It's like a recent conflict, but please read

I am always grateful for your help!

I am Teratsuji from Universe Nagoya, currently on a business trip to Hiroshima.
Excuse me, today is like a vague blog like me talking to myself,
Start a personal blog like that and write there!It's like this.
But I want people who are interested in my recent struggles to see it.
I've been feeling a lot lately,
Thankfully, the club has grown, the number of male and female members has increased, the number of branches has increased, the number of staff has increased,
I think this is really thanks to all of you, but I also feel lonely.It's a luxury story.
I can't help but feel systematic...
I am now in charge of interviews for enrollment, general setting work,
I feel like I want to leave most of the work to the other staff members and make the documents for expense settlement while drinking coffee.
Of course, you know, I don't say much, but I do what I do.


I will go out when I have to go out,
I will do business when there is a shortage of manpower,
Of course,
I'm happy that I'll be the first to contact Teratsuji.


Excuse me for talking about the old days.Please don't think you should speak for yourself.


Nagoya didn't have any staff yet, so there was a time when I was working alone.
Of course, at that time, I had to do all the interview setting work trouble complaints by myself,
I'm amazing, I'm not bragging or anything, but it was natural.


That's why I was able to have a very deep relationship with each and every member,
It is no exaggeration to say that such experiences have made me who I am today.
I was able to grasp the preferences of men quite well, and the characteristics of women were firmly hammered into my head,
While interviewing women, the faces of male members naturally came to mind.
So I immediately contacted him and got an offer, and the woman was happy.
But I wasn't able to do this from the beginning, and I've been taught by seniors,
I think this is what everyone has grown up with.thank you.
But for now, divide the work, be efficient and efficient, and don't keep us waiting.
Of course, I feel that all the staff are involved with the members in their own way, building relationships, and being loved.
I think I'm doing my best every day so that I can work properly and respond to requests from members (I'm getting paid for this, so it's natural to do my best).


But, after all, it's a little different from the old days,
I feel like I haven't been able to create deep relationships with each person like I used to.
It's like there's a gaping hole in my heart, and I feel a little lonely.


After all, but no matter how systematic this job becomes, it's still about people...
There was an incident that made me think that way again today,
There was a date for a very nice man in Nagoya.
I found out after the fact that there was a case when the woman did not show up at the meeting time and contacted the club.


Of course, our staff did their best.
I kept contacting women and apologized to men by phone and email.
men are very kind
The staff will go there from now on!It seems that he said it's okay to say that it's okay.


So, after all, it is Tobi without being able to contact the woman.This is the worst pattern.


Even so, the man said it was okay.
So the club apologized by phone, and finally by email again.Women are forced to leave.
I think that this is probably what every staff does as a response.You're not wrong.


But I couldn't forgive myself today.


The meeting place for that date is five minutes from the office,
We are not understaffed,
Why didn't you run to the man immediately?


Because the man said it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay,
I've said it many times, but the staff said,


so what?


I thought from the bottom of my heart.


Is it okay if I go to apologize now?


No, it's okay if you don't come


You can imagine how many back and forth exchanges there were.




I'll be there soon, so please wait for me! !


But it's important to me.
If you ask me if I can do this every time, sometimes I can't,
It's true that I want to go, but the woman for the interview came, or the meeting place was far away.


But it's not like that, it's a situation where you can go,
I didn't go because the man said it was good.how


I was really disappointed.
No matter how much you say it's okay, inside you're angry, like you've wasted your time,
Reservations for restaurants are useless, and they can't do it.
There will definitely be such a thing as being exhausted by the club and leaving.
Everyone is an adult and says so in words...


by going there
Something like sincerity, more... I thought.
Of course, no matter where I go, women won't come, and there's no way I can turn back time.
I think there are some people who think that it is a nuisance that they do not have to come seriously,
It may be self-satisfaction, but
That's what people mean to each other, and that's what I've learned since joining this company.


I checked with the staff, but the man was responding well,
But but...


But I don't want to hear it! !and,
It was a gaping hole in my heart.
Teratsuji-san is irritated because Asami, who was next to him, is hungry!I was comforted,
Let's go to Asamimeshi!I changed my mind and calmed down.
I tried to calm down a little and think about it, but the staff is also a person.
It's not a bad thing that I think this is the best and work.
I'm sorry to hear that the man said it's okay, but the decision to apologize from the office is not wrong.


I want to do this!The ideal and reality of
I can't say that everyone can realize it,
I think there are times when my thoughts and actions are wrong.


But it's not about the branch manager,
I am the oldest member in Nagoya (although it is still three and a half years old, so from the point of view of a general company, I am just a newcomer, right?).
Everyone has been very kind to me, and even if I have more new staff members, they have welcomed me.
I wanted to get to know the people who chose the Nagoya branch of the Universe Club because of my connection, so I wanted to teach them to my juniors.
But, ah, I wasn't able to show myself like that. .I regretted it.


It looks like a scribble, so it's hard to read, and some people might be offended by it...
You might think I'm not as good as you say... I'm sorry. .


But somehow more, the relationship between people's hearts,
I can't say it well, but how do you say it?That one.
That's what I value most,
I learned that just drinking coffee and making expense documents is not enough.


If you don't take care of what you want to take care of,
Someday it will be gone.
If it disappears, instead of blaming others, I will blame myself for my own incompetence.
In order to be able to respond heartfeltly even in such a systematic situation,
I'm feeling tense again today.


I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what to say
Thank you for staying with me for a long time.
Excuse me for being arrogant, I'm not good at everything either, so
I would like to review myself once more.
I just looked up the antonym of systematic, but I can't find it...


I would like to work even harder so that the antonym of systematic becomes tera-tsujitic.
We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.
Teratsujitic is so lame...
The person himself understands the most.

Mayu Teratsuji

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

18 Replies to “It will be like a recent conflict, but please read”

  1. Isn't it the president who feels the conflict the most?As the organization grows, the responsibilities of each person gradually change. I'm glad that sat1 doesn't have to work for the lower ranks, but I have to learn from the president and Mr. Teratsuji.I hope that Mr. Teratsuji's feelings will permeate the members in Nagoya and Hiroshima, and everyone will become Teratsujitic.Teratsuji-san, you seem to be complaining again.

  2. He's a man with a strong desire for approval.I don't know what Mr. Teratsuji's position is like, but it would be nice if he could just let the public know his thoughts. "No, it's just as Mr. Teratsuji said." "From next time onwards, I would like to deal with it that way." "I have no choice but to say it like that, isn't it?" Is it a sentence that means that sincerity cannot be conveyed?I understand that, and a lot of people going up in the service industry understand that.However, when the written staff reacts like the above, do you really think about "whether it is an adult reaction or not"?Universe's blog is neither a true member's point of view nor a universe's point of view.I want individuals to say what they want to say and have it approved.It looks like onlyOf course, if you personally come to talk about this, you may approve and praise your words and deeds (I want you to praise me), but who will benefit from writing here, who thinks the universe is wonderful, and who I thought I'd follow Mr. Teratsuji, and who would satisfy my desires?It just seems like a sentence that satisfies only Mr. Teratsuji's desires.Are you really writing while drinking?It was an article that made me sad.I can do my job and earn as much as other people, but if I were to be exposed to my boss like this and in an environment where it would be accepted, I would immediately submit my resignation, and conversely, I would change this environment. It will make you laugh for the rest of your life. (smile)

  3. sat1 Thank you for your comment!Well, I think that's probably the case.I think that as the organization grows, the number of changes will also increase, but I want to keep my core strong.I'd like to drink coffee and only speak my mind.

  4. Anonymous Thank you for your comment!I admit to myself and others that I am a mass of desires for approval, and I am still not able to do a job that is comparable to others. I think only.I refuse to have a boss like me lol I am grateful every day that everyone in Nagoya often follows me.The president of Universe also wants to write about things that happen every day from the perspective of each staff member.

  5. Mr. Teratsuji Is this the first time you've responded directly?I have retired from work and have been standing for a while, but there are times when I rush to a customer to respond to a complaint.I think we are still doing the same thing, but it is one of the responses of some listed companies that everyone knows.Dealing with people with sincerity is the basis of our work. There seem to be various points of view, but I think Ms. Teratsuji should do it in her own way. PS In March of last year, I invited people from Nagoya to Tokyo.I haven't contacted him, but he might be married.

  6. I am one of the Tokyo members, but I am also indebted to the Nagoya branch.When there was a last-minute cancellation the night before in June, Mr. Teratsuji did everything in his power to cover it.Thanks to that, I remember that the next day's date was a very fulfilling time.Is this the rumored Teratsuji?The service of the soul.It's a memory that made me deeply emotional.I think there are various opinions, and I would appreciate it if you could use them all as food.However, I personally don't hate it.I think it's healthy that the individuals who support a company of this scale (especially those who are at the core) are always aware of the current situation, and the column that no one knows is a symbol of the situation where this company is not yet systematic. .Compared to other companies in this industry and compared to the past, it is true that we have become much more systematic, but we still have a long way to go. There is no mistake in pointing out that the inevitability of "having an awareness of the problem" and the inevitability of "making it public" are completely different.I want you to blurt out without change.It was a comment that there are some readers who think like that.From now on, I hope that Mr. Teratsuji will continue to write columns that are not very systematic.Postscript: Although it was in another column, the bulletin board is in operation.I am also participating, but the other day when I made a serious comment to Mr. Kida, he ignored it ^^;Well, at least for now, I hope you're enjoying this message board, Mr. Kida.Is video enhancement also a discussion from here?While imagining,,, the staff doesn't come out, right?Don't you approve? If you don't plan to ROM, Teratsuji-san should participate too...

  7. Thank you for your comment Fritz!Thank you for your help!March last year... it's been so long, it's fast. .I'm happy to hear your first comment addressed to Teratsuji. I've seen your name often.Even after leaving, I rushed to the customer's place to deal with complaints.As Mr. Fritz said, I would like to do my best so that I can continue to respond with sincerity as I wish.thank you.

  8. One of the Tokyo members.Thank you for his comment.I'm sorry to have caused you trouble on that point... No, I'm grateful that you gave me a chance until the end, so I was able to make it without wasting my business trip to Nagoya.thank you very much.It's all about sustenance...it sounds so good, it's true.I myself think that the immaturity of the universe, the feeling that no one knows what it is, the feeling of opening such a place openly, that is also interesting.Having said that, I am reminded of the fact that there are people who want that kind of thing.It seems that both Takita and Kitamura have various conflicts, but I think we'll continue to do what we've always done.It seems that various ideas are coming out from the bulletin board.

  9. I also have a word, Looking back on various things and thinking about it will lead to a wider range of choices for the future.The same goes for hearing different opinions.Universes are born in need, grow in skepticism, mature in optimism, and die in euphoria.I want to remain in skepticism forever.As an aside, you don't have to spot falsehoods and deceptions in face-to-face interviews, but how to deal with them is important for all concierges, and you're the only one who can teach them.

  10. Dear Saint, Thank you for your comments.The saint's comments are always stylish, which is a waste for me, but don't hesitate!Is that correct?Lol Certainly, after that, it is necessary.thank you.I look forward to hearing from you at any time, and I'm also curious about what happened the other day!

  11. I am a member in Tokyo.I would like to use it when I go on a business trip to Nagoya.The other day, when it was time to set up in Tokyo, no woman showed up and I waited for 30 minutes with no contact, so I called the Tokyo branch, but the response was pretty terrible.I tried to call her several times, but she didn't answer, and when I thought she was finally connected, she said that she would call me back, so she immediately hung up.After a few minutes, I was just told something like "The woman didn't answer the phone. I'm sorry."It was my first last-minute cancellation, but to be honest, I was disappointed with the response from the women and the staff.So, after reading this blog, I'm kind of happy that there are staff members who respond and think like this.Of course, there are various opinions, but I don't dislike people who follow their own path.We look forward to working with you when you make an offer in Nagoya.

  12. It's the base of the Birkin story lol.When I read it, I thought, can the club be held responsible for the cancellation on the day?about it.I believe that women are responsible.We male members were explained at the first meeting that there is a risk of cancellation on the day, and we know that the club is making various efforts to avoid it.Luckily, I have no experience with that, so I can only imagine, but even if you go out of your way to ask the club staff to come and apologize.It would be different if there was some oversight on the club's side, but if the club's side made every effort possible and such a situation occurred, wouldn't it be force majeure?Conversely, if male members take on more responsibility than necessary, and the male members start to think that it is the responsibility of the club, it will create a vicious cycle that encourages unreasonable complaints.Customer service of the soul ... Hmm, I think it's okay for me to be a little dry.

  13. "Systematic" means "organized, systematic, and systematic," and should not have any negative connotations.I think that it is rather an essential requirement that trouble-shooting be carried out systematically.

  14. Thank you for your comment Tacos.I am very sorry for making you feel uncomfortable with my response in Tokyo, and for wasting Tacos' time.Even if there were internal circumstances, I feel that this is not the kind of response that should be given to members.However, I believe that there are definitely women in Tokyo who would be a good match for Tacos, so I would appreciate it if you could consider this.We are looking forward to your offer in Nagoya! !

  15. Birkin Hashimoto Thank you for your comment. > I think it's okay to be a little dry.Having said that, I feel a little less burdened.However, this case was not a cancellation on the day, but the worst case where the woman did not show up on the day, so it feels a little different from a cancellation on the day. .I think it's pretty hot right now, so I'll do my best to be a little more dry Teratsuji!

  16. 13. Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your comment.It's not negative as a word, I certainly think so!The system of the universe club is also improved day by day, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.But if the part that involves people's feelings becomes systematic, I think I'll quit this company.Every day I feel that it is a difficult and fun job to connect with people!

  17. Run with enthusiasm.Take a step back calmly and take a bird's eye view of the situation.I think balance is important.When I go to Nagoya, I want to ask Mr. Teratsuji to set me up.

  18. Mr. Yamakura Thank you for your comment. I googled "bird's eye view" with difficult kanji!I learned one more thing.Calmly take a step back, take a bird's-eye view, and run with enthusiasm.I once again thought that I want to be a staff who can respond like that all the time!thank you.I would appreciate it if you could talk to me when you come to Nagoya.I will do my best not to fail!

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