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  • [Yokohama] She had a style like a foreign model✨

  • [Yokohama] Adult sex appeal♡

    [Yokohama] Adult sex appeal♡

  • [Yokohama] Volleyball experienced person

    [Yokohama] Volleyball experienced person

  • [Yokohama] Angel in white coat

    [Yokohama] Angel in white coat

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  • Date Feedback from Male Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyo

    Just a waste of time and money,

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyo

    As per PF, he had good looks and personality, and the conversation was lively and fun, but when it comes to dating, things are a little weird.I looked at this activity as if it were someone else's problem, and I didn't feel motivated.

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyo

    I was not very used to it, so I was treated from above, which didn't make me feel very good.

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  • Date Feedback from Female Members
  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

  • Evaluation to the other party:universe tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyouniverse tokyo

    Although we have only just met, our conversation made a good impression and we had a great time. We were able to have a conversation after the second meeting, and if possible, I would like to have a long-term relationship with him.

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Google Reviews

We would like to inform a wide range of affluent men that there is a wonderful system called "dating clubs".
Through reviews on Google, we have received feedback from female members who have been interviewed. We ask that you frankly share not only the good things but also any bad impressions.

The best date plan that can only be done in Yokohama

When it comes to dating spots, Yokohama is too numerous to list.  

Yokohama, one of Japan's leading port towns.

In addition to its large population, it is a town full of attractions that is endless when it comes to famous tourist attractions.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Yokohama is


  • Minatomirai
  • Yokohama Chinatown, one of the three major Chinatowns in Japan
  • If you get tired of eating while walking, take a short break at Yamashita Park.
  • The red brick warehouse that appears in the ending of Dangerous Deka


I think many places are used as date spots.

Once you get to know each other better, it would be nice to go out and have a date for a walk in Kamakura, which is also a representative sightseeing spot.It's good to see the sunset on the Miura Peninsula, and a drive date in Shonan while feeling the wind is wonderful.

About Universe Club Yokohama registered men 

Among our male members, there are many who enjoy surfing, and most of them live in the Shonan area or have a vacation home.After surfing in the morning, you can wear a jacket in the evening and enjoy a date and a relaxing time in Tokyo.

Universe Club Yokohama Registered Women 

Thanks to its easy access to the city center, Yokohama is consistently ranked as a livable city.

There is also a registration for female members of "Ferris Jogakuin University", which is said to be the best school for young ladies in Japan.

It is located in the Yamate area, which used to be a foreign settlement and is lined with luxury residential areas.There are many Western-style restaurants in the calm townscape, so I think you can enjoy an adult date time.

There are many female members who come all the way to join because of the good access from Hachioji and Hashimoto where there are many campuses.

Precisely because the Universe Club has top-class name recognition,


"Meeting people you wouldn't normally meet"

"If it becomes a plus in my life"


I am carrying my feet.

In addition, we have received a 4.8 rating on Google reviews, and we are currently being guided by female staff, so we are highly rated for our sense of security.

Features of Universe Club Yokohama Branch 

▼Male member class

Number of members by male class in Yokohama

▼ Classes of female members

Yokohama Branch Number of Female Members by Class

The results are as above.

We have many staff members who have interviewed many female members, so we do not accept the following women for registration.


  • Those who do not feel very motivated because the purpose of registration is "somehow".
  • Those who do not have a sense of cleanliness and do not have the minimum appearance.
  • Those who are trying to recruit men as customers other than clubs, such as barbershops.


On the other hand, male members are also prohibited from registering for the following people.


  • Those who have a criminal record or who belong to anti-social forces.
  • Those who cannot submit their ID.
  • Those who use abusive or inappropriate attitudes towards staff.
  • Those who are looking for completely free dating.


Why are you doing the interview in such a strict way?This is because we want all registered male and female members to feel that they are glad to have joined the Universe Club.

Both men and women don't want to waste even one minute of their finite "time".Therefore, the staff continues to evolve every day so that we can connect the best relationship for each other.

Even if it's tough, "I want to do my best", "I have a dream", "I have something I want", "I really need it now", "Color my life", "A heartfelt encounter", "Youth"...

If you are like that, please entrust your heart to the staff in front of you.

Because each person has a background that came here, it is the role of us, the staff, to understand it and face it sincerely.

Why don't you immerse yourself in the extraordinary in this charming Yokohama?

Office Manager

Tomohisa Takahashi

Branch Staff

Universe Club staff are counselors.
In addition to coordinating a wide and deep range of encounters for you, we will also provide the best and most effective advice to help you find answers to your problems and hesitations that lie ahead.

Kazunari Karasaki

Saya Kawashima

Sana Kawakami

Senior Unit Manager

Managers are responsible for decision-making on business strategies in terms of organizational management. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by implementing measures for objectives and strategies.

Senior Manager
Arata Tsuzuki

Unit Manager
Yamato Aizawa

Staff Blog

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