Do you like vibration?

We become indebted to.
Quitestaff baton relayis not coming around, so I can't stand it anymore. .
Since it's the end of the Obon period and work has settled down, please stay with Mamiya for a brief report on his current situation♪

In my youth, I was devoted to club activities, so I was surrounded byFTMI am proud to have many good friends.
I respect him because he is handsome and understands the feelings of women.Some children work at Onabe Bar.

I want to go to a place that interests me from before with such a friend
I went with nori.

vibe bar

You can touch and move about 350 types of vibes, receive explanations on how to use them, and consult with them to purchase a vibe on the spot.
The amount of knowledge of the store clerk [Vibe Sommelier] is amazing!And it's not obnoxious! ⬅It's important!

I was shocked to see the blond-haired probably lesbian couple next door taking a selfie with a vibrator. .
At first, I was just overwhelmed, but it's fun to gradually switch on my own pleasure.
I don't notice the runaway by myself unless the person who came with me stops it.

Unfortunately, men cannot enter.
Couple OK () (), so I hope you will seek new stimulation to get rid of the rutted date.
I highly recommend counters.
It seems that the campaign is 30 yen for 1,500 minutes (with one drink), but I definitely recommend 90 yen for 3,000 minutes.Not enough time!


It's fashionable overseas, but it's heavy and your arms will get tired. .But springs are great.
Only for nipples!this is. .It's a great move.
You can enjoy various flavors of lotions.
By the way, I paid attention to the lotion-inspired cocktail, but I was so absorbed in the vibe that all the ice melted. . . ?

I found something that makes me feel really good.
It seems to be the most popular after all.And it's cheap.It's wonderful to be able to see, touch, move, fantasize, and buy rather than the internet.I was talking to the staff for a long time.
The actual nasty act can not be done on the spot!Naturally w

But it's a pity that there are still a lot of nasty vibrations from a male perspective.

I got excited with the couple next to me,
The man struggled to react. .Women may still be reluctant to talk openly about sex.

A man's dream = what a woman wants

Because the two do not match, the men and women of this world are in constant trouble.

What do women really want?

I think it will be a very fun date to deepen the bond of love between two people.

I'm sorry, I got a little hot (sweat)
I'm not a vibe bar and a hotpot bar.

My starting point
I heard erotic stories from Takita Dai-senpai every day,
movieslovecraft girl
was just released to the public.sex
I wanted to work with you.

Without knowing my perverted degree
How is it possible to know the degree of perversion of a person? !

It's far-fetched, but my motivation for work is like this. .

When the day comes when I graduate from Universe Club in the future, I want to develop a vibe.
WhatTakita branch managerI consulted with

Things that are not yet recognized in the world, things that are prejudiced,
I think some people feel that the society is difficult to go to.

The dating club is still a hidden world.
I'm happy to be noticed, but I feel like it's not necessarily a good thing to come to light. .

I can't say it to private people, but I like H.But I hate customs.

I believe that I can be the power of such a woman!
I would like to start by declaring a new determination for my fourth year in the company.

Universe Club Enma Mamiya
I'm looking forward to meeting my lovely sister at the interview in Ginza♪

Dating club "Universe Club" nationwideVibes are not enoughWe are looking for female members.
An interview, an interview, and an examination are required for admission.
For details, please contact the local concierge

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4 Replies to “Do you like Vibration?”

  1. Mr. Mamiya, Tsuguo Sato, a Tokyo male member, and tuguo.I saw an article about Vibe Bar from Mr. Fukunaga's Heisei article.I would love to find someone to visit.I am watching the state of activity in Ginza dazzlingly.Sakaguchi-sama, please take good care of your health and develop.Thank you very much.

    1. Mr. tuguo

      We become indebted to.
      We look forward to welcoming you to our new store.

      I'd like to buy a vibrator soon, no, I want to take a newcomer to study♪
      Before that, I'll bring Manager Sakaguchi!

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