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  • [Kobe] Glowing skin♪

    [Kobe] Glowing skin♪

  • [Kobe] A lush and innocent G cup!

    [Kobe] A lush and innocent G cup!

  • [Kobe] A beautiful body toned at the gym♪

    [Kobe] A beautiful body toned at the gym♪

  • [Kobe] Gentle and generous

    [Kobe] Gentle and generous

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  • Date Feedback from Male Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    She was a nice person. However, I thought the allowance was a little on the high side.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    She was better in person than in the photo and had a great personality. She was also a good talker and we had a lively conversation. We got along well, so I think we'll be able to have a long-term relationship.

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  • Date Feedback from Female Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    We had a great time.
    Time flew by.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    He was a humble and approachable person.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    She was cheerful and fun to talk to. I received more allowance than I expected.
    He lived outside the prefecture, so I couldn't see him often, but I was relieved to see that he was a very nice person.

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Google Reviews

We would like to inform a wide range of affluent men that there is a wonderful system called "dating clubs".
Through reviews on Google, we have received feedback from female members who have been interviewed. We ask that you frankly share not only the good things but also any bad impressions.

We will deliver satisfying encounters from Kobe

Nice to meet you, this is Universe Club Kobe.

About the land called Kobe 

It is also a large city with a large population that is designated as an ordinance-designated city.

Kobe is synonymous with sea and mountains.You can enjoy the beautiful background from both.

You can enjoy Kobe's famous "931 million dollar night view" from Mt. Rokko and Mt.

Among them, Kikuseidai, which is said to be one of Japan's top three night views and is popular as a date spot, is Kobe's greatest attraction.

Also famous nationwide are Port Tower, Nankinmachi, Ijinkan, etc. It is also popular as a date spot, and the night cruise where you can enjoy the night view of Kobe from the sea produces a romantic date while passing through various scenic spots. will give you

However, it does not mean that "large population = large number of matches/high matching rate".Do male and female Universe Club members go to date spots here?The question arises.

The answer is "NO".

This is because we avoid places where people we know are likely to visit.


It's probably because they avoid going out to date spots because they don't want their faces to be found out, as they mainly have secret relationships.

Spend the best night with sake from Kobe 

During the Edo period, Kobe was a production area of ​​sake representing Japan.

Japan's representative sake breweries such as "Hakutsuru", "Kikumasamune" and "Sawa no Tsuru" remain in this area. It all started when we got access to hard water suitable for sake brewing, which is rare in Japan.

Nishinomiya Shrine, which is famous for Fukuotoko, has a long history since ancient times, and Himeji Castle, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site, is a must-see attraction if you live in Japan.

By setting up a date at Universe Club Kobe, you can drink such delicious sake with a woman of your choice.Isn't this something that can only be experienced in Kobe?

A place that produces wealthy people 

There are three railway lines, Hankyu, JR, and Hanshin, that cross Kobe from east to west.Due to this route, there are high-class residential areas such as Ashiya City, which is highly convenient and is known nationwide.

Hankyu, which runs near Mt. Rokko, has many luxury residential areas, famous universities and high schools along the line, so there is a high society atmosphere, and there are many wealthy people, so if you live in Kobe, you will find wealthy people. The probability of meeting a gentleman's dad may increase.

There are many beautiful women from Hyogo Prefecture 

It is also famous for having many beautiful women because it produces many beautiful actresses from Hyogo prefecture.Perhaps because there are many well-bred women, Kobe-kei fashion that expresses elegant and conservative young ladies is characterized by many people who have a desire to improve their inner appearance according to their appearance.

About meeting place 

There are a wide variety of places that are used for dating dates at Universe Club Kobe.The following hotels are examples.

We will meet you directly at the store to prevent you from finding out.It is a smooth date plan at a shop where men have made reservations in advance, so women can enjoy a date with peace of mind.


◆Oriental Hotel 17th Floor Lobby in Kobe Former Settlement
The reason is that the 17th floor lobby on the top floor offers a luxurious view of Mt. Rokko in Kobe and the port of Kobe.

◆Hilton Osaka 1st floor lobby
The reason is that you can meet not only in Kobe, but also in about 20 minutes from JR "Sannomiya Station" to "Osaka Station".

What Universe Club Kobe Branch can do 

Even if you register on a casual dating app or dating site in search of a meeting, there are various risks, but there are many unpleasant feelings and troublesome things, and you can not easily reach the wonderful meeting you thought. is the current situation.

There may be a lot of opportunities to meet people in this era, but where on earth can you find a satisfying encounter?

At UNIVERSE CLUB KOBE, we believe that a meaningful and extraordinary experience is the first step toward a wonderful encounter.

As a concrete approach and what I keep in mind,


・We, the concierge, will provide support by accurately grasping the troubles and dissatisfaction of each and every male and female member.

・Bring out the charm (inside and outside) of women and produce matching with a wealth of information that men want to know.

・Providing a safe and secure meeting place through carefully selected examinations by Universe Club.

・We have branches all over the country and are also expanding overseas, so the chances of encounters are endless.

・Provide a friendly and supportive service so that you can enjoy your activities without difficulty.

・Continue to read the times and transmit the form of future encounters.


By always being conscious and responding to these, how many wonderful encounters have we been able to offer to the male and female members who have been selected from among many clubs?

We will produce a matching that can make you happy by focusing only on the result.

Our happiness and mission is to pursue extraordinary encounters and deliver encounters that satisfy our members.

Office Manager

Nana Yoshioka

Branch Staff

Universe Club staff are counselors.
In addition to coordinating a wide and deep range of encounters for you, we will also provide the best and most effective advice to help you find answers to your problems and hesitations that lie ahead.

Saya Okada


Yuzuru Tomioka

Senior Unit Manager

Managers are responsible for decision-making on business strategies in terms of organizational management. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by implementing measures for objectives and strategies.

Senior Manager
Yamato Aizawa

Unit Manager
Maya Ohkura

Staff Blog

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