The worst story I ever dealt with

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This is Teratsuji from Universe Nagoya.


The transportation cost campaign in western Japan is very popular in Nagoya,
Thank you for using.

Nagoya branch is actually a campaign rush from the beginning of the year,
I'm happy to have the best sales ever.thank you!


I don't understand why the sales target has increased so much,
I would like to continue to do my best.


Now,The date cancellation incident blog I wrote last time,
It was well received.


Teratsuji I thought it would be a good blog to look back on memories,
TodayThe story of the most disgusting event I dealt with in the pastI don't want to


Nowadays, the number of people in the branch has increased, and it is no longer necessary to bring a business mobile phone home on holidays, but for a few years after joining the company, there were only one or two staff members, and it was natural to bring a business mobile phone home every day. ,

Pick up the phone with one call!
In particular, answer unknown calls as if you were dying!
Get out anytime!
Please return the email as soon as possible!
If there is a cancellation even on a holiday, please respond!
Don't refuse an interview!
Take it even at 23:XNUMX!


black... noIs it a pitch-black company?I spent 356 days being chased as much as I thought.


As a remnant of that, I still check my email on my days off, after I get home, and before I go to work.

I really hate human habits.


Leaving that aside,


on a certain holiday,
Unfortunately, even though I had a day off that day, I had to take my work cell phone home with my partner (another staff member).


The incident happened while she was enjoying dinner with her then-boyfriend and his friends.


Pick up the phone with one call!In particular, answer unknown calls as if you were dying!Get out anytime!


Because I was attached to the body,
Even on a day off, the phone rang in the middle of the party with "No notification", so I responded "Thank you for calling!"


Almost all of the people who called us toll-free without notification were inquiries about joining, so I can't miss it.


"I'm considering joining."

"thank you!"


And I'm listening to you,
You said you want to join, but you don't want to show your ID.

Presenting your ID is a requirement for joining the Universe Club..


If you do not present it, we will refuse your admission.

"I don't want to show my ID!But I'm considering joining, are you ignoring such a customer! 』I was yelled at and said, "Hoho."is.

It's a rule, so I'll tell you,
They were arguing for 30 minutes.

I forgot to mention that the phone rang22:00It's too much.

Then, my response was a bit like that...
I've always been told that I'm a cheeky bastard and unsociable.

"You're impertinent!What is your attitude towards customers? 』I was yelled at.

that time,22:30It's too much.

I can't do it anymore, let's run away...
Decided to try again tomorrow...

I said, "I'm sorry, but we're talking about a parallel line, so would it be okay if I checked with my boss once and contact you again tomorrow?"


"Th-That's fine, tomorrow will be fine."


"No, that's not possible... I think my response was bad, and I would like to have my boss contact me again tomorrow to apologize, but could I get your phone number?"


"An apology is fine, a phone number is fine, I just want to join."


"Yes...but you need to show your ID..."


"That's why I don't like it, but I'll join you."


"I'm sorry, but I can't accept..."


"What is that way of talking to a customer?! 』


"I'm sorry, my boss will contact you tomorrow to apologize, so please give me your phone number..."


"That's why it's fine to be your boss, let me join you."


"No, I have an ID..."


``I don't know what to do! 』


"I will check with my boss tomorrow, and I will contact you, so please give me your phone number..."


"What's your phone number?"


"So how..."


"What is the way you speak! 』


"I'm sorry…"

I couldn't hang up the phone, my boss wouldn't even apologize, and I couldn't even give him my phone number.

I think we had about 10 exchanges like this.
Not served.

the time is22:50.


Chapter XNUMX starts here (Is it still going on?)

Things change a little from there.



I'm sorry

"Are you really remorseful? 』

Next, huh?I thought,

"Yeah, I'm sorry..."


"It's okay if you understand, I'm not being mean to you either."




"Why are you making a fool of yourself?Do you think it's embarrassing to call such a person at such a time? 』


again eh?becomes,


"No... that kind of thing..."


"Really?don't you really think 』


"Yes, I don't think so."


"Really? 』




``You think I'm an idiot for being told this by a young lady at this hour, right? 』


"No, I don't think so."


"Really? 』




I think this kind of exchange continued about 10 times after that.
Not served.


Then, from a certain point, the reaction will be interrupted in the middle of the conversation














『…………Huh, huh, huh, huh』








With the pleasure of defeating a cheeky little girl as a bait,
On a day like this, at a time like this, why am I allowed to help such a pervert with his sexual desires?I got sad and hung up the phone.


The time at this time is23: 20.


I will never answer anonymous calls outside of business hours again,
No matter what the company says, I promised myself that I would never show up.23:20English learning is necessary to prepare for life, learning and interaction with the global environment. <br> IT Skills (programming logic) is necessary to prepare for the needs of the future.<br> Financial literacy is necessary to prepare for creating, managing and being smart with time and wealth.<br>


Needless to say, I developed an anonymophobia for the time being.


After that, I will leave it to the male staff without notification,
It's a really bad memory.


I have heard that there are inquiries from perverts at other branches, but


Pervert, please refrain.


Well, I wrote it for a long time,
Today I thought to myself, "I'm still working at this company, even though I often get calls like this..." so here's a story.


Thank you for staying with us until the end.
If you have another chance, I will write a blog to look back on Teratsuji memories, so please read it.


Isn't there such a system story?If you have any hope, we are also waiting for your request.


Universe Club Nagoya Branch
Mayu Teratsuji

6 Replies to “The worst story I ever dealt with”

  1. Passerby X

    thank you for your comment.
    It was worth writing if you could feel even a little bit of shock.
    I'm going to praise my past self who went to work properly on this next day!

  2. Good work.I want to commend you for doing your best.I've heard that call centers get calls like this.I need a procedure to deal with it.

    The calls that come to my house are sales.I have the impression that calls to the company are complaints, and I'm not good at calling.But after reading the story, I wanted to try my best to get it in one call.thank you.

    1. Mr. Nonta

      Thank you for your comment!
      No, if it had been a different staff member, it might have been possible to solve it more smoothly at an earlier stage...
      This is a story about a mistake that I made as a cheeky person. .
      By the way, there are many things that are not very good with one call lol

  3. A long time ago, I remember thinking that Mr. Teratsuji was a very interesting person when I interviewed him.
    It was thanks to Mr. Teratsuji who generously encouraged a country girl who had just come to Nagoya, and that I, who had never had a boyfriend, was able to peel off my skin.
    It may be out of place, but I commented to express my gratitude.
    I would be happy if I could talk to you again on some occasion.

    1. country girl

      Thank you for your comment!
      Thank you for your kind words...
      I didn't do anything, it's a world that the country girl carved out for herself because she took the courage to come here (*^^*)
      Please feel free to visit our office anytime!

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