[International Limited] Amazon Gift Campaign for New Members!

We are holding a campaign exclusively for Universe Club International Branch with the hope of conveying how wonderful and important sugar dating is to users not only in Japan but all over the world.

Any woman who meets the participation conditions can take part, so why not take this opportunity to start your sugar dating lifestyle and make the most of your individuality?

Campaign Details

We will present an Amazon gift card of 1K yen (XNUMXSGD) to women who choose Universe Club International Branch or Singapore Branch for an interview.


2023/7/15 (Mon) - 2023/09/30 (Sat)
*Only women who have their interviews during the above period are eligible


● Women who can do their interview in English
● A woman who can communicate in English
● Japanese level and area of ​​residence do not matter
● Applies only to newly-registered or re-registering ladies


● Women currently living abroad.
● Nationality does not matter as long as you can have dates in either Japan or Singapore. Japanese women are welcome to apply as well.


Book a membership interview from Universe Club's official website and select International/Singapore Branch.
After the interview (on the day), the staff in charge will send you an Amazon gift card.

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