universe lounge

A choice you don't regret will change your life.

A choice you won't regret
change your life.

Enjoy a special moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a fantastic space.
Unlike dating clubs and daddy apps, it is possible to match after actually talking and confirming the feeling.


About Universe Lounge Tokyo

About Universe Lounge Tokyo

This is a private lounge opened by Universe Group in Ginza.
One pair will talk for 1 minutes in a luxurious store, and if the feeling matches, the two of you can leave the store and enjoy a date out.

The right to join the UNIVERSE LOUNGE equivalent to 110,000 yen will be free for Platinum class and above members.


Strengths of Universe Lounge

Strengths of Universe Lounge

No need for troublesome exchanges leading up to a date
● You can actually judge whether the feeling matches
● Talk in a private room, few mismatches
Offer free of charge from specialty cocktails to soft drinks
● You can talk calmly in a space with atmosphere