Message from the president.

Thank you for visiting our club's website out of many dating clubs.
My name is Satoshi Kida, the representative of Universe Club.

What I wanted to tell you on this site is the benefits of using the dating club.

In a word, it is "throbbing and moving".I think it's a high level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The movie I saw on my first date with a girl,
Traces of swimsuits on a summer day and the smell of the sea,
Sweet and sour taste of first kiss
Rather than remembering those distant days, why not change the present into exciting days?

What we provide as compensation for the fees we receive from our members is the “throbbing feeling of meeting people”.

Why don't you try to remember "an exciting moment again"?
Aim for best practices (the most efficient way) as a way to get it.

I want to cherish the analog part of human beings, so I will make the other clerical parts systematic.
We are aiming for the shortest and best dating process by making full use of the Internet.

It takes courage to join a dating club.
However, isn't it possible that only those who can take that first step can change their life into a dream?


About dating clubs and mistresses

Universe Club is a members-only dating club that sets up first dates for men and women.
For some people, “dating clubs” and “dating clubs” sound like scary, illegal, and dangerous organizations.
But a decent dating club will join a decent person.

What are you looking for in joining a dating club?I think it's mistress.
As a definition of mistress, I interpret it as follows.
"It's a saffle that generates an allowance."
It is a relationship in which two people with different ages and annual incomes agree to enjoy dating, but they do not expect marriage after that.

And if you were to compare a mistress to something, wouldn't it be a sea urchin?
There was a line like this in a manga* written about a mistress.
“I didn't know about sea urchin when I was a child, but when I grow up and try it, it's delicious.

We, the Universe Club, would like adults who do not want to regret their once-in-a-lifetime life to join us and live a life full of love and romance.
Even if you don't join a dating club, it doesn't stop you from getting on with your life.
But five years spent with someone you love is more valuable than fifty years without them.
Mistress, adultery, prostitution, compensated dating, these words are spoken in the same row, but as a mistress matching business, we clarify the difference.
Mistresses are as wonderful as their name suggests.
But the risks associated with it are also great.I believe that dating clubs and universe clubs are the ones that minimize the risks and maximize the benefits.


Universe Club
Representative Satoshi Kida


*Quoted by Aoki ∪Hei Fringeman Volume XNUMX