a new attempt.

You can check the essence of Universe Club by trying it once.

You can try it with "Universe Trial" with no admission fee.

For such a person
The trial is recommended for those who

  • Those who are interested in dating clubs but do not have the courage
  • Those who want to try before joining, or who don't want to join suddenly
  • Those who have been deceived by dating matching apps
  • Those who want to try out the compatibility with the services and representatives at Universe Club
  • Anyway, those who want to meet a dad active woman as soon as possible

Trial benefits
Universe Trial Benefits

staff counseling
can receive

Do you really need a dating club?Is a dating club right for you?You can also consult us.Our coordinators will not force you to join.

From about 7000 women
You can choose any woman you like.

You can apply for a date by choosing a woman you care about from various women.

No admission fee for trial

No admission fee for trial

You can try setting up a date with a woman without any admission fee.

Trial flow
Trial flow


We always have an interview before using the trial.Please apply for the date and time of the interview from the form.
Interviews will be held online or at a hotel cafe at each base.
For those who are far away, we are also taking online video interviews.

I agree to the notes and terms

We will explain the precautions and terms of use that must be observed when using the service.
We will make a copy of your ID regardless of whether you are a full-time member or a trial user.


After the interview, you will be asked to pay the fee in advance.
After confirming payment, we will send you an ID and password that you can use the member site for one week.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

Schedule adjustment

Please let us know the type of woman you like and the desired date and time.The club will find a woman who suits your taste and arrange a date.
Date dates are valid for one month from the interview date.

On the day of the date

A date with a woman.
When you arrive at the meeting place and the appointed time comes, the woman will call the man and join you.
After that, it's time for the two of you.

Trial fee
trial fee

You can set up with a female member of the Universe Club for only 33,000 yen as an admission fee.


  • The membership site can only be viewed for one week after payment is confirmed.Dates will be arranged within one month.
  • After using the trial, the membership will be valid for 1 year.
  • This trial will be limited to one per person from the start of November 2021, 11.
  • At the time of interview, the same ID as a regular member is required.
  • If any trouble or other violation of the rules is discovered during the trial, we will refuse your request to join our club.
  • Not valid in conjunction with promotions or other discounts.
  • The trial may be changed in whole or in part or terminated without notice due to various circumstances.


*Please send us a message with your trial request.

Trial application form

Trial application form