Lounge Sponsored Event Report Vol.3

We become indebted to.


This is Mineeri from Universe Lounge.
The post-event report blog title has not been decided and we are trying various titles!


Well, this time it was held on 8/5"We can only meet in the lounge"We would like to inform you about the event.


Male members of the Universe club x Female lounge members who are not in the Universe club


It was an event where you can talk with women who can only meet in the lounge and experience the lounge.


First, let me tell you about our results.


9 women
8 men

4 pairs established


I felt that this event was less successful.
It was all pretty beautiful women, but I wonder why. .


I'm not particularly pushing for the establishment, but as long as I hold an event like this
The desire to be established is something that comes out 💦


There were several people who said, "I just came here to see what's going on this time."

However, I had two interviews during the event and was admitted to the lounge.


As a staff member, I want you to talk to women a lot.
Halfway through, I got excited talking with the man at the counter (laughs)
The business card handing out aunt has been activated again 💦

I don't think there are many people who want to talk to the staff.
The lounge is a year-round concierge service.
Please tell me any story!Mine nominations will be gladly accepted!



Aside from that, the event will continue to be held once a month.
Please note that event information will be sent by email, so please be aware that it will not be sent to those who do not wish to receive emails.


There are women who don't usually come to the store, but only participate in events (laughs).

I would be interested in an event like this!and impressions of participating in the event
If you have any questions, we are waiting for your comments!


I used to think that blogs were only read by men, but I've heard that women are also reading this blog, so if you have any plans for events that women would like to participate in, please let me know in the comments!
(Only handsome guys with an annual income of 5000 million or more, please don't be tall and handsome!)



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