Have you tried touching PATOLO?

It's been a long time, everyone!

I haven't been lucky lately, am I having a bad year this year? !It's Ogawa where bad things happen so much that you doubt it👐
That's right, it's been really bad lately
Things that I have never experienced in my life have been happening for about 3 months now...
It may not be so bad, but the first half of the year was full of turmoil, so I want to spend the second half of 2023 in peace 🌱

Come to think of it, PATOLO, which I've kept you waiting for recently, has pre-opened, but have you all tried logging in?
I'll try to touch it right away, but I'm young and I'm not very good at social media.
I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with this... what's going on... through trial and error, and I'm touching PATOLO with everyone🪐

To be honest, I'm still not sure! !but!I want everyone to enjoy it, so I'm doing research while checking things one by one.
It may take some time for us to respond to inquiries about PATOLO for a while, but we will do our best to answer them as soon as possible, so please wait patiently 🌱

The advantage of PATOLO is that you can interact with women even before the offer is made...!
In Universe, when you call when you arrive at the meeting place on the day, it's nice to meet you, and even in letter dates, when you start communicating with a woman, a setting fee will be charged as a man. Even if you think that it doesn't match your schedule at all, you can't turn back anymore...
On the other hand, at PATOLO, you can send a message to the woman you are interested in, and if you think that the schedule is right and you want to meet ◎, you can do it by setting ☑, so you can enjoy interacting with cautious men and women and have a date. It might be good for men like 🤗
On the contrary, if you don't meet him, you won't know if he's an honest person!If you want to enjoy the excitement, you may enjoy the universe better👐

Moreover, you can even see the content of the feedback on PATOLO✨

PATOLO Autodate is better for Standard/Gold class womenGood value and schedule adjustment before the offerYou can do it, so please try using it once 🌼

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