About Universe Club

Universe Club is a sugar dating service based in major cities across Japan. With 90+ employees, around 800 female and 100 male members registering every month, it is the largest in Japan today, and a legalized service providing sugar dating partners within the framework of a safe membership system. (Notification No. 1292) Based in 14 cities, we schedule dates for our members every month.

Universe Club was launched in November 2011. We have continued to expand steadily, and in 2018 we had established offices in 14 different cities nationwide. The concept of Universe Club is the matching ability through IT and human power. We are proud to have the largest number of members in Japan, and in order to achieve the best match, we provide the highest quality video profiles and detailed interviews by our staff.
We want to be a company that accepts all beings like the Universe. We also want to introduce beautiful ladies who are healthy in mind and body, as like Miss Universe pageant.



Our goal is to become a brand that understands the feelings of our members the most.
We would like to win the status of "Universe Club = a brand that understands the feelings of its members" rather than forcing members to approve of dating clubs or fight for a position in the dating club industry.

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Values ​​of Universe Club Staff

The following are the values we cherish the most.
This may be different from a general corporate philosophy.
It does not mention anything about social contributions nor it is not a message for customers.
These values have been decided by our representative, Kida and our employees.
We will hire employees according to these values, assess their salaries, and decide on service details.

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book publication

The president of Universe Club has published a book about the history of dating clubs and Universe Club.
The purpose of the book relase is not to increase sales, but to improve the understanding of the safety and security towards our users and our branding recognition.
Even those who have no interest in this industry will enjoy this book.

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The history of dating clubs and mistresses

Unravel the strings, there is a deep and wide history in sugar dating and dating clubs.
A history of encounters that took place because of the times.
Regardless of place or time, we seek seek the same encounters through out time and space.

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[JP ONLY] Company Overview

Universe Club is an IT-related company with headquarters in Shibuya, Tokyo, focusing on dating club operations. Its president is Satoshi Kida, who joined the Universe Group in 2018.
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Message from the president.

Thank you very much for visiting our website from among many other dating clubs.
Satoshi Kida, President of Universe Club, would like to extend his greetings to all of you.
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Privacy Policy

This section summarizes our handling of the members private personal details. We will commit in following our privacy policy when handling private and personal details of our members.
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Our Network

Universe Club operates in major cities throughout Japan. With our wide network, you will be able to attract members from all branches.
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