The true meaning of interviewing men

Face-to-face interviews are also available for men.
Why do we have to meet in person?It's all for a reason.
Both women and men are “person to person”.For that encounter, there are things that must be done precisely because we are in the position of an intermediary, and we will explain everything without concealing it.

Intent to interview

intent to interview

You don't need it if it's an app, but in order to join the dating club, you have to take the time to go to a troublesome interview.
Inevitably, Dating Club users are smaller than app users.
In addition, if we judge that both women and men are not suitable for club activities, we will refuse membership.

Why are you doing this inefficiently?
Dating Club is a matching service system that we would like you to use for those who want safety, peace of mind, and heartfelt healing even if you spend time and money.I want to reduce anxiety even a little to do secret activities.
By gathering such men and women in the dating club, we would like members to minimize risk and enjoy romance to the fullest.
That is the thought of our Dating Club staff.

Due to the limited number of members, the staff will meet each and every one of them and listen to their personal stories.
What do men want to achieve by joining Universe Club?
Specifically, what kind of mistress life do you want to obtain?Is it a hope that will come true with the assumed budget?
Did your hopes before joining change after joining?Is there anything the club can do to help when something goes wrong?
In addition to coordinating the meeting, we will also provide advice on the best and most profitable way to help you find the answers to your worries and doubts in front of you.

Transportation expenses

Why do you recommend advance transportation expenses?

The basic reason why we ask you to "recommend transportation expenses in advance" is "to prevent forgetting to hand it over".
It may be a simple matter, but there are more troubles of forgetting to hand over transportation expenses than men think.
Above all, the transfer of transportation expenses itself is a club rule.
Therefore, forgetting to pass it is against the rules even if it was intended.In order to prevent rule violations, we ask for your cooperation in "advance delivery".

And another reason is that "I want you to make the first date a pleasant and wonderful date".
Despite the fact that it is a rule to receive transportation expenses, there are many women who find it difficult to come up with this simple phrase.

why can't you tell?
"Because I'm worried that I'm going to give a bad impression of myself to men (would they think I'm making money?)".
That's why if you can cooperate with one advance payment of transportation expenses
Impressions such as "This person may be a person who can be relieved" and "Maybe they are thinking about me", and the impressions when you do not cooperate
"When can I get the transportation fee?" "Should I ask? Did you forget?"

・"If it's not fun, I want to give you 5000 yen. If it's fun, I want to give you 10000 yen."
・"I'm confident that I will never forget it, so I want to give it to you later."

Of course, there are various opinions on how to enjoy a date in its own way, but when considering a long-term relationship, isn't it a wasteful story?
For women, for yourself, and for building a good relationship between the two of you, we would appreciate your cooperation.

Dating rating

Why is it a system where men are also evaluated on dates?

When I joined, I had the impression that I was a very gentleman (lady), but in fact, it was a mask, and when I went on a date, it turned out to be the worst date.And that is something that only the two parties involved know.

As a club that wants to provide excitement, we want to eliminate such unfortunate dates, so we have established an evaluation system.

"Why should the paying side be evaluated?"

Of course, I think that all male members think so.
As a club staff member,
“We would like to provide better encounters for male members who always go on gentlemanly dates.”
That's all.

Post-date feedback is rated on a 2-point scale from -2 to +5.

+2 Exceeded expectations
+1 as expected
+-0 Not as good as expected
-1 Less than expected
-2 was clearly malicious

The current average score was 0.99 for men.Even if you are compatible with a woman, if you go on average evaluation dates, you will get one point.

So basically the rating will go up.As a result, new women will have a good impression from the start.
In particular, women who have just started activities are often relieved to receive offers from highly rated men.

However, there are some people who have negative evaluations.
In that case, the coordinator may contact you for follow-up or advice.
In addition, if the negative evaluation continues and does not improve and we judge that it is not suitable for the club's activities, we will warn you and advise you to withdraw.

We aim to be a club where all members, both men and women, can work with peace of mind.

Transportation expenses

Confidential Interview content sheet released

Originally, this content is confidential and should not be posted in a place where many people can see it.
How far will our Universe Club staff listen?I decided to make it public because I wanted many female applicants to understand that.
More than anything else, I want the women who apply to take a form in which they can feel at ease, and create the best possible future for themselves.