I will teach you how to spend time in the LOUNGE!


Women are completely free!
A full food and drink menu, abundant amenities,
Services that reach the itchy places, etc...! ! !
(By the way, there is such a service)

It's a different way of meeting people than Universe Club, so it's also recommended for women who are stuck in a rut just waiting for an offer.

More than half a year has passed since the opening, and I have been writing about the service content of LOUNGE everywhere, so this time"Knowledge that can be used when spending time in LOUNGE"I would like to introduce some about

① Speak confidently and proactively!

Even though you've gone through the trouble of matching, don't you just become passive?
This is your biggest chance to appeal, so let's actively enjoy the conversation!
When the conversation gets lively, it's easier for men to invite women, so if you're shy, please try to show some courage 🌟

② Find common topics!

Because you can check the profile of the man in advance
If you find a common topic, it is recommended to actively appeal!

For example, if your hobby is darts, how about playing darts after this? ?And
It makes it easier to make plans to go out, such as "bar tours", "drives", and "late shows"✨

However, you don't have to force yourself to match, so if you don't have a common topic, ask the man "What is ◯◯? "What do you like about 〇〇?" It might be good to have them teach you things you don't know, such as ♪

③ Have fun with a positive attitude!

This may be the most important...
Sometimes there is a difference in the number of men and women who come to the store, and there are days when it is not easy to match 💦
At that time, I would be happy if you could change your mind and shift to enjoying the LOUNGE, such as "Let's drink slowly while waiting!"

Of course, there are many people who come here for the purpose of matching with men, so if they do not match, there is no point!There may be some people who say that, but I hope that you will make full use of the fulfilling services and spend your time in a positive way!


These are the techniques (!) that can be used at UNIVERSE LOUNGE!

If you are interested, please check the following 😊

UNIVERSE LOUNGE official website
Click here to book your first visit☆彡

Impressions of the UNIVERSE LOUNGE date
It is a real impression of a woman who actually developed from LOUNGE to dating!

UNIVERSE LOUNGE Useful Information
Techniques that can be used immediately, such as talk techniques that remain in the hearts of men, are introduced 🌸

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