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Hello there,
It is Mia Stone from Advertising Management division.

As I wrote a blog about Japanese Oppai last time and I got comment from the guy.
Well, I was so happy to read the very kindness comment and it actually was very helpful for me to make sense of what guys thinking.

So please help me understand thoughts that guys have. I am waiting for your comments on my blogs.


Hate writing blogs

Honestly, I do not like writing blogs.
Well, I have written a lot of essays in my college to and writing is very fun for me.

Working on papers were not easy for me, but they were not difficult for me.


How about blogs?

Well, for blogs, I have to search keywords that makes our website better in term of contents marketing.
And then, I have to think about topics that may be useful for gentlemen and ladies.
“Useful topics for both gentlemen and ladies”, this is so difficult…
Topics should be relate with sugar dating, sugar babies, sugar daddies, Japanese girls and so on.


I do my best.


I am not good at spread information for customers, but I have to overcome it as a web marketer.
As I wrote above, I was so happy to get a comment on my blog. Your comments will motivate me to write blogs, and feel free to ask me anything about Universe Club, Japanese girls, Japanese gentlemen…anything what you want to know about sugar dating.

I think I might write a blog about the differences between American girls' Ass and Japanese girls' Ass.

Well, I will try to write blogs on Tuesday and Thursday.
I hope you will read Mia's blog on those days.

Thank you for reading! See you next time!



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