[Rule change for the worse] Feeling deprived of the most rewarding thing

There's no rule against writing a blog unless you're in charge of it.

Thank you all for everything.This is Teratsuji.
I used to work at the Nagoya branch, and now I look at female member profiles.

As you know, Universe Club is veryTerribleAn innovative company.

Bringing in new things,
Various things will change one after another.
It was suddenly decided at a meeting of the upper management, and suddenly it was known to the staff, starting today!And it will be applied haste, so we general employees can not do anything.

It was like this until yesterday, but now!This is how it is from this moment.and.

I think that many members are confused by the repeated rule changes and specification changes.

In my heartSuperI'm sorry.

But it can't be helped, because that's what the Universe Club is.
I would like to believe that there are more than a few good systems for members, not just bad things.


And April (suddenly)
It's time to organize.

I returned from maternity leave at the end of April last year.Work related to female profiles with TakeuchiI was doing

As some of you may have noticed,
Is it okay for me to take over from the staff and create a comment to introduce a female member on behalf of me?It was a fun business as I thought.

I was mainly just messing around with Ojo.
(Because Oshiro asks you to mess around with him.)

I thought about blogging about this comment delegation a while back, but gave up.It's because it's getting annoying.

I am sorry that the male members cooperated with the questionnaire.
Thank you very much for your many responses.
It was a great reference.

I think there were pros and cons, but thank you for watching over me warmly.
I'm sure there were a lot of people who didn't like the comment delegation.
I'm very sorry for messing up your eyes.

However, the comment proxy ended at the end of February.

Reason: Tired of getting tired

I would like to say that this April's organizational reorganization will affect Shiteratsuji as well.

Organizational structure of our company, from this year?Is it?I don't know, but I don't know why the draft system is a new initiative.

That's right, that professional baseball, it's like the first nomination.

About a month ago, it was announced that the upper management would be decided by nomination, the chief would be decided, and the staff under him would be decided.

Considering my living environment, I decided to stay at home.
I told him over and over again that I wanted to stay home.

The first consideration is this, whether you can come to the office or want to stay at home.I heard that, so I put it out with a request to stay at home.

It's important, so I'll say it again

I told him many times that I wanted to stay at home.

When I open the lid
Worked at the Nagoya office
There is Teratsuji's name in the column.

Why are you here even though I want to stay at home?

I've heard that most hopes come true.

Certainly there was a consultation beforehand, but
I don't remember ever shaking my head when I came to work.

But it can't be helped.I'm a salaried employee.

picture?Then quit?

I couldn't find a way other than obeying the illusion that I felt a silent pressure.
I heard that there is no right of veto.I wonder if it's black?

It's funny.

By the way, aren't professional baseball draft meetings broadcast live?
I was hoping for that.
It was only known in the general chat, so next year (if the draft system is still in effect), I'd love for you to read my name live.


In that regardNo more interviews, interviews from now on!Teratsuji, who boasted,
I will return to Nagoya in April and have interviews and interviews.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

I'm sorry to say that it's just an internal story, but...

It seems that I was able to do personal results,
For each existing male member, please introduce two friends.
Teratsuji, please start looking for a few people now.
It's kind of a return celebration.

By the way, recently, I personally announced the number 1 worse rule in the company.
Of course, I'll omit the fact that people who wish to stay at home have come to the office because they're inducted into the Hall of Fame, but the comments about female introductions have been standardized by itemizing them.

It's not a big deal to change other company rules, personally.

Roughly speaking, it was like unifying the quality of comments nationwide, but I feel like I've been robbed of the most rewarding thing in interviewing women.

I'm sure there are many people who say it's easier to see if it's itemized, but is it unified even though it's said that women's producers will do their best?picture?I can't quite swallow it, but I have no choice but to obey.Because I am a salaryman.

However, for male members who think that it is easier to understand and read if it is organized by item, it will be an improved rule.

I wonder if long-time members have this kind of feeling on a regular basis.
It makes me feel like I should continue or not.

I say again,
I am very sorry from the bottom of my heart.

But it can't be helped, the Universe Club is like that.


However, about a year after returning from maternity leave, I learned a lot by coming into contact with many female member profiles of many staff members.

I'm going to steal the good parts and brush up on the parts that I think should be done a little more, and I'm going to do what Teratsuji can do right now from April.

I have to do my best so that I won't be told that I'm just talking about him, so I'm sure no one is thinking about it, but I feel the pressure.It's a disease that I don't want to go to anymore.do not want to. There are only 4 days left until April... what should I do?I refuse.

or something like that Then quit?
I'm afraid I'll be told (Is it black?)

I think that male members also have things to think about every day, so if you don't mind, I would like to ask you.I can use your service.

*Please follow the rule that if you hear one complaint, please introduce one friend.

※※teeth?What is that rule change?I don't know, something like that.


Greetings again,
Thank you very much for your kind support of Shiteratsuji.


What I hate most
than life now

I have to get up early for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.


By the way, we talked aboutCompany currency UniPay but
After steadily accumulating, it became about 90 UniPay.

[Internal communication]
Please send 1 UniPay each to all staff members who have used the comment proxy even once.

Author of this article

A concierge who can go to the meeting (let me go to the meeting) to deliver a real voice

1 Replies to “[Rule Change] Feeling deprived of the most rewarding thing”

    1. Anonymous

      I am very sorry that I made you feel uncomfortable even though you came to see Teratsuji's blog early in the morning! I got offended at the start of the day.

      I was prepared to be relegated because I thought I was being scolded by the upper management of the company, but it didn't seem to be the case!
      The atmosphere in the company where you can get more and more internal disputes, and the knobs for internal disputes!There were a lot of people who loved it somehow, so I'm sorry that I generously put it out!
      In the future, there is a possibility that I will continue to send you unpleasant articles, so I really want you to read all the articles, but please skip the Teratsuji article and enjoy other meaningful staff blogs. I would be happy if you could!

  1. I am always indebted to you m(*_ _)m
    It's a good time of year, isn't it? Even so, when the mornings come so early, it's hard in winter... I'm thinking about quitting my current job. The salary is good, so I can't do activities in the universe at this rate, so I'm worried.

    1. Ayase Nana♡

      Thank you very much, I always enjoy seeing your answers in the question box!Thank you ^^

      Every company is like that at the end of the fiscal year, and it certainly wasn't just us!
      It's enough if you can sympathize with the precious time in the morning lol
      Nana, it's cool to be a manager, but I don't understand the meaning of 365 days.
      Please take care of your health and do your best at work (or Teratsuji doesn't have to tell you... I think... lol)
      We are looking forward to the day when our club will be active again ^ ^

  2. Mr. Teratsuji
    Well, I'm sure you're the only one who can say something like this, so it's fine.However, I was also disappointed that even Mr. Teratsuji would notice the rule change for the worse after all this time.Well, it's something that no one knows unless it's up to us.But what Universe does is basically standardization, so it's good to lose individuality, so there's no need for unique staff like Mr. Teratsuji or selfish customers like me. As sat1, I'm paying the annual fee because I'm going to see a girl's album.Such meek members are by no means good customers, but rather members who want customers who make useful complaints for standardization.As for whether Mr. Teratsuji can change things in a better direction after becoming a leader, I think it would be quite difficult if he were in that position.The company is no longer big enough for Mr. Teratsuji to work comfortably.Please consider compromising to some extent and using the company.

    1. sat1

      If there is no comment from sat1, it will not be in good condition!lol Thank you.

      Well, I may have thought somewhere that I had nothing to do with what I said, sorry.I'm reflecting on it!
      You don't need me or sat1 lol
      It's very sad, but it's a good idea to compromise to some extent and use the company.I would like to keep using it.I would like to attack the last line so that I can't get demoted.

  3. I am a questionnaire responder.

    For those who were not dissatisfied, the sudden change feels like a system change.
    When I switched from the branch system to the CS system, the staff who dealt with me suddenly changed.
    Even if I emailed the previous staff member, she replied clearly and honestly, saying that this woman is a minefield and should be avoided.That's why there are places where recommendations can be trusted.However, the current staff members only reply innocuous responses, so I feel that there is no point in asking more questions, and I am less likely to ask them via email.

    By the way, I joined the Nagoya branch three years ago, but since the offers are about half in Nagoya and half in the Kanto region, I transferred to the Omiya branch during the big branch move plan.
    Due to the spread of COVID-XNUMX, the number of offers in Nagoya has increased, so I thought about returning to Nagoya with the CS system as a trigger, but they responded by changing only the branch name to Nagoya.
    But when I updated it recently, it changed to the Omiya branch again...
    It's troublesome and I won't say it anymore, but I can't get any information about recommended women in Nagoya, only from Kanto women.

    But I really appreciate the club.I'm currently in a stable relationship with a woman I've been dating, but when I make a new offer, I rely on Mr. Teratsuji's female profile comments.If there is a good new woman in Nagoya, I would like you to tell me secretly lol
    I look forward to working with you.

    1. Mr. Dai

      Thank you for always answering the question box!Comment I am very happy.
      And three years ago, Teratsuji also made a huge face at the acclaimed Nagoya branch, which brings back embarrassing memories lol

      As I studied earlier (it's late, isn't it?) it's true that under the current system, only the display at the top changes, but the staff in charge and the original branch remain the same.
      It's kind of difficult, and I have a messed up feeling.

      I could only feel dissatisfaction from the comments, but I felt a little relieved when I saw that you were building a wonderful relationship with a woman.

      It's true that there may not be many staff who can trust their recommendations, but let's become staff who can trust their recommendations with Dai-sama's words!And it seems stronger than before.thank you.

      From April, there may be a slight change in the staff in charge due to the organizational restructuring, but I hope that I will be able to meet a friendly staff member who is compatible with me.

      I feel a little more pressure, but I will do my best to have a wonderful encounter, so please continue to support me in the future!

  4. I understand the feelings of Mr. Teratsuji and Mr. Takita, who have been with us for a long time.
    Both the introduction of IT to improve work efficiency and the enhancement of services that touch people's feelings are important.
    Motivating staff is also important.
    I look forward to working with you at the Nagoya branch.

    1. Mr. Matsuei

      Thank you for your comment, sorry for the late reply.
      I took a long break due to various reasons (please understand)
      Thank you very much, Mr. Matsuei. A service that touches the heart with IT.
      No matter how much IT advances, I once again felt that I would like to continue to provide services that touch the hearts of our members as long as there are members.
      I will do my best to be active again in Nagoya!

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