Thinking about the discrepancies in the perceptions of male members, staff, and the company regarding their sense of money

Thank you all for everything!
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In a tense battle where neither side yielded a single step, did I live every day so hard when I was a high school student?Did you have the passion to chase the white ball so crazy?


All I can remember is wearing loose socks and going to photo booths with friends all the time. (Yabe, your age seems to be exposed)


Go back to those days...


When I watch high school baseball (only at this time)

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Last timeBlog article for male members online round-table discussionI uploaded the current PATOLO supportSekiyunaから

“I also want to participate just by pretending to be a member and listening! 』
I got in touch with


It's good, but


Okay, but are you talking?

(No, it would be impossible to pretend to be a member.)


I'm sorry, but I haven't even asked my boss yet...

This is Teratsuji.


Is the introduction too long?



Well, suddenlySense of moneyI think it's an important point in this activity to compete for 1st and 2nd place, but what do you think?


In the past, it was okay, but now the rules of the club are thorough.


Don't listen, don't write, don't say, don't know.


In the dating club ordinance, there is a description of how the dating club has an allowance, so it is not an implicit understanding that there is an allowance, and it is considered OK as a rule.Or rather, something like that.

However, the stance of the club is that kind of thing, but when it comes to specific numbers such as the detailed amount of the allowance, hope, etc.


Don't listen, don't write, don't say, don't know.


So, there is.
Do you have a?People in upper management?OK?I?Maybe.


The problem here is in your profile
"Monetary sense: high, normal, low"


When I see the feedback after the date, I see the money sense question that comes into my eyes almost every day.

  • Although it was described that the sense of money was normal, it was expensive
  • I made an offer because it was written that I had a low sense of money
  • It was completely different from the money sense written in the comment, it was out of place
  • I have a high sense of money and would like to hear properly


So I had a question.


Hate?Do you think that the money sense written in the comment = the condition of the allowance?



Is there any information somewhere that the financial sense described in the comment is a guideline for the conditions of the allowance that the woman wants?I get feedback like the above, but as far as I can findMonetary sense = standard of allowanceI can't find anything.


If so, please let me know
I think this is surely a misunderstanding between members, staff, and the company.


At some point, it became an in-house rule to not ask, not to write, and not to leave, and I remember that there was probably information about that in the past.

Some of the staff are just missing the information, ignoring it, or not understanding it well.Of course, I don't write or tell you the detailed amount, but I don't think it's a bad way to inform that it's not standardized.


in the comments
"Monetary sense" "high, normal, low"If
=It's a condition of the allowance, isn't it?It's natural to think, or rather, it's decided!I felt that it wouldn't be strange if something tacitly understood came out.


in terms of staff

  • how much women are paid
  • how much rent do you live in
  • How much money do you spend each month
  • What is your purpose in registering?
  • So how much support do you need, specifically?
  • How did you get that Louis Vuitton bag?
  • Aren't you insane as a host?
  • Are you a woman who saves money properly?
  • How much did your dad give you?


I heard about this at the time of the interview, and based on the information, I wrote in the comments what this woman's sense of money, how she thinks about money, and what her standard of living is (or rather, based on her own past experience). doing.


However, it is also true that not all the staff may have been able to dig deep into women's sense of money even during the limited interview time, and if you do not place importance on it, do not comment on the sense of money. Some staff may not write.There are also staff who dare to compete in other places without mentioning the character "ki" of money sense because they should not touch it.

It's up to the staff, I don't think it's absolutely necessary as a company policy to write.It may not be in the manual, or maybe I've overlooked it, but that's about it.

You may think that there is no difference in information as much as possible, but compared to the past, I think that a certain amount of information has been written in the comment column since comments were itemized.

See my past complaints blog


In the past, there were quite a few comments, such as 3 or 5 lines.
However, I think that there are many people (like me) who think that the more the text, the better.


I'm a little off topic so I'll get back to you.


There is also a part where the woman herself writes about her sense of money,
“What are the terms of the allowance? 』It is not a question of
I think the explanation is such that you should imagine how you would feel when you look at your own standard of living.

an ordinary woman

  • I sometimes go for 3,000 yen lunch
  • It's a luxury to use a taxi for transportation
  • On long vacations, she enjoys traveling abroad with her friends.
    (Determine the range you can go within your budget using your monthly salary or bonus)


Even so, I think there are some women who usually make lunch boxes, or when they go shopping, they only buy meat with a discount sticker on it, and I think there are women who think of themselves as savers. I think it depends on each person.


At the concierge service the other day, I asked members about allowances and other things.

There were also people who handed over a fixed amount, such as their way of thinking and methods,
How much do you want from a woman?I heard that some people were dating with the amount presented.really each.

How much money do you spend on a monthly basis?And.I heard so much lol

I also hear that women should not be paid more than the market price (the amount that is often said) because the conditions for the allowance are going up.

Most of all, of course.


It might be a different story, but
I think that every consumer has a sense of how cheaply they can get it.

If I want something, I will see it in the actual store and research the price.
Search for the lowest price that does not cost shipping on Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo!
Also, calculate how many points you can earn in the sale and buy what you think is the best deal.

All right, I got the best deal!Sense of accomplishment!You can feel comfortable and get into the futon and fall asleep.

What then?
In the morning of the next day, an unknown sale will start, and you will find something cheaper on another site with a lot of points attached.

Life is like this, isn't it?
There are things like this.

luck and timing.

If you think about it, you really want it right away, you really want to buy it here,
I just came here to do some research because the store clerk was super responsive, but I want to buy it here already!
Besides, I came to want this in addition!

not the cheapest
It costs shipping
I don't get many points
And even things I hadn't seen before
Sometimes I buy something.


That's how it is (what?)


It's been a long time and the topic has shifted, but


That's what it means to pay, isn't it? (What do you mean?)


Whether you can find value in buying it and paying for it.
If you think you can't buy it here, just look for something else that makes sense.Or just give up.

Whether it is attractive and worth paying the allowance for the condition,
be!You can pay if you think, no!If you think that, you should go find the next attractive woman.


A certain member said.

The male side has the right to decide on the first offer (offer), the next one has the right to decide on the female side (presentation of allowance conditions), the male side accepts the conditions, and then the next The man has the right to decide whether to continue or not under those conditions.

In this way, there are situations where men and women alternately make decisions, and only by caring so that they will not be hated, that they will be pleased, and that they will continue, can we build a good long-term relationship. Isn't it?surely.perhaps.I think there are many other things.

The conditions are too high and impossible!I often get feedback that

  • It is true that there are other men who find women attractive enough to make that condition.
  • Under those conditions, it is an amount that you can think of as being okay even if you are an adult.
  • Conversely, the amount of money you think is tough if you don't pay that amount
  • I just read it on the internet!And there are also women who are unable to show their behavior and attractiveness to men.


I think that presenting that amount of money contains various intentions, speculations, and feelings of women.


If you leave the conditions to the other party, you can't do that condition, right?Isn't it a bit different to put a complaint in?I think.I honestly feel that the feedback is not very gentlemanly.


If you have your own criteria, please provide them.
Even though there is a standard for men, I asked a woman without saying it and she said more than that, huh?Impossible, right?After all, it is different,

Of course, women also need to practice how to make their partner like them in order to get that condition.
Under those conditions, I think it's a very happy thing for the staff to be able to agree on what kind of future awaits them, and to start a good relationship with a good sense of distance without overdoing it on each other. increase.


Personally, if I meet a woman who doesn't meet my conditions...

Let's go next!Let's find out!

So, thank you.
It's been 10 years since I worked in this industry, but it's been an eternal challenge since the first year.
Money sense is difficult no matter how many years it is.

I don't know, I don't hear, I don't leave
As such, information may come in as feedback.

Of course, there are a lot of them!There are also things,
Sometimes there is too much difference between what the member wants.

If you can match without mismatches as much as possible,
This is also a daily challenge.It would be great if the staff could provide solid support in areas other than the human-like parts of automation, but this is the strongest challenge.


I also want to adjust the member's settings, I want to make suggestions and emails,
I would like the member in charge to also wear it... I think while doing different work every day.I miss you


In the end
A sense of money is a difficult and eternal task in all ages
That's all I could understand.People who thought that it was that even though I wrote this long.


rest assured,
I think so first.

How long did it take you to write this article!


How male members are actually negotiating allowances,
What kind of feelings do female members have toward male members?
Judging from the data, what kind of male image will I want to see again for the second time!Do you want women to think that
I wanted to write something, but I can't write here anymore.The number of characters (or rather, my energy...) is hard to read.


I will write about it soon.
I will definitely write about letter dates.
I promise, by the end of the yearAbsolutely write!(Oseee!)


Thank you for reading this long post.
Thank you very much.


See you soon.
Hot days continue, butI'll do my best.Stay hydrated!Salt supply!Eat well, sleep well!So please get through the summer and enjoy what seems like a long but short summer.


ーーOnly in this summer, there will surely be encounters that can only be found here...


Say it.



Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

4 Replies to “Thinking about the discrepancies between male members, staff and the company regarding money sense”

  1. It was an interesting article.I've been wondering about it for a long time, but the "monthly support target amount" is written on the woman's profile.Specifically, there is a big gap between a woman who has a rough estimate of "how many people I need to have this kind of relationship per week" and a woman who simply says the necessary amount of money, even if the number is the same.If you can read the difference in perception from the profile, it seems that there will be more meaningful encounters for both men and women.

    1. Yoshio

      Thank you for your comment!
      It's hot again today, but are you feeling better?

      Thank you for your interest.As you said, "Monthly support amount target" is also a troublesome question that can be interpreted differently by women.

      This question was asked during the interview, "Do you have a monthly support target amount?" I am asking straight.

      When I was interviewing, I felt that most of the women answered, "Nothing in particular."Of course, there are women who have strong goals, but most of them are above.

      Then I can't leave the information, so add
      ``Then, how long after a month will I be able to spend (for the things that are the motives for registering) and be able to buy whatever I want? I was trying to hear.

      How many people and how many times a week do you have an image of that amount?Unfortunately, it is currently difficult to ask such questions because the desired conditions for each time are calculated from the desired amount of support.

      Of course, I think there are women who do calculations in their heads and come up with numbers,
      Eh~ How much~ 10 or 15?30!Some women answer that, so it's difficult to dig deep and imagine from that part.

      As Mr. Tadayoshi-san said, I think that there is something that can be seen from the sense of conversation with the staff, whether it is a request that seems to have a specific goal or a hope that is soft and vague. If we can get rid of the mismatch...!I personally feel.

      Unfortunately, I can't promise that all staff will be able to do it, but I would like to share Yoshio's words with the department in charge!
      Thank you for your feedback, thank you!

  2. It was a long post, but I could feel that there were people complaining about this kind of thing.
    Sometimes I'm asked, "What conditions did you have with the person you were dating before?" I want it.”
    Apart from those who are full-time here, if you are a regular full-time woman, if you earn 10 to 20 plus per month, you can go to beauty salons, buy nice clothes and bags, and live a little better life. Thinking about it, I try not to offer too much to people who have goals beyond that.
    I myself don't spend an average of 30 a month for my hobbies, apart from expenses such as dinner expenses and entertainment expenses, so I'm not so interested in people who seem to be more sensitive to money than I am.
    It's different if you have a clear goal of opening a business, but it seems that there are many people with loose goals.
    Well, there are many girls who change the amount depending on the partner, so it's an eternal problem.

    Ah, so that this person would want to meet only one person, I'm making efforts as a man, such as choosing a shop, smooth conversation, and how to maintain a sense of distance.

    1. Mr. Matsumoto

      Thank you for your long comment!

      Disparate stories from the scene are very helpful.
      Personally, I wonder if the woman who says about 5 is only a meal?(Of course, there are many people who do not have an image), but 30 is not realistic. I can't.

      However, I think that even Mr. Matsumoto, who is likely to be popular (expected), would be happy to receive such care and attention from women!I am always grateful for your help

      PS: Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the icon!We are looking forward to your comments!

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