What, PATOLO is trash

Oikora Soko ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Swearing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



... and that's what I mean ❣
This is Yuna Seki, a former Universe Club staff member and current PATOLO supporter.


Let's get straight to the point.
PATOLO has been released❣


Log in hard and


send bubbly messages,


Are you dating well?





・・・Are you doing ❣❣💦💦

and it's better to saymost ofWith that,

I've heard rumors about that...



Moshimo, Moshimo, Universe Club users


What is PATOLO?I don't know...


If there are people who say






PR me,


Maybe it's a PR (work) negligence


Are you angry?

I'm scared.


Being scolded is the worst, and giving up is even worse.



Please let me explain about PATOLO once more 🥺✨

Have you ever experienced something like this...?

    • I use universes and apps,
      somehowOther clubsconcern


    • Women who are registered with other clubsconcern

    • If anything, I'm ♣It is not possible to view higher classes systematically.Tooth

      I don't plan to upgrade just for that reason now

      For those who want to meet this personsetting fee,
      only for the woman
      can i payI'm thinking



I think it's a gold dot to keep it at the top just for viewing,

I'll use it when I'm here
I think there are some people.


For such people, at such times, at such moments, we recommend

A platform called PATOLO

(Another tool for meeting hot women you want to try)and



To be honest, I'm not saying you should use it regularly.,


I would like to recommend this browser app as a spot use,


Pa~~~~to~~~b~~~~~! ! ! !

(Because of the heat wave, please read at the tempo of Huh~~Mush)



Such you.










・Can be viewed regardless of all classes (in Universe Club)

・It is possible to privately send a chat to "the person"

・The setting (called a session in PATOLO) can be completed without the intervention of staff, but
Interviews are conducted by staff, so you don't have to worry about photos or ridicule.



Real gold men (at UC) are better now

For platinum and black women who really want to meet
After making an inquiry by message etc. on PATOLO,

I can make an offer...



There is also a way to use...


(* *Don't do it because you don't like me if you don't make an offer after just messing around with messages.)




As you can see, the system is not perfect.largest neck.

From time to time, or from the beginning, send me your ID and password

"There is no registration, please set again"begins with the notation

I don't know if the message was sent
I thought I was getting too many messages...


in trouble
Susumu no ~~♪



I think.

I am very sorry,

We apologize for the inconvenience.
I'm sorry,


In front of the epoch-making and recommended release, look at how it is not familiar with your hands
We are also full of heartbreak 😢


We are always checking so that we can improve it as soon as possible.


brought up immediately,

Under the leadership of Aso, all staff involvedHihiwhile saying
We are checking and taking measures every day...!



Rather than promoting PATOLO now,

make the system easier to use


There is a good app, and it seems to be easy to use
It seems that the women inside are interviewed at the club,



It seems to spread naturally by word of mouth


I will try to make it a specification (system).


So I would appreciate it if you could continue to watch over me for a certain period of time.


👇 Click here for official Twitter for bugs, inquiries, and current status reports
We will keep you updated as we improve.

If you'd like
I would be happy if you could observe it.

In addition, we have asked those who went on a date to fill out a questionnaire.
We are trying to share and improve the contents every time below.


For example, a voice from a woman



Voices from men

Was it actually easy to use like this, was it difficult, what should I do?

From harsh comments to kind words.



I would like to hear more direct voices...





Impressions of actually using PATOLO,

Also, if you actually met, impressions of the date,

How about this?

Please let me recruit real voices such as what you thought like this ❣



Phone, online, or offline if you prefer

No problem!


In addition,



Only on 8/10 (Thursday) at Universe Lounge in Tokyo

I'm doing an infiltration PJ (I just want to experience PJ personally)



Guess which one is involved, and actually on the spotPJ SEKITo (like a DJ)

We would appreciate it if you could ask about PATOLO.

(It's honestly a bet that I have the latest information and a solid grasp)


👇 I would appreciate it if you could follow me on the following trash (if you are hesitant to follow this account).


pj-chan who is reading this blog


You can participate together,

I miss you waiting

I want to meet girlsWho say


We are looking forward to hearing from you.




(For men and women lounge members who want to try using PATOLO and tell them directly, and who don't know where to put their feelings, please come by ✨)




It's been a long time,

It's the heat.

Members and staff, please cool down your body and head and take care of yourself.


Yuna Seki

Author of this article

I like love, but recently I have lost my libido and my only purpose in life is to feed my two cats.Her favorite words are "It's nice~Nice~☆It's naked~★". talk to this staff

One Reply to “What is PATOLO?”

  1. No matter how you look at it, there are quite a few photos of women in other dating clubs posted on PATOLO that have been processed, and after all, I don't have the courage to offer them to women other than the women in the Universe club.The credibility of the unprocessed Universe Club has been highlighted once again, and in a sense I even feel that it is a good publicity for the Universe Club.

    1. >> loser
      It's been a long time. I am reading while thinking! (*^^*)

      No matter how you look at it ← I laughed
      No matter how you look at it, the level of photos that can be understood as processed is no longer reverse branding.As for member stores other than Universe, women from vip Nagoya and Elenas seem to have a good reputation.Please contact us after checking the affiliated store once ✨ Comments are welcome!Thank you ✨

  2. I often watch PATOLO, but I haven't received an offer.
    The main reason I care about the evaluation is lol
    Looking at the rating and word-of-mouth history of PATOLO, it is quite spicy.
    I couldn't see it when I was in the universe club, but I hesitate when I think that if I go on a date, it will be written like this.
    Every time I tried to make a new offer, I was telling you to give me feedback, but I wonder if I'll be written like this...
    You might say that it's okay to go on dates that aren't written, but there's also compatibility...
    So I haven't been able to get an offer.
    If you were in the Universe club, you should already be a XNUMX star, right?So, is it okay to say that I don't care about the evaluation even if I make a new offer?
    At the very least, I think it would be nice to have a soft feeling like the universe club, where if the questionnaire evaluation is -XNUMX, it will be XNUMX stars.

    Also, if you are a gold member of the universe club, you can understand the merit of being able to offer black women.
    However, if you're going to offer platinum women, is it a mistaken perception that it's better to become a platinum member yourself?

    PATOLO is also paying attention.
    Mr. Seki was paying attention to the Hakata branch.
    Please do your best to make the app even better!

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