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Our homepage has been revamped.

The production team worked hard every day to make it more dynamic and easy to understand.

Thank you all!

I think that there is also an aspect that it has become difficult to see, but I would like to gradually correct it.

The other day, I asked a female member to shoot an interview.A few people agreed to appear despite the difficult condition of being able to show their face and answer only the truth.

In the future, I would like to use it on my website and pages for women's jobs.

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42 years old I'm good at tapping my shoulders. When I'm stressed out, I brush the sink.Seeing a dirty sink is stressful.this repeat

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  1. After listening to the interview, my impression of the dating club changed. To be honest, the nuance of the word “papa katsu” was negative, but I was relieved to hear the voice of a woman who was actually working there.

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