Minakami, Going West Volume ~Osaka Edition~

We become indebted to.
This is Minakami from the Universe Club.

Well, today I visited the Osaka branch!

For the reshoot, all the women were very enthusiastic.

Those who changed their clothes even though there was school,
Those who were wondering what kind of clothes to come and decided,
The person who put on a very cute make-up...

There were many women who were very motivated!
Everyone who let me shoot, Osaka branch staff,
Thank you so much ♪

Today, in total, 13 people (!!) will be photographed at once.
(1 minutes to 30 hour for 1 woman x 13 people...it will be amazing if you take the time)
The highest number in water history.


From the very first one, a high-level girl Kita――(゚∀゚)――!!
The elegant appearance of an adult woman makes your beauty stand out even more.


The second person is also a high-level female Kita――(゚∀゚)――!!Kita――(゚∀゚)――!!
The delicate style and idol-class looks are wonderful.


The third person is a woman with a pink dress and delicate legs.
I like the friendly atmosphere.


The fourth person is a naive student.
It looks simple, but is it actually...?


The fifth person has come Big Breasts! !
Purunpurun's firm chest and healthy skin are eye-catching.


The sixth person has a nice waist!I am a fair-skinned woman.
Honestly, you can see it when you see it.


The seventh person was a woman working at an apparel company.
Tall, small face, long legs... It's a style that you can't help but follow.


The eighth person is an adult woman with a beautiful style.
See the style and flexibility forged in classical ballet.


The ninth person is a woman who usually lives in America.
She is a woman with a personality that foreign men seem to like.


The tenth person is once again a high-level woman!
It was a woman with a wonderful style, exactly the Nanao pose.


The eleventh is the appearance of the goddess of beauty.
Similar to Nana Eikura, she is model-class tall and has a small face.


The XNUMXth person was a beautiful woman with a wonderfully transparent skin.
The fine and firm skin makes you feel the height of femininity.


The last woman was a beautiful witch.
A woman who keeps her femininity forever.

Thank you to everyone who worked hard despite the short time.
Thank you very much!

(Everyone is a motivated and wonderful female member.
If you are interested in the above woman, please contact the Osaka branch or Minakami.)

Sumire Minakami

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