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Introducing Our Female Members

  • [Ikebukuro] I'm 20 years old with beautiful legs!

    [Ikebukuro] I'm 20 years old with beautiful legs!

  • [Sapporo] A slender student♪

    [Sapporo] A slender student♪

  • [Shibuya] I'm a sexy hairdresser♪

    [Shibuya] I'm a sexy hairdresser♪

  • [Nagoya] I'm a new nurse!

    [Nagoya] I'm a new nurse!

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Dating can be likened to a roller coaster. It feels scary before getting on, but once you do, it's an exciting and addictive experience.
What awaits beyond an addictive date...?

The price and the quality of service that comes with it are important. Please choose the class that suits you best so that you will not have regrets after joining.
If you are unsure, our coordinator will be happy to explain in detail during the meeting.

Unsure about our service or in Japan for only a short time? You can try Universe Club with our monthly memberships!
Gold and Black class monthly memberships are available. Please contact us directly for details.

One in three members is referred by a friend. Rather than keep the fun of Universe Club to yourself, why not share it with your friends? Of course, we have prepared special benefits for you and your friends.

Do you feel it's difficult to talk to a date alone, but feel at ease with your friends? Universe Club is unique in that it allows you to have a party-style blind date with several friends. Please feel free to enjoy our original event system to dispel your loneliness!

Why are meetings necessary? There is a deep, serious reason for that. Think of it as a "bill of passage," so to speak, which is necessary for mutual encounters.


Enrollment report

  • Joined in April 2023 6s

    I've always been interested in this genre, but the money and time just kept me out of reach.In the current situation, while I have some leeway in terms of funds and time, I noticed that I no longer have the leeway due to my age.I came to the conclusion that there is no other way than now.A short-term showdown is planned.

    Income: Less than ¥1,000 million Assets: More than ¥6,000 million

    Number of mistresses: 0 Favorite type of woman: Intelligence

    What we're looking for in Universe: Young women who want to help

    Dating Club Experience: None

    Papa-katsu app experience: None

  • Joined in April 2023 5s

    I worked hard in my 30s and worked hard at home.Thanks to you, we were able to proceed smoothly. In my 40s, I have no complaints about my work and family, but looking back on the last 10 years, I forgot to polish myself a little.So, I would like to use this club as much as I can without overdoing it, and I would like to improve my manhood.

    Income: 1,000 million yen or more Assets: 3,000 million yen or more

    Number of mistresses: 0 Favorite type of woman: neat and tidy

    What we're looking for in Universe: Young women who want to help

    Dating Club Experience: None

    Papa-katsu app experience: None

  • Joined in April 2023 5s

    There was a time when I was using the so-called dad app for a while before corona.There were some people I was able to meet there who were attractive both on the outside and on the inside, but considering the number of people I had just had dinner with before meeting them, and the number of people I exchanged messages with, it took me a very long time. I had the impression that I would be taken.There were several times when I encountered a last-minute cancellation.Also, since I was approaching by posting photos, I was worried about the impact on my work, so I naturally stopped using the app before COVID-XNUMX.The coronavirus situation was improving and my work was getting better, so when I thought I wanted to start working again, I heard about a system called dating clubs, and became interested in the largest company, Universe Club.

    Income: 1,000 million yen or more Assets: 6,000 million yen or more

    Number of mistresses: 0 Favorite type of woman: neat and tidy

    What I'm looking for in Universe: A loving partner

    Dating Club Experience: None

    Papa Katsu App Experience: Paters

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Date Feedback from Male Members

  • Evaluation to the other party: It was bad

    Hope was pretty bullish with both hands.I think she thinks that she thinks "I'm special because I'm doing entertainment", but I felt that she was strong because she wasn't particularly beautiful. was.I think she had a good personality.

  • Evaluation to the other party: Was good

    He was just as I imagined, both in appearance and personality.I feel like I was able to talk about myself quite frankly to myself who was meeting me for the first time.She was able to have a good time.thank you.

  • Evaluation to the other party: it was very good

    Wonderful lady. Despite some concern of potential language barrier, we were able to communicate effectively. Glad we have some shared interests. Really enjoyed the date.

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Data of Universe Club male members.

You can see a complete picture of current male members using Universe Club's unique big data. "Am I the only one who feels this way about Universe Club right now?" We have prepared data to help you resolve your concerns.
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This is the official YouTube channel of Universe Club.
Here, we upload collaboration videos with our representative Kida, staff, members, tax accountant teachers, sociologists, and writers.
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Q & A


The Universe Club has a collection of frequently asked questions and "Universe Support" where members can communicate with each other. Any concerns or questions can be answered here.
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Notes on criminal activity

Even with activities for adults, there are many things to keep in mind. In addition to legal aspects, it contains information necessary for a safe life in the future.
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Meeting Reservation

If you would like to join us, please apply using the form below.

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To gentlemen who feel uneasy

Anxiety is a psychological alarm. You are not the only one who may feel uneasy and worried about joining. But we can remove all that anxiety and give you peace of mind. Here's why.
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