PAPAKATSU MAXIMDad's Living Proverbs Results Announcement


We are pleased to announce the results of the Universe Club Dad Living Proverbs Contest.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated.
It was a moment when the community came together and new values ​​spread.

gold medal

Mr. Senrokku

Rushing is a waste of time

(not clear)

I fully understand the feeling of wanting to become one as soon as possible, but at times like that, you need to think about the other person's feelings and show your adult composure, so that you can steadily achieve your goals.

Silver prize

Dear pj

Recognize that pj is a commodity

(Father-active woman)

There are many girls who are young and cute daddy activities.We should strive to add value not only on the outside but also on the inside.

Silver prize

Dad's life is true

Money is true, love is true too. Money is immutable, but love is changeable!

(Your identity)

All people who are active as dads vacillate between money and love.
The value of money remains the same, but people's hearts are swirling with love and desire. However, the idea of ​​being a dad is also true.

Award of Excellence

Mr. Yu

thank you i'm glad you chose me

(not clear)

Award of Excellence

Reiwa fanatics

Love is like an unpredictable natural disaster.Love is always fresh, love is an intangible, unharmed mega bank of hearts.

(Your identity)

Award of Excellence

Papa do Poulos

Attraction arises by giving and disappears by wanting.

(Munou singer/writer)

Award of Excellence

My specialty is eye drops

I'm not a superstar, so I have room to grow.

(Katsuya Nomura/Professional baseball manager/commentator)

Award of Excellence

I want to play basketball

If you give up, the game ends there

(Mitsuyoshi Anzai/Slam Dunk Basketball Club Advisor)

Award of Excellence

Lelouch became an uncle

The only people who can live as a dad are those who are prepared to do so!

(Lelouch vi Britannia)

Award of Excellence

Mr. Cake who is doing well

Wear an iron mask on your face and armor on your heart

(Coco Hekmatyar)

Award of Excellence


I don't want to live a life that is conscious of the evaluation of a third party.I want to live a life that satisfies me.

(Ichiro/Former MLB baseball player)

Award of Excellence

Reiwa Oiran aka PJ

Who said there was no truth in a leaning castle? It's just the hateful tactics of an unscrupulous man who gets dumped and goes home without even visiting.

(Classical Rakugo "Konya Takao")

Representative general comment

Behind the scenes of the proverb contest, various values ​​intersected and new perspectives expanded.
All of the participants used the magic of words to convey emotion and empathy, and showed a willingness to grow together.
Words that serve as a bridge to the future were born here.
congratulations. Please continue to illuminate the world with your wonderful words.