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PAPAKATSU MAXIM[JP ONLY] Quotes for Sugar Dating

Recruitment of Your Papa Active Quote

At the Universe Club, the papa activity itself was spread in the sense that it was "an activity that can only be a wonderful experience."
Recently, there have been many incidents related to dad activities, and the media has made a fuss about the image itself as a gray that is almost jet black.
Among them, only the universe club, "I want to spread a good image of daddy life", is just plain sad even if you brandish the ridiculous idealism.
Is there a way to frankly convey not only the emotions and emotions that can occur in the original dad activities, but also the truly scary actions?I thought.
What we are looking for this time is a sharp and edgy "[JP ONLY] Quotes for Sugar DatingWe are looking for
I don't need a single gentle beautiful serious maxim.
We are looking forward to an impressive saying that cuts everything you touch with sharpness and sharpness.

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Recruitment of Your Papa Active Quote

Selection will be by public vote.
Voting will be possible from the voting page after the application is closed.

Precautions regarding application and voting

  • You can post as many times as you want per person. Please post one by one.
  • Papa Katsugen will be automatically posted on the official Universe Club Twitter account.Thank you for your understanding.
  • All copyrights of Papa Katsugen belong to Universe Club.
  • Pseudonyms, gender, age, and maxims will be made public.Although we pay close attention to the contents of the publication, we do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of this information.
  • You can only vote once a day, multiple votes are possible.

How to Apply

Please post your dad quotes from the form below.

Example: Tomorrow's wind will blow
* More beautiful women should join tomorrow

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