In order to enjoy club activities, should we discuss our experiences at a secret meeting?

Ladies and gentlemen, isn't it hot?
Promotion of use of sales promotion unit TeratsujiIt is.


I am always grateful for your help.
Thank you for choosing my blog post.

To be honest, I want to write a blog, but a comment on my blog a little while ago gave people all over the country an image of him as a salary thief with a bad work attitude.

After that, I wondered if I would be thought of as a lazy guy even in the company, and I would go to work every day and post a blog first, or if I would retire from the Universe Club first... Well, yes


However, yesterday, about the day before yesterday, my boss, Sakurai, suddenly

"Recently my blog hasn't been updated so it's boring"

You said.


Oh no, this is going to affect my bonus assessment...I feel a crisis and I'm typing on the keyboard.
It's a story that blogging came before retirement.

(When I checked, it wasn't that they were telling me, but that they were updating the national staff, but there is also pressure on me, right?)


Is it because my department is different?"U tip"I can't get it.
Why is the number of Utips acquired related to the bonus assessment?
"I want to send it to Mr. Teratsuji, but you don't have a name."

That's what you said, right?
Is that a dream?


So if there is nothing to leave as a number, there is no choice but to remain in memory.
If I don't leave a mark on what I'm doing, my bonus will be dangerous.
Furthermore, the reorganization of the next fiscal year is even more dangerous.

And so I hit the keyboard.

Thank you everyone for sending us so many Utips every day.
(I would like to write something about Utip later)

Utip's report for June can be found on this blog


I have a lot of things I want to write, and I have a lot of drafts secretly accumulating, but I sometimes get a little satisfied with the drafts I create.I've known for a long time that it's no good if I don't prohibit drafts.

And since I'm the type to live by embracing my past self, I sometimes reread my blogs that I wrote in the past.

I wonder what I was writing about, how I felt when I was doing this work.
I don't mean to write big things all the time,
About five years ago, I found an article about a face-to-face off-line meeting or round-table discussion with several male members.

Infiltrate secret club meeting

I feel nostalgic
Some of the people who participated at that time have already withdrawn, others are still continuing, there are no staff members at the time, they have been promoted, and they are still here.


I want to do it again.


In fact, there are many male members who are working alone in this secret garden, and sometimes I hear that they would like to have such an opportunity, such as being friends with whom they can talk about secrets.



will you do it?


But I live in Nagoya, so why don't we stop by Nagoya?


Boss Sakurai "Do it online? 』


I'm pretty excited.
You have that hand, right now.
There is an online discussion meeting.

・For male members nationwide
・ The number of participants is limited, so it will probably be a lottery.
·picture?It would be sad if there were 0 people who wanted to participate
No, I'm sure you'll be fine!
・Do you want to sort by region and occupation so that you do not know each other?
・I'm still a little undecided
・One hour is definitely not enough, so a two-hour frame is probably necessary.


Although it was only talked about at the chat level, I would like to seriously propose it to my boss.
By the way, I will actually do it!Is there anyone who would like to participate?

The voice of the raw members is still very valuable, and it's all about studying.
So that it's not just fun, I'd like to prepare questions and invite participants who would like to talk about certain themes to make it meaningful.


I will ask my boss.


If you feel that there is no follow-up report on this topic, I would appreciate it if you could guess that it was like that at that time lol


If you decide to hold an online discussion, of course I will participate, but if I yawn at that time, please tell me on the spot.
If you are not the one who teaches you, you cannot participate in the round-table discussion, so that is the minimum requirement.


By the way, when I went back through past blogs, I still found an article about the most disgusting event in the history of the Teratsuji Universe, which made me feel depressed.
It was a story that comes back vividly from my memory even after many years have passed.


please pray for Buddhahood
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2 Reply to “In order to enjoy club activities, should we discuss our experiences at a secret meeting?”

  1. Sounds interesting, online discussion meeting.It's interesting to listen to someone's story in a one-way street, but if you can do something like this in a closed environment with several to dozens of people, it certainly seems like there will be a lot of discoveries.

  2. Mr. Matsumoto

    Thank you for your comment!
    These reading materials and question boxes are one-way tools to obtain information, but it's also interesting to have a place where you can exchange opinions!

    What happened to the previous round-table discussion?Or how do you feel all the time?And it was over 2 hours in no time lol
    As the facilitator, what if the story didn't continue?

    If you are able to hold it, please consider participating ♪

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