Reason for full registration system

picture?What kind of things can I hear when I register?
Does it make sense to take pictures?
There should be "meaning" in everything about the Universe Club registration that you will receive in the future.
Nothing is meaningless.
For those who are worried even a little, we have included content that can be relieved.

Need for an interview

What is the necessity of face-to-face registration work?

This is to differentiate them from other women.
It is often the case that the attractiveness of a woman is more appealing at a dating club than the attractiveness that a woman thinks of herself.

Rather than saying, "I'm good at listening," it's better to say, "It's a niche hobby, but I can talk passionately for three hours!"
A woman who says she has no self-confidence may have a good posture, a beautiful demeanor, and a calm and refined quality.
There are men who are looking for women who have undisclosed sexual habits.

And when you register, you will be asked to select your "relationship type".
What kind of relationship do you want with this man?I'm confirming the feeling of the woman.
On the internet, it's written that you won't get an offer unless it's C, but it doesn't really mean which type is better.
When I registered, the staff asked me which type of female character I have.I am explaining.

Also, dad life can cause trouble.
There are dangerous women in the world who are hunting dads with apps.
Is the registration work itself a woman who can be introduced to the male members of the club?It is also a place to make decisions.

The need for photography

Why should I take pictures?

In fact, photography occupies a large part of your profile.

I often hear from women that ``I don't look good in photos'', ``I'm not good at being photographed'', ``I'm good at taking selfies, but I'm not good at taking pictures of other people...'', ``I've never taken a photo except for coming-of-age ceremonies.'' increase.

Of course, each woman has a different charm, so it is the role of the staff to capture that charm as much as possible in photos and receive offers from men.
So, rather than shooting from the atmosphere that is generally said to be cute, the expression and angle that the woman likes, I decided to draw out the selling point of the woman and take a one-of-a-kind shoot that does not get buried in other women. I'm putting in the effort.
Those with beautiful legs...
Those with big breasts...
Someone with a nice smile...
Those who have a beautiful profile...
There are many ways to attract women.

You may not even be aware of it yourself.
If you are not confident about your appearance, please tell the staff about your hobbies, club activities, and interests.
For example, for those who used to play the violin, I used the quickle wiper stick as a violin bow.
One man commented, "It looks like a violin."
It's not about how good or bad a photo looks, it's how you take it.
The trick is to create a little gap rather than just taking a beautiful photo with a face like a fashion magazine.
Actually, it's easier to get an offer if you have one that feels a little ugly.

And "I can give you 100 steps for photos, but what about videos? ', but like a YouTuber, 'Yes!I won't ask you to say "hello", so I will assist you properly.
In fact, there are quite a lot of women who are more attractive in videos than in still images.
There is also a man who said, "I made an offer because the reaction to the video was cute."
It's like saying you don't want to get an offer because your video is embarrassing.
For a better encounter for each other, we are doing it almost uncut and without editing.
Ladies, I am so sorry in this age of photo apps.
Neither men nor clubs want retouched photos, so please use self-satisfying photos on SNS.

Why register?

Why register a profile?

There are 7,000 women enrolled in Universe Club.

Photos and videos are of course important, but the other thing you look at that leads to an offer is definitely your profile.
・Schedule that can be dated
・Easy meeting area
・Presence or absence of smoking or drinking
・Is it possible to date abroad?
・ Age of men who can date

Missing any item will not lead to good matching.There is a good encounter with each other by rubbing each information.
If the female side basically wants to go on a date in Tokyo, but the male side basically wants to go on a date in Yokohama, even if there is a slight difference in hope, it will be difficult to continue in the long run.

Wouldn't it be better to have a closer hope if you want to spend time meeting each other?

There are also men who make offers by fortune telling by constellations... All registered women can view their profiles by themselves.It is also possible to edit, and there are also opinions that it is appreciated that it has a function that allows you to appeal freely.
You can create as many opportunities as you want with your profile, such as making an offer because your personality is conveyed from a short comment, or making an offer because you are attracted to a selfie.

Let's make it the most shining profile among 7,000 people!

* Don't overdo it or lie.

Why tell night work?

Why tell night work?

To be honest, there are still a certain number of men who care about me, so I ask questions to prevent mismatching.
However, the important thing is that the choice of whether or not you have experience is not the result.

・Why did you do night work?For tuition?for luxury?for your family?The answer gives you a glimpse of your life so far.I can even see what kind of woman she is.

・Did you have fun?Was it painful?why did you quit? (Are you the type to enjoy such things, can you not enjoy it, why can't you enjoy it? You can see a certain degree of personality by asking the reason why you quit)

・For example, a serious-looking young woman was working at a girls' bar = her parents were injured and couldn't work, so she helped them = she was a serious and kind girl (and she reported it properly). in some cases.

Why tell scars and tattoos?

Why tell scars and tattoos?

I am asking this question because there is a man who still cares.
In particular, I get the impression that there are many people who care about tattoos.However, whether or not you have a tattoo is not everything.

In fact, there have been cases where women with full-body tattoos have been offered, and there are also men who say that if it is a one-point tattoo, they will not be bothered.

However, if you date a man who cares about you, you will definitely have trouble if you do not have information in advance.
Also, if a woman who I think is surprising has put it in, I may ask why.

What kind of tattoo is it → A tattoo of a dog that died → I really doted on it, so I got it to get over it → Maybe it's a woman who has gone through a hard time and has a heart to stand by others, maybe it fits with a man who likes animals, etc.

The staff asks questions as a material to explore the personality of the woman.Because I'm looking for charm.Anyway, dig deep, why?I try to pursue

Transportation expenses

Confidential Registered content sheet released

Originally, this content is confidential and should not be posted in a place where many people can see it.
How far will our Universe Club staff listen?I decided to make it public because I wanted many female applicants to understand that.

More than anything else, I want the women who apply to take a form in which they can feel at ease, and create the best possible future for themselves.