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CONCIERGECorporate contract with dedicated concierge

Women's scandals in modern society are deadly
A dating club, a lawyer, and a detective agency
A secure date setting service for corporations
I will make a suggestion.

The Universe Club used to be
While offering many date settings,
I have experienced many troubles.
Sometimes we may cause inconvenience to our members.
There was,
Fortunately, in a major accident
did not develop.
From that experience, in date setting
There's only one reason why it's a problem.
It's a misunderstanding of women.

As can be said for all dating clubs, including our company,
Despite the high-class label,
Lack of knowledge about personal information protection among employees
There are cases where explanations for female members are insufficient.
Also, there are women who are plotting bad things among the members.
Even if it is lost, it is in a state where it cannot be checked sufficiently.

Between romance with a woman and scandal
It means you are out of luck.
If you're lucky, you won't have any trouble,
You will have a fun date life.
But if you're unlucky, you lose everything
if at risk,
You have to control that risk.

We are a date matching service
As a professional
Matching that minimizes scandal risk to the extreme

Since the date club supports members' free love,
Risk cannot be completely eliminated.
Contract corporations and dating principals,
With the cooperation of everyone involved,
We believe that we can maintain a sustainable system.

To be able to enjoy life freely.
At the same time, it
in order not to become a risk
what the dating club can do,
It is a service that was born as a result of thinking about.

Corporate contract example

  • All women we introduce are required to take a risk management course and sign a pledge of confidentiality.
  • We handle special cases regarding date appointments.
  • If you wish to have a date with a woman after the second time, we can arrange the schedule.
  • We will set up a date based on the guidance of our corporate lawyer.

Corporate contract notes

  • We will legally operate in accordance with the Date Club Ordinance, the Anti-Prostitution Act, and other laws and regulations, so if we determine that the relationship is simply for the purpose of prostitution (sexual intercourse with an unspecified opposite sex), we will cancel the contract.
  • The club will cancel the contract at the discretion of the club if it is deemed ungentlemanly, such as assaulting, intimidating, or unreasonably reprimanding the other woman.
  • The subject of the contract is a corporation, and the date target is one person. (Example: Contractor entertainment agency, dating target = affiliated talent)
  • The date setting that the concierge does is only a meal date.
  • If we find any illegal activity (including, but not limited to, drinking, extortion, fraud and other illegal drugs), we will cancel the contract immediately.

Contract flow

Contract flow1
Please contact the person in charge of the branch you are currently in charge of, or the contact information below.I will explain in detail.
Contract flow2
We will provide an estimate after considering whether we can solve the problem.
Contract flow3
If you are satisfied with the amount, we will exchange a contract after interviewing the date target and credit examination of the applying company.
Contract flow4
At the first counseling, we will decide the specific policy and adjust the date.

contract case

Case 1 Entertainment agency
We will set up a date with the talent you belong to.
Set up a controlled date to avoid unnecessary scandals (not a prostitution service).
If it is highly relevant to the business, it can be recorded as a loss.
Case XNUMX Advertising agency
When setting up a dinner party, it is very effective to have a general woman attend to make the place gorgeous, and I think many people have such a route.
However, it can be said that it is risky to ask a personal broker to select and arrange women to participate in so-called gala drinking, or to use your own personal connections.
If it is our company, it is possible to introduce a woman who has been educated and understands the confidentiality obligation.
Case XNUMX Manager
Please use our company even if you want to find your own secretary, an interpreter for a business trip, or a partner.
We can introduce female members who can do business with us.

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