[Male interview contest held! 】Who is the staff who can support you?


Ladies and gentlemen, isn't it hot?OK?
I am always grateful for your help!Promotion of use of sales promotion unit TeratsujiIt is.

I like peaches and sushi.






Now for the title

Sponsored by the Sales Promotion Unit Usage Promotion (a department that thinks about dealing with men)

"Men Interview Contest"was held in-house.


In regards to handling female interviews, we have been holding interview roleplays, photo and video contests within the company for some time, but we have never had an opportunity to visualize the capabilities of our staff in handling male interviews, so it may be said that this is the first attempt.


We also have an interview manual.

Contents of the contest
そのMale interview role-playing according to the manual.

This is the path that all male members must go through, an interview at the time of admission.


  • Are you able to understand the manual and respond according to the manual?
  • Can you solve frequently asked questions and doubts and dispel anxiety?


A contest was held with the unit manager, each branch chief, and our usage promotion team serving as scorers.


It is a content that can earn a certain amount of points if you follow the manual.
For this reason, it was initially thought that the contest would not produce such a "difference".


But if you open the lid

Staff who are ready to serve members
Staff who are responding with individuality
Staff faithful to the manual
Staff who still have room to grow

Within the Sales Promotion Unit, we feel that we have learned a lot from this contest and are glad that we actually held the contest.


And this time, based on the examination items and contents, the staff's male interview response level will be divided into 1 to 5, and the staff will be excited... no, please stop... I think.


You can show your power in the actual performance!Role play is useless, I hear such a voice.


Of course, it is necessary to respond flexibly in the actual interview, and I think that it is important to make proposals according to each member's requests and reasons for joining.


However, the base is important.
Can you accurately answer the frequently asked questions?
How do you follow the manual, and how do you show your own color in areas that are not in the manual, and how do you make efforts to get your fans to become your own fans?


I don't think I can make a good proposal to staff who don't understand the meaning of the interview roleplay contest in their own way and just do it because they were told to do it.


Of course, the content of our work is diverse, so the evaluation of this interview contest is not everything, but if there are more staff who can make proposals that are one rank higher than now at the enrollment interview, which is an important first step for members, I believe that member satisfaction will rise.


PATOLO has also been released, and from now on coordinators will be required to respond even more closely.
I think it's no exaggeration to say that the survival of the Universe Club depends on how members can feel the warmth of people that they can't feel with PATOLO or apps.


There are 5 levels as follows.

[Level 1] Can respond while looking at the manual
[Level 2] Able to respond according to the manual
[Level 3] + Can answer frequently asked questions
[Level 4] + Reversal of the neck, can dispel men's anxieties
[Level 5] + Can propose activities that meet the needs of men

*Including business manners and communication basics

Present as of June 2023Of the 58 coordinators nationwide, the following 5 staff members have achieved Level 6 this time..


Ginza Branch Chief Hajime Hara
Shinjuku Branch Chief Takeaki Dan
Sendai Branch Chief Shuichi Oihara
Sapporo Branch Chief Maya Ishii
Umeda Branch Chief Ren Kurosaki
Hiroshima Branch Associate Momone Asami


To be honest, I didn't think that this contest was structured so that level 5 would come out.
This is the result of the judgment that we were able to dispel the men's concerns and make proposals that meet their needs.


Of course, not all staff are still able to satisfy our members.

There have been times when the club's mishandling has offended a male member,
There are many cases where our response is delayed due to internal circumstances unrelated to our members, causing inconvenience and inconvenience.


This time, the level 5 staff will not be gods, but they will lead the other staff, and the staff of level 4 to level 1 will be able to reach out to members with an attitude of aiming even higher.

We found a lot of positive aspects and issues, so I would like to make use of this contest in the future so that the staff's time spent in this contest will not be wasted.


AndIn addition to face-to-face enrollment interviews, Universe Club also accepts online interviews..


In most cases, you will apply to the nearest branch office.

no wait?

I want the staff selected for level 5 to be in charge!
If you have such a request, please nominate us.


[Application for membership on the Universe Club official website]Than

gender male
Branches used: Those who live far away [Others]

Interview method: Check if you want an online interview
Questions/requests column: Enter the name of the staff you would like to interview

Please enter the required items above




Of course, the staff at the nearest branchI can't make a proposal that meets your needs!That is not the case at all, so I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to join in a way that meets your wishes.

Each of the 5 staff members who earned Level 6 this time had their own characteristics, and I got the impression that they were responding by taking advantage of their respective strengths.


Finally, to those 5 level 6 people...


Please leave a comment!


I got a comment.
Please check out what kind of thoughts the 6 people have for the men's interview, and how they are doing their daily work.


Ginza Branch Chief
Hajime Hara(Hajime Hara)

Is it due to age?smile
There is a sense of cleanliness and security, and instead of imposing rules, they give advice on how things will work out.


Shinjuku Branch Chief
Takeaki Dan(Takeaki Dan)

His first impression may be that he's cold and indifferent, but he's actually a data man with a passion hidden inside.He is well versed in systems and rules, and his weapon is his communication skills that make you want to ask more and more about what you want to hear.


Sendai Branch Chief
Shuichi Oihara(Oihara Shuuichi)

She has a lot of smiles and seems gentle and kind, but maybe we can talk about such secrets that only men can do?Before I knew it, I had opened up...!This is a close-knit staff.


Sapporo Branch Chief
Maya Ishii(Maya Ishii)

The chief of the Sapporo branch who is stylish and has only one employee, is an expert who does everything flawlessly, and is the northernmost staff who has the ability to make proposals according to the purpose of use.


Umeda Branch Chief
Ren Kurosaki(Kurosaki Ren)

Even though she has a cute smile, she really is from Kansai!It is a trustworthy staff who has a talk technique that makes you think of it, is easy to consult, can make solid proposals, and clearly draws the line between what you can and can't do.


Hiroshima Branch Associate
Momone Asami(Asami Mone)

Selected from the only female staff and only Associate this time.She has experience as a Chief in the past, and her ability to make convincing proposals, as well as her caring attitude unique to women, makes her a very friendly and approachable staff.


*The assignments and positions of the top interview contest candidates are as of July 2023. There is a high possibility that it will change without notice.


It was a long sentence, but thank you for reading to the end!
Thank you for your continued support of Universe Club.

The end of the rainy season has been announced in all regions, and the heat has increased.
Sufficient hydration, be careful not to hit the cooler too much,
Eat well, sleep well, and stay healthy every day without losing to the heat.

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  1. Mr. Teratsuji
    I'm sorry that I couldn't disturb you in Nagoya 😊
    Male member interview contest ~ 😅 It's very interesting.And it's very important
    Above all, Kurosaki-san is level XNUMX💕
    When it wasn't yet a branch system, how about these days?He contacted me without being intrusive.
    It wasn't even half a year since I joined the club, but I didn't know what I was looking for in the club. How you feel 😊
    Still, I decided to leave it to the staff's recommendation and see it😅, so I met you.
    After that, there were twists and turns, but I'm back again this spring 😊 I'm seeing you regularly, even if it's about once a month 💕
    Level 5 staff may be a risk to the club's income ~ 😅 Because you might end up matching the last woman ~
    I will let you know when I can stop by Nagoya again.

    1. Mr. Takano

      Thank you for your comment!
      That's right, I think every member will definitely come to a time when they don't know what they want from the club, so (I'm sure) I'll do my best to create a system where I can talk to them at that time.
      It's an income risk, isn't it? Thank you for worrying about it.

      Please feel free to contact us when you come to Nagoya♪

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