[Caution] Request for contacting male members who are late!

Thank you all for everything!
Promotion of use of sales promotion unit TeratsujiIt is.

It is hot today!

Are you okay with heat stroke?
Stay hydrated!Salt supply!Please be careful.


Well, today isRequest for contacting male members about being late for a dateThere is.


I can't make it in time for my date!I'm late!
I think there are cases like this for both men and women.


didn't finish work
there was some kind of trouble


If a female member contacts us that she will be late, we will do our best to inform the male member as soon as possible, but there are still cases where we cause inconvenience.
There are times when we barely get in touch with you,
A woman may call you late directly.
I'm sorry.


After confirming the day before the date, we inform women at the time of the interview or by pressing the emergency contact button on the day of the date.


In fact, there are many cases where the club is not aware of the lateness of male members.


Most of the members came on time and we are always grateful.
Recently hereMale members are often late, and we are receiving more reports from women on the next day after dating..


A woman calls to arrive and there
It seems that there are many people who say, "Oh, I'm a little late, so please wait."
After all, women also prepare for the meeting time and go not to be late, so there are some women who feel less excited about the date at that point.


Also, the meeting place is not only in cool places, but also in places where it is quite hot.


This heat can be life-threatening,
Even if it is not, there is a possibility that the date will not be a good encounter.
Even though I put on beautiful makeup and styled my hair, I feel sticky with sweat and want to go home.


too good to waste…
First impressions and consideration for each other are really important.


thereI would appreciate it if you could let the club know as soon as possible about the lateness of the male member.


The club will explain the situation to the woman and ask her to wait in a cool place.
(Of course, please leave the nice pass that the man said so!)

Not only in summer but all year round, work, traffic jams, train delays, sudden illness, forgetting to lock,
I think it's difficult to prevent 100% from being late.


But in caseThe feeling of consideration for the other party changes the impression from the other party after that and the success rate of the dateI think!


I contacted the club when we met, so it was fine, not because I had no choice,
I think it would be even better if you could respond properly and sincerely.

*Evidence: Based on feedback from both men and women

Both male and female members are kindly requested to report to the club if there is a malicious tardiness of the other party.



As you can see in the picture above, we will send you a phone number to contact each branch on the day before the date.


If you have any questions, please contact Teratsuji in this comment section or contact the staff at the branch in charge.


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for always using Universe Club!Thank you very much!



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4 Reply to “[Attention] Request for notification of lateness for male members!”

  1. I'm Nana Ayase♡
    The man I am currently dating is also a habitual latecomer.If you're late, you'll feel like you're not being taken care of.Recently, I've been swayed and it's been hard to get along, so I thought it would be nice to meet new people again.

    1. Nana

      Thank you for your comment ^^
      That's right ... Of course there are cases where it can't be helped, but if it becomes a habit, there are things that you think about.
      Please find someone you can hang out with without any stress!

  2. We become indebted to.

    I also have people who were late for the first time and faded out.
    When I go to work, I don't think I'm usually late, so I'm going to judge that those who are late are always low priority.
    I think it's okay for male members to have a negative penalty for late arrivals and no-cancellations.

    1. Mr. Imai

      Thank you for your comment!
      Was that so? It was a long-awaited offer, but I'm sorry...
      Sure, you might feel that way, and it doesn't look good on both sides, does it?
      I hope that the staff will tell you again when you join so that you don't lose the opportunity to meet you!

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