The quality has gone down recently..

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Universe Club Nagoya branch staffShoma MoriuchiIt is.

"quality” went down.
Actually, I feel like I've been listening to this almost every day since I joined the company.

Men may think so.
Please feel free to contact us
"There aren't any good kids these days~"
"There are more beautiful girls at other branches"
And so on.

It may be true if you say so.
However, when I was originally in Osaka, I felt that the women at the Nagoya branch were prettier.
Now I feel that the women at the Osaka branch are prettier.
In short, I feel like "the grass on the other side is green".

It is convenient therePATOLO.
If you belong to other dating clubs, if you are a universe club, there is a possibility that platinum / black class women can date at an exceptional price (universe comparison) ♪

To be honest, I am very aware that there are many problems.
(If I write this, someone may delete it)
But once you get used to it, it's definitely convenient, and we're improving it every day, so please look forward to it! ! !

Let's go back to "quality".
One of the things we often hear from men is about their content and personality.
As shown below, there are also cases that seem to be common sense.
-significant tardiness
(except for unavoidable reasons)

-Cancel after decision
Men are making plans in between busy times.
I'm so sorry.Please let me know as soon as you know.

-Date Tobi
*Block everything on the day and run away
This is not what humans do.

-I don't even thank you
It's impossible not to say thank you after the date.
"Huh? Is there such a person?!"
Believe it or not, they really are.

The man is a gentleman and kind, so please forgive me.
It's usually dangerous...

But even from women
Did you know that there is a voice saying "Men's quality has gone down"?
No, I don't think so at all...

So what kind of voice do you have?Shibakuso?
I think there are some people who think so.

・There was no feeling of cleanliness
・I was arrogant to the store clerk
・Relentlessly touched my body
・Detained for a long time
・It was a line of sight from above
・The treatment was stingy, etc..

I've never heard of it, so it may be a delusion.
It is extremely rare to see it in questionnaires,
"Maybe I'm being told that?"
"I want to fix that"
If there is such a person, please listen secretly to Moriuchi 😊

However, the problem is "the quality of staff is declining".
There is also a voice.
This is something we really don't appreciate, and as a concierge, we have to improve.

Thinking about why we are intervening and helping everyone meet,
I will do my best to respond with sincerity.

Of course, being human, I make mistakes.
If you have any dissatisfaction, please let us know.
If it improves the quality of the staff, I feel that it is a win-win for both parties.

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