It was a bad date

We often get feedback like this.
I am at Seki of Universe Club Fukuoka Branch.



For men,


"Even though I made an offer to a woman other than the dating type [A] [B], I made a reservation and paid the setting fee.
Even though I treated you to a meal at a nice restaurant and paid for transportation!I couldn't have an adult relationship from that day! "



"Even though we had such a sweet conversation on the first day, we talked about future relationships and stuffed things!
 All of a sudden I lost contact! "


“Even though I went out to eat a few times! ”


For women


"I thought that 5000 yen was not worth the money you spent for XNUMX hours..."


"It took XNUMX hours round trip to go far away, but the price you offered was so low that I was disappointed."


"This person said he would give me XNUMX yen a month, so I cut other people, but it was canceled in XNUMX months."

"If you don't want to pay for the transportation expenses to the interview, I won't do it. If you don't know if you'll get an offer, it's even worse."


There are many such examples.



I really understand how you feel.
As a person, as a woman, as a man who pays a lot of money.



"It's not worth the money you pay"
"I'm spending so much time, but it's not worth it"
"This amount of money is not worth it even if you put your body on it."


But at the same time, as a staff member, I feel the same way.



Time and money to develop into an adult relationship,
It's time and means to show off, so if I say that I've taken the trouble to do so... I'm afraid I'll run out...(>_<)


If you definitely want to have a physical relationship with a man (I think it's excessive money), wouldn't it be more efficient to go to a shop where you can definitely do it until the end...?



For women
For those who can't think about physical relationships, you can apply for a rental girlfriend from the beginning.
If you are comfortable with physical relationships and have the amount of money you definitely want, why not work at such a shop?and….



The fact that you are spending your timeEven the person you're dating takes that time


Preparations, financial matters,


Women also spend money on beauty salons and appearance,
For men, of course, there are set-up fees, meal fees, and transportation expenses.


Of course, there may be gender differences, but
I'm not the only one bearing the burdenI would be happy if you could remember that.





I don't know if I can have sex with this girl.

I don't know how much I will receive today.

I don't know how the relationship will turn out.

I don't know if it will continue after that.



I would say it's an investment.


for menfinancial burden, for womenThe mental load that you may find out just by posting your profileIt's hanging.


Still, each bet their own money and private and registered



I want to meet you (I want to meet you)
I don't want you to think that your little fate and time were wasted, or that you want your time back.


Regarding the wavelength when I met you, I don't know until I meet you.
I think there are many things that you honestly don't know about the conditions unless you meet them.



I cannot tell you the amount.

But other than that, so that mismatching doesn't happen, so that the meeting doesn't feel like a waste of time
It made me realize that I should be very careful.




How many times a month do you want to see each other?Wait


Since we can't communicate directly between men and women, we will try to communicate through profiles as much as possible.
I would appreciate it if you could watch over me warmly in the future.



And there may be some people who don't feel productive about dating people from other prefectures that they can't easily meet.
Finally, it's the last day of the transportation fee campaign, the offer! ! !

If it is a date in May, it will be applied!




On the last day, of course, it's okay to rush in, so please take advantage of this opportunity♪

Thank you very much for using Universe Club in this Heisei era! !

Even in this new era of Reiwa and further changes

We will do our best to make you want to use Universe Club, so please continue to support us.


Universe Club Fukuoka Branch
Yuna Seki

Author of this article

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

13 Replies to “It was a date that didn't pay off”

  1. That's right, dating is an investment.
    However, converting it to an hourly wage, or considering it as a service for consideration.
    I don't understand men and women who get angry with that.
    You can't go out with someone who has too little business sense.

    1. Seriousness is the key

      Thank you for your comment!It's Seki!
      Bars and other such service industries have existed for a long time.
      To be honest, I don't understand why both men and women think it's an hourly wage conversion and compensation service...(>_<)
      It costs a lot of money for men, and if women have worked at a bar before, you might think, "Eh, how much?"
      But I always hope that you can understand that a bar is a bar, a bar is a bar, a date club is a date club, and so on.
      I could really feel the flexibility and seriousness of being serious…゚(*´ω`*)!thank you.

  2. This Seki Yuna-sama's blog was convincing and I learned a lot.

    It's true that the man was wasting his money because he couldn't have an adult relationship.
    There is no end to complaining about being suddenly cut off from contact.

    I believe that men also need to improve themselves, not just their annual income, so I try to improve my fashion sense every day.
    I try not to brush or gain weight.

    When things still don't go well, I take it for granted that there was no connection. (><)

    1. Don't panic

      Thank you for your comment!
      Self-improvement... The men here are all financially strong.
      Don't be in a hurry, you're putting more burden on yourself and trying to finish it as a man, aren't you?
      I understand that you are already dating a nice woman.
      And I think that all dried fish women, including myself, saw this comment and were shocked as if they pointed out their naivety.
      It's not easy for me to lose weight, but I'll do my best, keeping in mind that I shouldn't be in a hurry either (´・_・`)!

  3. How deep!
    Mr. Seki, you've really deepened your thoughts.It's a professional philosophy.
    At first glance, the surroundings are growing steadily under the influence of the president of Charanporan.wonderful.
    As a manager, I have a lot to learn from this company.

     On the other hand, as a member, you should not get too involved in the encounter.I think that meeting with an offer is an afterthought of life.In this year, the glare is gone.Whether it's just the sex and the meal that I've met, or if I want to see her again next time, she's the only one.As someone who usually lives in a world of whimsy, the most important thing for me is how much my daughter lets me immerse myself in the gentle atmosphere of my childhood.The rest is bubbles.I am doing club activities properly.

    I had an interesting experience.There was a XNUMX-year-old child who asked for a price increase while I was doing it.He burst into tears and became a saint.He really enjoys working with young people.In a short life, you can have experiences and experiences that are not normal.Thanks for the secret.

    1. Monster of Nagoya

      Thank you for your comment!This is Seki.
      I am humbled to receive such words...

      "Meeting after making an offer is the aftermath of life"... I don't think you can say this word unless you have met and experienced a lot (>_<)!
      After reading this comment, I was reminded of how men who are kind to the Universe Club are not just "wanting to do it".
      Considering that each person has what they want, and how well the convex fits into the concave, it is not just the appearance preference or the compatibility of the body.
      After all, I want women to realize that it is an opportunity to know that money is not the only thing.

      As you say, it's certainly appropriate, but maybe you can get along in a relaxed atmosphere.
      But if I were in the phantom's position, I'd surely give up at that moment! (Laughs) It's squishy!
      Thank you very much for treating me with the leeway of an adult.

      1. Mr. Seki, you are a woman.
        Is it going to break in the middle?Because it's spring.
         Now that I'm in Reiwa, I'm working until XNUMX a.m. at my age, and suddenly I can't stand the loneliness in the silence.
        What the hell is this!You have a cute voice. A voice saying, "I'm free on vacation." "Should I go see you now?" I said, even though I knew it was impossible.How is this relationship?
        I'm not proud.Let's have fun with both men and women as actors and actresses.

  4. I was shocked that there were so many women who joined this club and went to the hotel about two hours after meeting them.What's more, everyone is beautiful, cute, and has a good appearance in the night world, and it's about the same or cheaper than drinking.
    When it comes to meeting men and women, I think that having a relationship on the same day after meeting for the first time is a rare event, except for customs.Aside from the clubs, there are only a few people who meet in life, and the probability is less than a few percent.
    I think it's impossible for clubs or men to make it 10% with an offer fee of 100 yen at the maximum, no matter how hard they try.If you want certainty, you should go take a bath.

    1. Ignore A type

      Thank you for your comment!
      Well, in a world where hostesses upload how-to videos on youtube, etc., such as "Earn 〇〇 yen a month! How to make money without using a pillow"
      When I first joined the company, I remember being very surprised by the fact that cute ordinary people on the same level, or even more than that, readily accepted adult relationships (>_<)
      And although men are certainly grateful, they may say, "I don't want to do it with anyone." !” There was also a case…!
      I think it's difficult because relationships between men and women can be distorted or disengaged by the slightest thing...
      I was saved by the kind words that showed my understanding!thank you very much…!

  5. I was talking to a certain member woman and it became a story of a cabaret club.At that time, she said from the woman's mouth

    The cabaret club receives an hourly wage of 3,000 yen,

    The word came out.
    I thought the hourly wage of 3,000 yen was high.

    However, considering the allowance given to that woman, I thought that the allowance was much higher than the cabaret club when converted to an hourly wage.
    I think I'm putting out too much right now.On the other hand, my pride won't allow me to lower it now.
    By the way, 3 for food only, 6 to 10 for more
    This is the amount I was giving because I thought that if I was in the opposite position, I might be satisfied with this price.
    I had guessed that you can't do it unless you have a lot of money to eat and socialize with an older person you don't really know.

    I noticed that there is a gap between my financial sense and the registered women's financial sense.

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for your comment!It's Seki!
      As for the woman who works at the cabaret club, you thought it was a good amount for the amount you get on a regular basis even though there are other staff members...?
      Or maybe you have worked at another store with an hourly wage of 2000 yen or 2500 yen, and compare that experience...?
      I need a detailed inquiry... (Laughs) Perhaps part-time work is a realistic thing, and Anonymous is a kind of unreal existence
      Maybe you're thinking about it separately...?

      Different women have different perceptions, and I think that allowances and monetary perceptions are relative.
      If I were in that position, I think I'd feel woohaha if the amount was too much!
      Thank you for making women happy!

    1. >Anonymous
      Thank you very much for your help.
      Comment, everyone has a lot of deep thoughts and it's wonderful.
      I can only write childish things, but I am impressed by the opinions of those who comment.
      Thank you very much for your comment, I really appreciate it!

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