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At the Universe Club, we were promoting Dad-katsu as an activity where you can only have wonderful experiences. Recently, there have been many incidents related to fatherhood, and the media has been making a fuss about how the image itself is very gray, almost jet black. Among them, the Universe Club is the only one who pretends to have ridiculous idealism such as ``I want to spread a positive image of fatherhood,'' but it's just sad. Isn't there a way to openly convey not only the emotion and excitement that a real father's life should have, but also the fact that it is a truly scary act? I thought. This time, we are looking for sharp and edgy ``Dad-Katsu Quotes.'' I don't need any kind, beautiful, serious sayings. We are looking forward to your memorable proverbs that are sharp and sharp enough to cut everything you touch.

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Recruitment of Your Papa Active Quote

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