The only good thing about Kamata is CARNIVAL!

Exactly one year ago, I was excited that the interior construction of Universe Lounge would start.
The change is so drastic, and before I knew it, I'm now a Kamata citizen! !

Mamiya, who is highly conscious, likes to spend his time off at organic supermarkets in Omotesando, Ginza, and Azabujuban. .
My friends in Ota Ward don't want to be mistaken for Kamata. ?I am wandering around Kamata with no makeup and mamachari.


My job is a carnival dancer!I want to say that, but I can't dance, so I work in the office and sometimes in the kitchen of the store.
There is no carnival feeling at all, such as the management of hair and makeup, expense settlement, and administrative procedures, but there is a gorgeous "costume department" next to the room, and dancers come and go to do hair and makeup. It's a women's garden.

Rather than creating something new from scratch, the difficulty lies in rebuilding what has been built up once. .

The other day, Mr. Yoshida was muttering!This is the reason Yoshida-san is so lively...

Yoshida and I are the only former Universe employees, so I feel a little lonely, but I feel like I'm changing jobs every year, so I'm praying that the place where I'm placed will blossom... It's been 9 years and 2 months since I joined the company! !

I never thought I would go from the matching industry to the backstage of a show house!Thank you for the environment that allows me to challenge in a new land!
Get to know the other side of the gorgeous show house and have a new experienceまたI am enjoying it now.

Carnival itself has undergone a big change in the past month.
Rebranding will be done in May, and the website, rules, fee system, etc. will be completely changed!The uniforms of the staff are also cool, and the interior work is now being completed for November.

It's kind of like a club activity like a hot fighting Koshien.

It's really a shame that I'm there because of the difference in the amount of passion they have because they really love shows, so I'm looking for something I can do.

So I'm doing my best in Kamata, so I'd like to take this opportunity to share with the members of the Universe Club.CARNIVAL TOKYOI would like you to know and feel the reborn showtime with your skin.

It looks fun, but you need the courage to go!
How would you like to be with the Daddy girl you are dating now? ?
I think that PJ who is full of curiosity will knock it as a new date spot

I also cried when I first saw it and at the anniversary festival!It's a spectacular stage.

You will be drawn into the carnival world in an instant with a sense of intimacy and a homey atmosphere that you haven't had since your relative's aunt.

The rookie secretary who wants to see her boss stretching under her nose!
It invites businessmen to experience extraordinary experiences, such as when entertaining guests from overseas, encouraging subordinates who have not been feeling well lately, or when they want to calm down and make a fuss about a big project.

Even though it's so warm, you'll be so impressed at the end that you'll forget the time... This is Disneyland for adults! !

The other day, I invited a show dancer to Papa-katsu, but I'm targeting uncles who want to meet their favorites, so the type may be a little different.I felt the possibility.But it seems that it will be difficult because my dad will tell me to stop wearing a swimsuit in front of people.
Shirabe Mamiya says that even if he finds a girl he likes, the hurdles to becoming a lover seem to be high.


Finally, right nowSpecial discount campaign for Universe Club membersis! !
Free admission + free all-you-can-drink alcohol + 7 yen worth of coupons that can be used in the store until the end of July! !

I think it's thanks to the members that the universe group has been able to grow and the bonuses have been transferred safely, so I'll do my best to make drinks with my daily gratitude!

By the way, I can't make a highball thicker
I sometimes get annoyed when orders overlap, so let me tell you first.
My current goal is to be able to say that I leave the kitchen on Fridays to you.

In the past two months, the place and work system have changed, and I couldn't handle the changes. !It's full of feelings now and no one will worry (laughs)
Please switch to home just by becoming a rich contact this time last year! !It was like that, but until now, restaurants and other stores have suffered from corona countermeasures.Counterattack begins here

To put it mildly, I had a hard time with the corona misfortune, but how have you all been?

No matter how much online is advanced, live LIVE and excitement can only be felt in the atmosphere of the place.I believe that people can use this invisible energy to gain the strength to face everyday battlefields and persevere.

We are looking forward to your visit.good night ☆



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