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Due to the large scale of nationwide expansion and membership registration, Universe Club has raw big data that cannot be provided by apps or other dating clubs.By unraveling the database, you can read what kind of women are in the Universe Club.
Please take a look at the approach from data that can only be done at Universe Club.

About data information

Data: January to September 2021
Measurement method: From our registration results and dating results
Criterion: The number of formal dating offers from men to women, not the number of successful dates


Relationship between height/weight and offers


Can I get an offer from a man with my height and weight?For those who are worried about this, we have researched based on the database of female members in the universe club, and you can read the average number of settings that can be seen from height and weight.


Relationship between bust cup, weight and offer


A woman's bust that always catches the eye of men.We investigated the relationship between the offer and the breast size and weight, which would be a lie even if we said we didn't care.Whether you are confident or not confident, please refer to the astonishing numbers.


Relationship between age and offer


Some people may be hesitant to join because they think "I'm this age...".In the data, offers come even if you are older.Through data analysis, it will become a story of "because of that age" rather than "this age".

● Registration ratio by age group

●Average number of offers by age group


The relationship between tattoos and offers


You can get an offer with or without a tattoo.There is no discriminatory element at all these days when tattoos are fashion.
No matter what kind of tattoo you have, Universe Club will not deny you membership.
Regardless of the presence or absence of tattoos, the conclusion is that it depends on the feelings of the male member who is looking for a date.


Relationship between drinking and offers


There are people who are not good at alcohol, and there are people who can show themselves a little with the power of alcohol. They say, "Don't be overwhelmed by alcohol," but first of all, please try to drink after understanding your own limits.


Relationship between smoking and offers


Nowadays, the number of shops where smoking is not allowed is increasing so much that it makes smokers feel narrow minded.And it's true that there are more and more male members who don't like women smoking on dates.
This time, we analyzed the difference in the average number of dates between nonsmokers and smokers.


Relationship between Married Person/Having a Boyfriend and Offer


Even if there is a boyfriend, daddy life, even if there is a husband, daddy life, even if there is not, the encounter is the encounter.
From the perspective of others, the encounter is just a small thing.But from the person himself, the encounter that shakes his life.
It doesn't matter if you are married or single.Dating is an equal opportunity for any woman.

Have a boyfriend/no boyfriend/married

●Average number of offers for those with boyfriends and those who are married


Relationship between the presence or absence of plastic surgery and the offer


Everyone has the desire to "perfect beauty", "want to be prettier than now", and "fix complex parts".Having plastic surgery can change your life.
The level of cosmetic surgery has risen dramatically in recent years, but male members are still very concerned about whether or not it is plastic surgery.
What percentage of actual registered women are shaping?What part are you shaping?Here are the survey results.

● Presence or absence of plastic surgery among female members

● Percentage of plastic surgery sites among female members

●Average number of offers for people with and without plastic surgery

At Universe Club, based on the data of female members registered as described above, we are able to design future plans such as "What will happen if we actually register?"
Now that you have started working as a dad, you have a chance to change your life in the future.
You are the only one who can start working as a dad.

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