8 Recommended Date Spots around Tokyo and Osaka area

Now, you've found a beautiful Japanese sugar babe and you are all ready to date her in Japan, but you have no idea where to go...!
what should you do?
Well, no need to worry!
This time, we will introduce popular date spots that you can enjoy all day long around Tokyo and Osaka area!

First of all, we will introduce 4 recommended spots around Tokyo area!

1. Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden

The “Yokohama Landmark Tower” has a strong presence in Minato Mirai, a popular tourist attraction in Yokohama. Popular as a symbol tower, it is a complex with shopping, gourmet and entertainment. Garden” where you can monopolize the scenery of Yokohama. It is no doubt indispensable for date and sightseeing.
The atmosphere of the observation floor is superb. The lighting is properly adjusted to make it easy to see the night scene. The night view from there is breathtaking. And the view from the direction overlooking Minato Mirai is especially beautiful.


2. Tokyo City View Observation Deck

One of the most spectacular spots in Tokyo is the “Tokyo City View”, an observation deck of Roppongi Hills that offers panoramic views of Tokyo.
Experience the great panoramic view of Tokyo dynamically changing the expression with the five senses at the 52-floor indoor observation corridor “Sky Gallery” and the open air observation deck “Sky Deck” located at 270 meters above sea level.
The wind feels comfortable and you can see the 360 ​​°C night view here.
It is indeed a great place for both sightseeing and dating!


Yamashita Park was made by burying the debris of the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.
It is a park with many views such as views to the sea and monuments.
The view of the Yokohama Bay Bridge and the ships moving in and out of the harbor makes you feel somewhat romantic.
In addition, Yamashita Park is a famous place for roses of Yokohama, and a lot of roses bloom in “Future Rose Garden” every spring and autumn season.
On the left towards the sea, you can see the Minato Mirai area, the red brick warehouse, the large pier and the passenger ship.
And on the right side, you can see the bay ridge and the “Hikawamaru”, a 12,000-t class Japanese-style passenger ship that Nippon Yusen completed in 1930.
On the street you can enjoy the atmosphere of Yokohama by seeing street performers performing, and people jogging or couples sitting on a bench and having a good time.


4. Oi Racetrack

Oi Racetrack, along with “Tokyo Racetrack” in Fuchu, is a long-established popular racecourse in Tokyo. Opened in 1950, it has been the holy place for many horse racing enthusiasts. is still a popular spot for horse racing beginners, families and couples for visiting.
The night race called “Twinkle race” changed the image of horse racing.
There are many male and even female office workers coming to visit the night race.
Also, it is highly recommended for the couples to visit, too!
In addition to horse racing, various events for young and old to enjoy are also held at the time of the race. Fanfare performances and stage events are held throughout the year.
Also, depending on the time, you can also enjoy large-scale events such as gourmet festivals and winter illuminations!
You can also enjoy not only horse racing, but also as an amusement facility here.

From here, we will introduce the other 4 recommended spots around Osaka area!


5. Meriken Park

Meriken Park is a park located at Kobe Port in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.
It was made in 1887.
During the daytime, it is a best place to rest for Kobe citizens.
At night, Kobe Port Tower and Kobe Oceanographic Museum are lit up and you can enjoy beautiful night views.
There is the Meriken Park Oriental Hotel nearby the park.
We can overlook the harbor of Kobe and the night view from there is spectacular!
It is a great place for dating on sunny days.


6. Rokko Garden Terrace

Rokko Garden Terrace is a leisure spot in Kobe where you can enjoy seasonal gourmet and shopping in the exotic area with 4 dining options and 5 shops.
The panoramic view from the viewing space is amazing, with panoramic views from the Akashi Strait to the Osaka Plain and Kansai International Airport, and you can enjoy the
“$10 million night scene” at night.
Speaking of Kobe, the night view is very beautiful.
In addition, since good souvenir shops gather, it is a facility where a romantic effect increases with synergy of the night view.


7. Abeno Harukas

Abeno Harukas is a high-rise department store, located in Abeno Ward, Osaka City.
As of 2019, it is the tallest building and the first skyscraper in Japan.
The 60th floor has a 360-degree panoramic corridor, and the 58th floor has an open-air terrace.
The elevator up to the 60th floor goes up in only 49 seconds!
From there, you can see Midosuji, a street that runs north-south from the center of Osaka City, and the view is spectacular!
You can even see Tsutenkaku, an observation tower in the center of the New World in Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, too!
As there are various restaurants in Abeno Harukas, so it is not a problem to eat.
After enjoying the night view, you can also enjoy the gourmet dinner.

8. Kiyomizu Temple

Let's have a date at Kyoto's famous spot, Kiyomizu Temple, a temple located in Shimizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City!
Kiyomizu-Temple is listed as one of the 17 World Cultural Heritage sites in Kyoto, and it is a tourist attraction you don't want to miss when you visit Kyoto.
And it's also famous for its cherry blossoms and beautiful autumn leaves.
Therefore, the autumn season is highly recommended because the weather and scenery is really nice and beautiful at that time.
How about renting kimono costumes while you enjoy the scenery?
You'd feel as if you were part of the place.
For your information, it is lit up at night so you can taste the different atmosphere from the daytime.

How did you like it?
These are places you should never miss by all means!
There are still many other wonderful spots you can visit in Japan, so please explore and have a wonderful time together with your sugar babe!

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