What is Universe Hospitality? "U tip" June report

Thank you for always using Universe Club.
This is Sakurai from the Usage Promotion Team, Sales Promotion Unit.


The other day, senior manager Tsuzuki announced New system "U tip"
I was worried about how much response I would get and whether I would be able to get off to a good start...
From a member in June 277 chips Thank you!

"Thank you for your kind response."
"Thank you for introducing me to this lovely lady."
"We are saved by the response with a sense of security."

The message sent to the designated staff member has been delivered!

 Staff who received a lot of tips in June
・Shibuya Branch Shun Teramoto
・Shinjuku Branch Tomokazu Akai
・Nagoya Branch Shoma Moriuchi
・Chiba Branch Kaede Kosaka
・ Natsuki Otsuka, Shinsaibashi Branch


One of the requests was "I want to send a tip to several staff members at once",
Since it counts 1 staff, 1 correspondence, and 1 tip, it is not currently used in that way.

They gave me a really good introduction, and they proceeded with the difficult settings very smartly.
Please send us a tip at such times, such as deciding on a super assist for a successful date.

Personally, I don't want you to send me a "thank you always" tip.
I'm the branch in charge, the staff in charge, so it's only natural to have them think like that!
Please don't let me think, "It's fine as it is now."Don't think
While saying that, if I were the coordinator, I would definitely want a tip, so I'm happy...
Please do something even if it's just a little.chips.please.


While receiving happy messages on Utip"Slow response" "Not hearty"
such a voice A lot Let's eat.A lot .
Getting a tip is not the goal, but we will do what we can as a sales promotion so that we can make it a matter of course to have a pleasant response, and to raise the level of the matter even further, so that you can feel the value of a dating club that is intervened by staff. I will continue.


▼ Review how to send chips
(XNUMX) Male member post-date questionnaire — Please fill in the designated answer column
②Male members Members site ——– Please fill out from the menu “U tip” at the bottom left of the page.
*We are making preparations so that female members can also use the service.


May-June Members who made time for Teratsuji and Sakurai to promote the use of
Thank you very much to all the members who give us their opinions on various functional improvements.
How far should I respond, how should I respond, and I don't have the correct answer, so sometimes I get stuck in a sigh, and before I know it, the rainy season is about to end.
While believing that things are progressing in a good direction, little by little, I am steadily working on various things, so I will write about them on my blog again.Sakurai

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6 Replies to “What is hospitality in Universe?" U tip "June Report"

  1. We become indebted to.I used utip immediately.

    Regarding the results of the aggregation, I think that if we judge by absolute numbers, the regions will inevitably be at a disadvantage. What do you think?
    In fact, the first results are 3 in Kanto, 1 in Osaka, and 1 in Nagoya.Since the number of members in local cities is small in the first place, the number of people who send utips is small, and even if the local staff do their best, I feel that the absolute numbers will not lead to results.The staff in the area where I live is also working hard, so I would appreciate it if you could consider a tallying method that would not be disadvantageous even in rural areas.
    Thanking you in advance.

    1. Mr. Imai

      Thank you for your comment!
      Certainly, with the current counting method, local branches with a small number of members will be at a disadvantage...
      Even if the size of the branch is small and the number of tips is small, I would like to evaluate the staff who have built a solid relationship with the members and received a significant tip.

      This time, we announced the "total number of acquisitions", but we will brush up the evaluation method by focusing not only on the number but also on the quality!

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