Love hotel Where is love? Love hotel-how to keep conversations from winter (how to not end)

Always I am indebted.
My name is Kawasaki from the Osaka branch.

On a personal note, I once fainted after blowing bubbles at a love hotel.
Of course, I don't remember, but it seems that it was falling for a few seconds.
The man who calmly took a picture of the situation
I laughed when I saw that picture later
You might want to change things up.



By the way, this man said, "If I'm with you, I'll go crazy."
I was shaken.
I still don't understand why you said this.
How are you doing? .

I'm spending my days solemnly suppressing my weak self that I should try to contact you after a long time.
It was a complete non-fiction recollection.



・How not to turn the conversation into a thread (thread knitting)

Since I am aware of the interference,
Please read it as if the impertinent little girl is saying something.

Of course, it is not a woman who has a conversation like breathing,
If anything, it is a story in the case of a woman who is nervous, quiet, and talkative.

I think it is important to match the temperature and tempo of the conversation with the other party.
Of course, one way is to overwhelm a quiet woman with an overwhelming amount of heat,
If the other party is a woman who takes 5 seconds to say "Hello",
I think that taking 5 seconds here also means matching the pace.
Then, when the conversation starts at about (male:female) (7:3) and ends at about 4:6,
I hope I can meet the woman for the second time.



This is simply because there are many words,
It's not about taking the initiative of the conversation by covering it where the woman is talking.

The reason we start with 7:3 is to get to know women.

To a woman who has a bag, "Your bag is cute."
"Pink looks good on a woman in pink clothes"
And "You have a cute face, you have a lot of friends, it's amazing"
Such. .
This is the end.
It's almost winter.

I don't really know the brand, why is this brand bag?
why do you like pink
Why do you have ~~ friends? ●●-chan is ~~ so ~~ people gather, right?

Why are you like this?
When asked, [because it's my aesthetic, what I like, and what I like], the woman answers.

If the woman answers, say what you think about it.

If you want to make a woman talk, first you need to know about the woman, and after knowing it, you should affirm and acknowledge it as much as possible.
I think it gives you a sense of security.
"You understood me! You understood me!"
When I think about it, women always hit me with their values ​​even though I didn't ask.
Women talk more when they think they are interested.
Woman is simple.



This is the moment when it flips from 7:3 to 4:6,
I think I'm in a state where a woman is talking when I notice it.

“It went by in a blink of an eye, it was fun ε-(´∀`*) hoo”
If you think that, you will naturally send a thank you email and a love call to see you again.
The reason is "I want to see you again".

"Thank you for the invitation, it was boring."
If you think so, well, nothing.

"Thank you for making the other man I'm getting along with stand out☆"
I think, "I'm going to take care of you over there♡ Then excuse me♡".

I also want to live my life to the best of my ability.

It will be a vulgar and uncoordinated sentence.

The number of women is also increasing because it is the season when a new life starts.
We are looking forward to receiving a boom and offer.

Universe Club Osaka Branch
Rie Kawasaki

Author of this article

6 Replies to “Love Hotel Where Is Love Love Hotel?

  1. To M-sama and my eternal idol Kawasaki-sama,
    This is KNJ, thank you very much for your help.

    〉〉(Male:Female) (7:3) starts the conversation and ends at 4:6,
    I hope I can meet the woman for the second time. 〈〈
    →Wow, I learned a lot!

    I always say I shouldn't bore women
    Do your homework, think about topics, and then face the first encounter!

    "KNJ's Machine Gun Talk"
    “KNJ-san is so funny! 』
    "When I'm with KNJ, I lose track of time! 』
    I am often told...
    (Of course, it's flattering... Tears)

    That's not good
    It's a reflection.

    Certainly, in past encounters, I was the one who kept talking.
    I thought it would keep women from getting bored.

    After meeting
    "You didn't hear anything about me."
    It was thought that ... Tears

    At next week's first meeting, I'll be reviewing my conversation skills with reference to this blog by Mr. Kawasaki!
    Thank you for letting me know!

    Mr. Kawasaki!
    Like the last blog, like this blog...
    Really, it's the contents of the scales.
    review the content of my previous conversations,
    It's been a good opportunity.
    This time, I read it seriously because it's my eternal idol Kawasaki's blog...
    For me, it's the "Best of staff blog"!

    Please be my teacher! …smile
    (Ikemen M Shima is already my teacher.)

    by the way,
    >> On a personal note, I once fainted after blowing bubbles at a love hotel.
    Of course, I don't remember, but it seems that it was falling for a few seconds. 〈〈

    → I've never been in a situation like this with a woman I've been involved with...
    Mr. Kawasaki, please tell me how to make a woman like that (laughs).

  2. Mr. KNJ

    Always I am indebted.
    I laughed involuntarily,
    The staff gave me strange looks (laughs).
    Please let me go.
    Recently, M Island's Kawasaki slander has been spurred.
    Please help KNJ (laughs)

    After all, no matter how many times I see the word "eternal idol", I'm hooked (_ _;)

    KNJ-sama's conversational skills will surely make women ascend to heaven,
    Even at the first meeting next week, please continue to support KNJ as usual.

    >> I've never been in a situation like this with a woman I've been involved with...
    Mr. Kawasaki, please tell me how to make a woman like that (laughs).

    →The point where I refer to that is just like M Island (laughs)

    Dear KNJ, thank you for your continued support of Kawasaki.

  3. It was a masterpiece that was easy to grasp and had a deep content.It was interesting and useful to read.

    It's nice to start with self-deprecating material because it's Kansai-like.I'm from the Kansai region, so I like stories like this, but if you talk in this pattern in the Kanto region, people will think you're a really weird person, so be careful.I was a little worried.

    I learned how to distribute conversations and how to ask questions (^^) I will try it.

    When I heard stories from female members, the percentage of men who were not good at conversation seemed to be high.I think that the dating club has a side to help such people, so I would like you to create a dating course for men.Blogs or e-learning are fine.

  4. Mr. Nonta

    As long as it's embarrassing. .

    >> It's nice to start with self-deprecating material, which is typical of Kansai.

    →→I'm glad to hear from Mr. Nonta from Kansai.
    I feel like I've joined the ranks of Kansai people (^o^)
    (I, Kawasaki, am from Kyushu (laughs))

    If you spread this pace of masochistic radio waves outside of Kansai,
    You seem like a strange person,
    I will keep it in mind!

    >> I'm a little worried.

    →→ I will try to be able to disguise myself as an elegant lady.

    To be honest, if one of the men and women doesn't start the conversation,
    It's difficult because it's rare to hit it off right away at the same time.

    Ending the conversation immediately with a period "."
    It's a waste to be interrupted, so
    It may be important to reply with "?" when asked with "?".

    If I can write about that in future blogs,
    We think.

    Dear Nonta, Thank you very much for your comment!
    Thank you in the future.

  5. Kawasaki
    It's your own story again, it's admirable.Also, thank you for the educational blog that does not end there.It's pretty deep. Thinking back on sat1, we often broke up around 7:3 to 8:2, and somehow I feel better, but this doesn't lead to the next one.

  6. sat1

    Hello, this is Kawasaki.
    Thank you very much for your continued comments!

    For me, those memories were splendid
    I thought while reminiscing.
    (I'm joking.
    I apologize for the not-so-elegant writing. )

    For the large amount of conversation of men,
    If a woman feels comfortable
    No problem at all,
    If you find it hard to breathe,
    It may end once and for all.

    It's difficult to get just the right seasoning,
    When the woman asks with "?",

    "Are you by any chance interested?
    can i talk to you (/ω・\) Tick”

    I think it's a lot of things to start talking about.

    Dear sat1, thank you for your continued support!

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