PAPAKATSU SENRYUPapa Katsusenryu result announcement


We are pleased to announce the results of the Universe Club "Papa Katsusenryu" Contest.
Thank you for your many applications.

I deeply apologize that it took me a long time to choose because of the wonderful senryu.

Total number of applications: 1,459 haiku

gold medal

Universe Club "Papa Katsusenryu" Contest

gold medalPrize money10Ten thousand yen

more than usuala little thinmake up
Artist Panda-san, 20s female

While looking at 1500 wonderful senryu poems, I found a lot of content that made fun of men and women, "a certain story", and self-deprecating stories.
This phrase stuck in my mind.
To be honest, I don't know what it means when a woman wears a little less makeup than usual, but it tends to be a little excessive.It's not that it's bad, but I thought that the appearance of wearing a little thin makeup symbolized the history of papa activities that have continued since the Showa era.
I chose this haiku for the gold prize because it makes me feel a little softer and warmer than the banter between a man and a woman covered in money and sex.
20's Panda, congratulations

Silver prize

Universe Club "Papa Katsusenryu" Contest

Silver prizePrize money3Ten thousand yen

  • I have money, I don't mind bragging, so bring it
    Songwriter 30's Uni-verse
  • During the day shift React to words Every time and allowance
    Miku-san in her 40s
  • How to refuse There must have been a better way
    Poet, Mr. Oka in his twenties
  • Neat and clean
    Writer 30's Machi@P
  • How to beg that you can't beg
    Composed by Mr. Konpeito in his 20s
  • No reply, the wound is shallow, next offer
    Composed by Mr. Golgo in his 50s
  • When I tried to sell my friend, it was sold
    Writer Toshimichi Okubo in his 40s
  • do you have a boyfriend?So why do you have a wife
    Writer Mr. Amuro in his 20s
  • The first date that looked like an angel that wasn't rubbed
    Nana-san in her 30s
  • Aren't you older than your parents!?
    Poet 30's Hasuo

All of the haiku are wonderful, but I chose haiku that are fun and positive no matter how many times you read them.
A bitter message for men, a phrase ironic about the neat and clean system, all of them have a strong poison of words, but they are refreshing, and I felt the warmth of the word "Shine" said by a close friend.
There are a lot of strange men, and women only say money and money.
I feel like words can only be written because there is love.I chose it completely out of my taste, so I don't know if it's an excellent phrase.
Even if you read this phrase 10 years from now, you probably won't be impressed.
But for me now, it's a fun phrase that I won't get tired of even if I read it 10 times.

Award of Excellence

Universe Club "Papa Katsusenryu" Contest

Award of ExcellenceAmazon giftsPrize money 1,000 yen

  • Unexpectedly, the carnivore is neat and clean
    Songwriter 20's Mr. Cheese Cake
  • You look kind, nothing else to praise
    Songwriter 30's Uni-verse
  • Before the date
    Songwriter 60's Jumping Turtle
  • My uncle LINE is too long to open a dictionary
    Writer Mr. Charn in his 30s
  • I wonder why I think it's cool I wonder why
    Singer Pendulum in his twenties
  • "Cleanliness" is the watchword that everyone recites
    Writer Imacho-san in his 20s
  • Papa life is not something that can be enjoyed and earned
    Comic person 30s mutter Jiro
  • Self-praise, how much is it from such a past?
    Writer Takeshi in his 30s
  • It's frustrating, I'm going to be beautiful, look at me
    Writer Ayadesu in her 30s
  • A woman who honestly refuses is very good
    SHINOMIYA in her 30s, poet
  • B type How many times is the second and subsequent times
    KE-san, 30's
  • I've already stopped dad life, fuck me
    Writer Ayadesu in her 30s
  • Responsive to people with a strong face Gentlemanly
    Writer A・K in his 20s
  • I want to meet a dad who doesn't need money
    Writer Non-chan in his 20s
  • Thanks
    Poetry person 30s
  • If you ask for it, you won't get it as much as you ask for it
    Writer Hiro-san in his 20s
  • It's worth it, so I'll pay the desired amount
    Writer Ayadesu in her 30s
  • After self-restraint, eat a lot, I want to see you
    Poet Shin Goto in his 40s
  • Yuzuru Chahan is the only way to be a dad
    Composed by Mr. Crash Bam Bam Bigelow in his 40s
  • I wonder if the heart of a rich man is surprisingly small
    Writer, 20s Hojicha-san
  • I don't know what I want to do with my dad life
    Writer Barbapapa in his 50s
  • I know, I know, but come handsome
    Writer, 20's yuyu
  • Let's enjoy the encounter, not the money
    Singer 20's Yu
  • Satisfaction and exhaustion, the date is over
    Shinzanmono-san in his 40s
  • I have a bad feeling, if I open the line, I can't do it today
    Poet 20's Panda
  • Located on the first floor of the hotel lobby Almost never
    Writer Sasakama-san in her 20s
  • casual, social, no clothes
    Poetry person 20s Omochisan
  • Manager, if you take off your clothes, you're just a person
    Singer Yukino Crystal in her 30s
  • The real number of people I've met
    The poet, Nanana-san, in her 30s
  • Give me money, I don't like people like that
    Writer Takeshi in his 30s

Thank you very much for contributing many articles to the first Papa Katsusenryu.
I respected the senryu that was done on the site called Labuan and held it in the universe.
The haiku that the staff chose and the haiku that I chose were completely different, and in the end I decided to choose one on my own.
In the old days of Japan, when there were no Nintendo Switch or YouTube, when aristocrats used to go to night crawling and say "It's impermanent", Japanese people used simple lyrics to the rhythm of XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX to express love. I was biting lime that it was lit and burned. Yo Yo.
Years have passed since that time, and our lives have become much richer, and now that we have a lot of entertainment, we are still working hard to keep the small flame in our hearts from being extinguished.
Daddy activities and romance have probably existed since the Stone Age, and even in modern times when declining birthrates, late marriages, and lack of sex between couples have become social problems, adults in good years are equally happy and sad about their love affairs. I think it's a very natural thing to do.
In today's laws and ethics, adultery and prostitution are considered bad things, but it's just that "monogamy is the best for the time being", and men and women who protrude from that framework do not engage in bargaining or bargaining. , Isn't there a funny place somewhere?
Not all members and stakeholders are just having fun.Men and women, money and youth, 99 wins and 99 losses in my lifetime.
It would have been the same for Sei Shonagon and Murasaki Shikibu.
I saw too many wonderful phrases from everyone, so I didn't understand the meaning of the overall comments, but they were all fun phrases.I would definitely like to do it for the second time.
I wish you all the best in your life and rosy days.

Satoshi Kida