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  • Date Feedback from Male Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    She was a very nice lady. I ended up leaving just before the last train, but she was smiling the whole time.
    I'm very happy to hear that you'd like to meet me again.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

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  • Date Feedback from Female Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    He had a unique worldview. I think it's good to be able to carry on a conversation, but I had some trouble with him.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    it was fun!
    I promised to see you again

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  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

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Google Reviews

We would like to inform a wide range of affluent men that there is a wonderful system called "dating clubs".
Through reviews on Google, we have received feedback from female members who have been interviewed. We ask that you frankly share not only the good things but also any bad impressions.

In Ikebukuro, where you can be anyone
Would you like to find a match that suits you?

Nice to meet you everyone!Universe Club Ikebukuro Branch!

About the city of Ikebukuro 

The station called Ikebukuro Station


  • Tokyo Metro (Marunouchi Line, Yurakucho Line, Fukutoshin Line)
  • Tobu Tojo Line
  • Seibu Ikebukuro Line
  • JR (Shonan-Shinjuku Line, Saikyo Line, Yamanote Line)


It is a huge terminal station with a total of 8 lines, and is ranked second in the world for the number of passengers getting on and off every day.

People are coming in from Saitama and Yokohama, and many people come to our Ikebukuro branch for interviews.

The area around Ikebukuro Station is also one of the busiest districts in Tokyo with all kinds of commercial facilities.

In addition to the Seibu Department Store, which is directly connected to the east exit of the station, and the Tobu Department Store, which boasts one of the largest number of restaurants in Tokyo, there are many department stores, fashion buildings, and home appliance mass retailers.・You can also choose gifts around Ikebukuro station perfectly!

South of the west exit (Mejiro side) is Rikkyo University, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, and Hotel Metropolitan.

Residential areas are also lined up, and there are various age groups such as students and housewives who come for interviews!

In addition, I'm not familiar with hearing it on dates at the Universe Club,


  • Oasis space in the sky "Sunshine City Aquarium"
  • Ikebukuro Sunshine City, a commercial complex where you can play in various ways
  • Plenty of Fun Attractions and Food "Nanja Town"
  • "Ikebukuro Engeijo" where you can enjoy rakugo with live voice
  • Esolo Ikebukuro, a fashion building directly connected to Ikebukuro Station on the Yurakucho Line


There are many spots that are perfect for sightseeing in Ikebukuro and can be enjoyed on a date regardless of age.

By the way, the date spots in Ikebukuro that are often used by Universe Club are


  • "Kakurebo Ikebukuro"
  • "Sakura Cafe & Restaurant Ikebukuro"
  • "Tazake Tana 'Old Tales' Annex"
  • "Ikebukuro Sunshine Cruise"
  • "Ikebukuro Kabuto kabuto Ikebukuro east exit store"
  • "Ikebukuro Hotel Metropolitan"
  • "Sunshine City Prince Hotel"


And so on... Don't forget that there are fashionable and slightly high-end date spots that are suitable for dates at dating clubs!

In recent years, Hareza Ikebukuro, which has Tokyo Tatemono Brillia Hall, and Tokyu Plaza, which has the much-talked-about IMAX movie theater Grand Cinema Sunshine, has opened at the east exit.

The rooftop of Ikebukuro Seibu is a place where you can spend time slowly as an aerial garden of colors and greenery.

The West Exit Square has been reborn as an outdoor theater with a café called Global Ring, and is undergoing a major rebirth as a new city that is unlike the image of Ikebukuro so far.

Also, while Akihabara is an area of ​​otaku culture that is popular with men, Ikebukuro is an area that attracts attention as an area of ​​otaku culture that is popular with women.

Ikebukuro is also a city that is popular with “fujoshi”, centered on “Animate” and “Otome Road”, which are the main stores, and foreigners who like Japanese anime culture!

Members of the Ikebukuro branch

We, Universe Club Ikebukuro Branch, just opened in December 2021 last year in Ikebukuro, which is surrounded by such multiculturalism and is changing!

We are trying to create a comfortable space to welcome women in a new, clean and stylish office that has been fully renovated.

Just like the city, the Ikebukuro branch welcomes a variety of women and men every day.


・ Female students in their 20s to housewives in their 50s
・ Male office workers in their 20s to business owners in their 70s


There are various ages and occupations.

dating club

What kind of place is the dating club?

I wonder what it's like to be a dad.

I think that you are coming to this page with anxiety, expectations, and doubts.


  • Interested in adultery or cheating.
  • I want to hold a young woman
  • I want to bring back the excitement of my youth.
  • i want a mistressBeing sexless with her wife.


  • I want to have fun and earn money.
  • I am looking for a side job.I want a stable income.
  • I want to meet an older man.I want to live as a dad.
  • I want to be a housewife.i want money


There are many reasons and circumstances, but
I can only say one thing.

Whatever the reason, Universe Club would like to do our best to support your meeting.

Our thoughts

The Universe Club is not a custom.

Maybe that's why you came to this page.

If it's just about the body and the money, sex is enough.It's a little different from dad life that you do by yourself on apps and sites.

In the universe music club, each woman has a staff in charge of producing.That's because we are doing a job that connects people to people's encounters.

So we ask a lot of questions during the interview.

What kind of woman is this person?

Because I sincerely want you to get to know you, meet someone who suits you, and lead a happy life.

Whether it's your first time and you're worried, or you're experienced and familiar with it, we'll listen to your story and help you find the one that's right for you.

A Final Word

Did you know that the town girl type diagnosis is a bit popular on the internet?

~Ikebukuro Girls~
``You are always natural and have a charming atmosphere that doesn't strain your shoulders.

Like Ikebukuro, which has different faces at the east and west exits, it actually has both a feminine side and a masculine side.If you put your emotions out on the table, you might meet a new you that you didn't even notice! ”

Multicultural Ikebukuro.It doesn't matter who you are, where you are or what you do.

You can play a different version of yourself, or step out of your usual role and be who you are.

A new encounter is a new self.

Universe Club Ikebukuro will do its best to help you find a relationship that suits you, whether you are an unpretentious and natural self like an Ikebukuro girl, or a slightly different temporary self!

Office Manager

Shota Maki

Branch Staff

Universe Club staff are counselors.
In addition to coordinating a wide and deep range of encounters for you, we will also provide the best and most effective advice to help you find answers to your problems and hesitations that lie ahead.

Kasumi Hirakawa

Yui Amamoto

Senior Unit Manager

IT support staff are staff who support the above field sales and customer success departments and realize the needs of users.

Senior Manager
Yamato Aizawa

Unit Manager
Hajime Hara

Staff Blog

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